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Extract from ‘Global trends for the 21st century’ by Adnan Khan

Global Demographic Decline  All the research in the last few decades accepted that the world was facing a severe population explosion. Uncontrolled population growth would outstrip scarce resources and devastate the environment. More people would require more resources in the form of food and energy, which in turn would lead to a rise in global […]

It’s America who is dependent on the Muslim Rulers

In a recent congressional hearing, in front of the US foreign relations committee, Daniel Markey from the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) made a number of telling remarks. In his hearing titled ‘Pakistan: Challenges for U.S. Interests’, he outlined the vulnerability and reliance of the US military on Pakistan. He highlighted, “Pakistan […]

Head of the Fatwa Council in Russia Calls the Muslims to Haram!

The head of the Fatwa council, Mufti Ghinadin, on the day of the Russian parliamentary elections, called upon all Muslims to display their ‘patriotism’ and fulfil their “religious obligation”. This was in the case where the Council for giving Fatwas in Russia webpage published the following: “The head of the Muslims in Russia reiterated in […]

Refugees don’t need the false promises of the world leaders!

According to the news published by UN News Centre, at the UN summit held on 19 September 2016, world leaders adopt bold plan to enhance protections for refugees and migrants. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon congratulated Member States saying: “Today’s Summit represents a breakthrough in our collective efforts to address the challenges of human mobility.” He […]

The Plight of Refugees and the Persecution of Migrants Will Only Continue Under Secularism

On September 18, the UN General Assembly will bring together member states for the first ever Summit on Refugees and Migrants. An already-released draft declaration enshrining the outcomes promises a more coordinated, humane and responsive approach to people on the move. However, its lofty aims are contradicted by the practices of many of the states […]

Axis of Resistance – An American created Deception to maintain its Hegemony in the Muslim World

The modern day superpower politics is nothing but an art of deception. Depending on how well you deceive the populace and your opponents, confirms your stay at the top. Niccolo Machiavelli who is considered the founder of modern political science said in his seminal work, “The Prince,” “Never attempt to win by force what can […]

Terrorism: A Dangerous Concept to Attack Islam and Consolidate the Western Culture

This is a chapter from the book ‘Dangerous Concepts to Attack Islam and Consolidate the Western Culture’, by Hizb ut-Tahrir published in 1997. The full book can be downloaded from here. Since the 1970s, America has generated national and international public opinion according to her viewpoint of what constitutes terrorism. She has consistently exploited actions […]

True Liberation

Before the Caliphate was completely destroyed, it was weakened considerably. There were two means of weakening it. First, the Caliphate was made to adopt parts of the capitalist economic system, and there was an adoption of the Mejalleh, codification of Hanafi law on the pattern of Western legal code, in 1878. Then there was the […]

4th July – The Birth of a New Empire

Every year on the 4th July, Americans commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776. Thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America and were severed from the British Empire. There’s no doubt that the current generation of America will be indoctrinated with US patriotism and […]

The presence of political awareness within the Ummah protects her from collapse

In the case where political awareness means viewing the world from a specific angle, its existence within the Ummah means the existence of the greatest weapon that protects it from falling and collapse. This is because this political awareness consists of two matters that are of extreme importance and these are: The world view and […]

Neglecting the Accountability of Rulers

Since the Peshawar tragedy where more than 130 school children were killed on 16th December 2014, the government has announced stern actions. It has made severe changes in legislation including the amendment to the Army Act while turning a blind eye to the increasing American footprint in the region. Thus, the regime has callously exploited the anger of the public over the tragedy to further the American “war on terror” by bombarding the areas inhabited by mujahedeen fighting in Afghanistan. It is also making laws to curb support enjoyed by Afghan Mujahideen in the past. Not only this, the regime has taken all the steps it can to obstruct the call to Islam and the system of life that emanates from it. It is spreading fear amongst the people through arresting men, and even a woman with a child, without any discrimination.

Pakistan Headlines – 21 March 2015

Only the Khilafah Will Protect the Non-Muslims in Muslim Lands

Fourteen people were killed and more than 70 injured when two suicide bombers attacked churches in Lahore on 15 March, sparking mob violence in which two other suspected militants died. Up to 4,000 Christians later took to the streets of Lahore, many armed with clubs as they smashed vehicles and attacked a city bus station in a rare show of anger. The bombings occurred during prayers at two churches located around half a kilometre apart in the city’s Youhanabad neighbourhood that is home to more than 100,000 Christians, officials said. Yet, again the regime has failed in its responsibility because it allows the Raymond Davis network to function on our soil, American spies who plan and buy assassins to create chaos within Pakistan. It failed, as it did not evict the hostile foreign personnel from our soil, whether it is intelligence, private military or diplomatic staff.

Pakistan Headlines – 14 March 2015

Democracy is Corrupt Because Men Make Laws

Post Senate elections, over a lunch meeting of 10 March with the heads of major political parties, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif endorsed Monday night’s nomination by opposition parties of PPP leader Raza Rabbani as the new Chairman of the Senate. However, the people were absolutely disgusted with the news about money playing a large role in the recent Senate polls in Pakistan, then a bit of perspective and history would help channel the disgust towards the right target. This is not about corrupt politicians or corrupt parties. This is about democracy. And this is evident in Lincoln’s attempt to pass the 13th Amendment. On 18th December 1865, then US Secretary of State William Seward announced the adoption of the 13th Amendment which was aimed at ending slavery in the US (which practically continued for more than a century afterwards). Initially the US House of Representatives failed to pass the amendment falling 13 votes short of the two-thirds majority required for adopting the amendment. President Abraham Lincoln instructed Secretary of State Seward to secure the required number of votes by whatever means possible. Seward was given a large fund for direct bribes. He also promised government posts and campaign funds to multiple lawmakers to “win them over” to support the amendment.

The Rise and Fall of any Nation is because of their Ideology


9th March 2015: “The ‘Dying Russian Nation’ Is Not Unique” (Source : Forbes)

Among elite pundits, it is received wisdom that Russia is a “dying nation.” Everyone knows that Russia, ruled by a bloody and incompetent gang of thieves, is in a demographic “death spiral” which will inevitably send it into the abyss. Furthermore, elite pundits “know” that the only way this decline can be arrested is if Russia embarks on a path of democratic, liberal reform. After all, everyone knows that the other post-Communist countries that embraced free markets, democracy, and the rule of law have fared much better.

Pakistan Headlines – 7 March 2015

Horse-Trading Democracy

The PML-N and PTI have been shuttling between the Pakistani opposition parties, since the arrival of former President Zardari on 26 February. This shuttling is to get their consensus on the proposed 22nd Amendment that would force party members to vote for their party candidates and for the ballot to be done in an open manner rather than the secret ballot that has characterized past senate elections. The PPP and JUI-F have opposed the proposed amendment, whereas the MQM has championed it arguing that it would end horse-trading in the senate elections.