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Who Will Stand Up to the Religious Genocide of Muslims in East Turkestan?

On the 27th August, ‘Buzzfeed News’ published the findings from its investigation based on thousands of satellite images of the region of ‘Xinjiang’ which revealed a “vast and growing infrastructure for long-term detention and incarceration” of Uyghur, Kazakh and other Muslims by the tyrannical Chinese regime. It described how “China has secretly built scores of […]

How Long Will Hollow Condemnations and Rhetoric be Employed Against Flagrant and Mounting Indian Provocations?

The army on 28 July 2020 inducted the Al-Khalid-I battle tank into the Armored Corps Regiment. Speaking on the occasion, General Bajwa said, “If provoked we shall respond and respond with all our might.” The Muslims of Pakistan are astonished at what sort of Indian provocation the Bajwa-Imran regime is waiting for, as the Hindu […]

Views on the News – 24 July 2020

Headlines: New US-China Rivalry Will Force the World to Take Sides Pakistan Issues Last Warning to TikTok over Vulgar Content France Joins the US, UK in Slamming China for Persecution of Uighur Muslims World’s Rich Deferred on Poor Country Debt Relief Extension US Orders Closure of China’s Embassy in Houston Assad’s Baath Party Wins Majority […]

Uighurs: China’s Cultural Genocide

Rights campaigners are calling for a United Nations investigation into China’s treatment of the country’s Uighur Muslims, following reports of forced sterilisations of women. Beijing has also been accused of overseeing oppressive surveillance, brutal internment camps and physical and psychological torture of ethnic Uighurs, but has denied any wrongdoing. (Source: The Week)

The Demographic Genocide of the Uyghur Muslims Intensifies under a Capitalist System which has Facilitated Oppression to Flourish

According to a new report issued by the Associated Press (AP) on Monday 29th June, the Chinese government’s aggressive policy of forced birth control imposed on the Uyghur Muslims of East Turkestan to slash the size of their population, is even more widespread, intensive and systematic than previously known.

Depending on the “International Community” to Restrain India, Only Emboldens the Hindu State in its Enmity

Whilst condemning the 29 June 2020 attack on Pakistan’s Stock Exchange, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, accused India, whilst adding, “We will foil all Indian strategies [and] further expose it in front of the world.” However, the Bajwa-Imran regime’s strategy of exposing India has failed because the United Nation’s Security Council (UNSC) is blind […]

Whilst the Kuffar Weaken Themselves through Mutual Conflict, Establish the Khilafah to Liberate Kashmir and Masjid Al-Aqsa

Late on 16 June 2020, at least twenty Indian troops were killed by the Chinese, during tensions that provide an ideal opportunity to re-establish the Khilafah in Pakistan. Although the Muslims of Pakistan celebrated the losses of the Hindu State, Islam demands greater actions from them of regional and global impact. Allah (swt) said, تَحْسَبُهُمْ […]

Tensions between India and China: An Opportunity for Pakistan to Liberate Kashmir

Recently, China has moved thousands of troops along Line of Actual Control (LAC) heightening tensions with its neigbour India. To counter these measures, India has deployed several battalions to reinforce its troops. Tensions between the two nuclear powers have been simmering for a while, however, the latest military maneuvers risk a repeat of the 1962 […]

Islamism: The Western Kaffir Model for Muslims that Erdogan Adopts and Advocates

Senior politicians in the countries of the kaffir West, in their malicious war against Islam, focus on distorting Islam’s true image in the minds of people around the world by portraying falsely and deviously that whoever works to support the Deen of Allah today, by implementing Islam in its Khilafah (Caliphate) State, is a radical […]

The Lies Will Continue While Capitalism’s Grip Tightens

As each day passes, more and more government attempts to mislead the public are exposed, whether in terms of their past neglect, current preparations, testing and mortality statistics, or future plans. From utter neglect at the beginning, continuing manipulation of the health services’ vital statistics and scientific advice, to the forces driving for a return […]

