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“Moderate Islam” is an ambitious project of the global Kufr system

There are harmful consequences for Islam and Muslims from this project The capitalist ideology of the Kufr based democracy suffered defeat in the fight against the Islamic ideology. Former US president Barak Obama, speaking at the Congress in early 2010, declared a new strategy that the United States will no longer endanger its soldiers in […]

Western Politics is Pakistan’s Politics: ‘Who gets What, When and How’

Harold Lasswell defined politics as ‘who gets what, when and how’ and this definition of politics has encapsulated political behaviour around the world, with politicians being driven by political positions, resource distribution and out-competing their competitors. This has led to much political apathy around the world, along with the corporatisation of the state, with vested […]

Overcoming the Military Balance Mind Set

In our contemporary world, power politics dominates international relations and this has given undue prominence to the concept of military balance in determining relations between states. Both peace and war is decided as a function of military balance amongst states. Equitable distribution of military power amongst state actors produces peace, while any imbalance leads to […]

The Law of Allah (swt) is Supreme, Above the Law of Man and must be the Sole Basis of our Constitution

Battle of Judges and Elected Representatives: The Law of Allah (swt) is Supreme, Above the Law of Man and must be the Sole Basis of our Constitution The back and forth battle between the judges and the elected representatives continues unabated, with the people losing interest as they see no impact on the growing misery […]

UN – The Presumed Security Guards are the Executioners!!

The British newspaper, The Times, published a report entitled “UN staff ‘responsible for 60000 rapes in a decade’.” This report comes in the wake of the extensive coverage by the newspaper of the new revelations in the scandal that shook this “charity” organization; where it published on its front page a report revealing that Oxfam […]

Devoid of True Intelligence, the UK begs for Machine Intelligence to Safeguard Democracy

The BBC reported on the 13th of February 2018 that: “the UK government has unveiled a tool it says can accurately detect jihadist content and block it from being viewed,” which the government paid £600,000, to a London-based company, to develop. Furthermore, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd is visiting the US to share the idea, […]

The Global Order is in Decline

On 11th December 2017, the RAND Corporation, the US non-profit organisation, in an analysis called into questions America’s ability to maintain the international order. It issued a damning indictment of the America’s military forces, calling on the administration of US President Donald Trump to reassess the nation’s defence strategy and security posture. It highlighted: “If […]

Capitalism Incites Terrorism and Mass Murder

“Terrorist attacks” on Pakistani soil only became a phenomenon since the American arrival in this region. The politically aware have always regarded them as false flag attacks that our despicable rulers have used to justify their use of force in killing those who fight the American occupation of Afghanistan. Government mouthpieces within the Pakistani media […]

The Secular State is the Core Strategic Interest of America in the Muslim World which it seeks to protect through the Global War on Terror

On 4th August 2017 DAWN reported a statement from ISPR which quoted Pakistan’s Army Chief as condemning the death of American troops in a Taliban attack. “Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa offered heartfelt condolences on the death of two Special Forces soldiers who died in the incident (the terrorist attack on […]

The Liberal World Order and a New International Situation Determined by the Khilafah on the Method of Prophethood

International order or world order generally refers to the state or nature of relationships between different states in the world. In reality, the relationships which define and determine the international or world order are relationships between major powers. So, international situation or international struggle at a given point in time is practically defined by the […]

Extract from ‘Global trends for the 21st century’ by Adnan Khan

Global Demographic Decline  All the research in the last few decades accepted that the world was facing a severe population explosion. Uncontrolled population growth would outstrip scarce resources and devastate the environment. More people would require more resources in the form of food and energy, which in turn would lead to a rise in global […]

It’s America who is dependent on the Muslim Rulers

In a recent congressional hearing, in front of the US foreign relations committee, Daniel Markey from the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) made a number of telling remarks. In his hearing titled ‘Pakistan: Challenges for U.S. Interests’, he outlined the vulnerability and reliance of the US military on Pakistan. He highlighted, “Pakistan […]

Head of the Fatwa Council in Russia Calls the Muslims to Haram!

The head of the Fatwa council, Mufti Ghinadin, on the day of the Russian parliamentary elections, called upon all Muslims to display their ‘patriotism’ and fulfil their “religious obligation”. This was in the case where the Council for giving Fatwas in Russia webpage published the following: “The head of the Muslims in Russia reiterated in […]

Refugees don’t need the false promises of the world leaders!

According to the news published by UN News Centre, at the UN summit held on 19 September 2016, world leaders adopt bold plan to enhance protections for refugees and migrants. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon congratulated Member States saying: “Today’s Summit represents a breakthrough in our collective efforts to address the challenges of human mobility.” He […]

The Plight of Refugees and the Persecution of Migrants Will Only Continue Under Secularism

On September 18, the UN General Assembly will bring together member states for the first ever Summit on Refugees and Migrants. An already-released draft declaration enshrining the outcomes promises a more coordinated, humane and responsive approach to people on the move. However, its lofty aims are contradicted by the practices of many of the states […]

Axis of Resistance – An American created Deception to maintain its Hegemony in the Muslim World

The modern day superpower politics is nothing but an art of deception. Depending on how well you deceive the populace and your opponents, confirms your stay at the top. Niccolo Machiavelli who is considered the founder of modern political science said in his seminal work, “The Prince,” “Never attempt to win by force what can […]

Terrorism: A Dangerous Concept to Attack Islam and Consolidate the Western Culture

This is a chapter from the book ‘Dangerous Concepts to Attack Islam and Consolidate the Western Culture’, by Hizb ut-Tahrir published in 1997. The full book can be downloaded from here. Since the 1970s, America has generated national and international public opinion according to her viewpoint of what constitutes terrorism. She has consistently exploited actions […]

True Liberation

Before the Caliphate was completely destroyed, it was weakened considerably. There were two means of weakening it. First, the Caliphate was made to adopt parts of the capitalist economic system, and there was an adoption of the Mejalleh, codification of Hanafi law on the pattern of Western legal code, in 1878. Then there was the […]