Views on the News – 22 Jan 2020

Headlines: World’s Rich Get Richer Jordanians Hit Streets for Second Week Calling for End to Zionist Entity Gas Deal Iranian Politician Offers ‘$3m to whoever kills Trump’ Indian General Suggests China-style ‘Deradicalisation Camps’ for Kashmiri Muslims Pakistan’s FM Flaunting his Servility, Begs US to Stay Engaged in Afghanistan IMF Chief Sounds Warning of 1929-style Great […]

My Rant over the Chinese Regime’s Annihilation of the Muslim Uighur Population

More and more harrowing accounts of the torture tactics of Chinese officials over the Muslim Uighur population have surfaced via social media. Chinese men trespassing the homes of the Muslim Uighur and forcing themselves upon the Muslim women while they fear backlash for their Muslim husbands in the detainment camps. Uighur movement monitored and forced […]

The Bajwa-Imran Regime Sells its Akhirah for Loans from China, by Adopting Silence over the Oppression of the Uighur Muslims

The leak of almost 400 Chinese government documents further substantiated the fact that the policy of forcing Muslims to abandon Islam, through confining them to detention camps, is official Chinese policy. Moreover, in 2014 the Chinese President Xi Jinping personally instructed this brutal crackdown. Various reports estimate the interned population is in the order of […]

Organ harvesting – Another Atrocity against the Uighur Muslims in China and Another Disgrace on the Rulers of the Muslim World

UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday, lawyer Hamid Sabi presented the findings of the China Tribunal, an independent tribunal on allegations of forced organ harvesting. It concluded that there was clear evidence China had been extracting organs from, and thereby killing, [including Uighur Muslims] and members of the Falun Gong spiritual group for […]

Dictators of Muslim Countries Support the Power of the Pagans of China in the Genocide of the Uighur Muslims!!!

The newspaper “Kommersant” in its issue number 122 dated July 15 reported: “37 countries, including Russia, Belarus and Tajikistan, signed on Friday evening at the close of the 41st session of the UN Human Rights Council a Chinese statement in support of the policy of the People’s Republic of China in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous […]

Deaf to the Cries of the Uighur Muslims, the Bajwa-Imran Regime Blindly Crushes Pakistan under the Rock of Chinese Colonialism

Whilst China forces the Uighur Muslims to eat pork and drink alcohol in concentration camps, on 12 July 2019, the Bajwa Imran regime signed a letter with 36 other governments, praising China for its “remarkable achievements in the field of human rights.”

Blind to the Suffering of the Uighur Muslims, the Bajwa-Imran Regime Strengthens Chinese Economic Domination of Pakistan

Addressing the Pakistan and China Investment Forum in Beijing on 28 April 2019, Imran Khan stated, “Pakistan is looking towards relocation of Chinese industry in Pakistan. Pakistan is blessed with a youth bulge and its future is very bright.” Indeed, Pakistan has great potential, however, the visionless Bajwa-Imran regime is destroying that potential, by forging […]

Hizb ut Tahrir Britain Sends Delegation to Chinese Embassy Condemning the Inhuman Treatment of Uighur Muslims

On 27th Rajab a delegation from Hizb ut Tahrir / Britain visited the Chinese embassy on London to deliver a personal letter to the Chinese Ambassador, and a press release written by the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir, entitled “Khilafah will Liberate East Turkistan and will Free the Uighurs from China’s Criminal Oppression.” […]

Let China Consider that the Ummah will not Forget the Oppression of Uighur Muslims, upon the Return of the Khilafah

As part of a global campaign under the leadership of the Ameer of Hizb ut Tahrir, Sheikh Ata Bin Khalil Abu Al-Rashtah, the Central Contact Committee of Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Pakistan has delivered a press release, condemning the Chinese persecution of the Uighur Muslims, to the Chinese diplomatic mission in Pakistan. The press […]

The Khilafah will Liberate East Turkestan and  Free the Uighurs from China’s Criminal Oppression

China’s criminal leaders were encouraged by the meek response of the rulers of Muslims; who preferred the dollar deals than supporting the Muslims in East Turkestan as evidenced by their deafening silence against the horrific crimes of the hateful Chinese authorities in their desperate attempt to isolate Muslims of their Deen, the Deen of Islam […]