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American Presence is the Cause of Instability in Pakistan and the Region

On Friday, 17th February 2017, Chief of the Army Staff, COAS, General Qamar Javed Bajwa held a telephone conversation with US General John Nicholson, Commander of Resolute Support Mission (RSM) in Afghanistan, conveying his concerns over continued acts of “terrorism” in Pakistan from Afghanistan, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement. “Most of […]

Sehwan Bomb Blast: It is the United States that Enables Hostile Indian Intelligence to Attack us from Afghanistan!

Only days after a horrific blast in Lahore, on 16 February 2017, an alleged “suicide” bombing took place at a shrine in Sehwan Sharif, Sindh, in which at least 88 people were killed and hundreds were injured. The rulers acknowledged on the one hand that the attacks are being mounted from Afghanistan’s soil, with the […]

Seeking Trump’s Pleasure, Pakistan’s Rulers Strive for Akhand Bharat (Greater India) and the Betrayal of Kashmir

O Muslims of Pakistan! As you read, Pakistan’s rulers are collaborating with America to drown the Muslims of Pakistan and Occupied Kashmir under military, political and economic domination by the Hindu State, under the banner of “confidence-building measures” and “normalization.”

Trump Follows Obama in Asking Pakistan to “Do More”

After the victory of Trump in the US presidential elections, the rulers of Pakistan were waiting anxiously as to what they will get from new administration in reward for their loyal services for the US in this region, particularly regarding the consolidation of the US occupation in Afghanistan. These American agents supported the invasion of […]

Until Alliance with America is Ended, Pakistan will Continue to Suffer from Savage Blasts

Lahore Bomb Blast- Close US Embassy and Bases On 13th February 2017, an alleged suicide blast took place at Lahore’s Mall Road in which at least 16 people were killed, and more than 75 were injured. Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah Pakistan condemns this brutal and horrific attack and prays for the salvation of the dead […]

Selling Fighter Jets to the Myanmar (Burma) Regime, Butcher of the Rohingya Muslims, is Open Treachery

Remember Aurangzeb! Mobilize Armed Forces to Liberate Rohingya Muslims On 1 February 2017, IHS Jane’s Defence weekly reported that Myanmar is currently negotiating with the government of Pakistan for the purchase of JF-17 fighter jets and a license for their local production. According to the report by the end of this year, 16 JF-17 jets […]

On US Dictation, Pakistan’s Rulers Suppress Jihad in Occupied Kashmir to Strengthen India

End the “Greater India” Project, Establish Khilafah As Muslims remember with pride the defiant spirit of their dear Muslim brethren in Occupied Kashmir, on 5 February, Kashmir Day, Pakistan’s rulers are busy in efforts to bury the seven decades-long aspiration for Occupied Kashmir to be liberated and unified with the Muslim Lands of Pakistan.  Upon […]

Muslim rulers are the first line of defence for the American crusaders in its war against Islam

As reported in Dawn, Pakistan`s FO spokesman Nafees Zakaria said at his weekly media briefing while answering a question about the travel restrictions imposed by US President Donald, “It is every country’s sovereign right to decide its immigration policy,” “Countries would be well advised to adopt policies that are not susceptible to be exploited as propaganda […]

The problem is not Centralized or Decentralized systems, but the absence of Khilafah Rashidah!

Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin, EU ambassador in Afghanistan, in a televised interview has stated: “too much centralization has harmed democracy at a local level.” He added, “Many people believe that a decentralized system in Afghanistan can strengthen local democracy.” Likewise, Dana Rohrabacher, US Congressman, in “The National Interest” website has written in an article that America […]

Journalist Shimul was another Victim of Secular Democracy, Let not this Evil Ruling System go Unnoticed by Focusing only on Individual Criminals

In yet another incident of intra-party clashes between two terrorist factions of ruling Awami League to a Daily Shamakal journalist, Abdul Hakim Shimul, succumbed to his injuries after receiving bullet wounds to his head while performing his professional duties. When the entire nation has fallen victim to state sponsored totalitarian oppression, journalists should not feel […]

Khilafah will End the Evil Plots of Corrupt Capitalist Governments Who Destroy the Agriculture of the Ummah

On 01/02/2017, a widely circulated Bangladeshi daily newspaper reported that 8000 tons of imported urea fertilizers are being damaged due to utter mismanagement of the concerned authority of Bangladesh government. Moreover, series of media coverage on the misappropriation of public funds and resources in the agriculture sector has been a matter of deep frustration. The […]

On the Orders of Trump, Pakistan’s Rulers Escalate War Against Allah and His Messenger ﷺ

After, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, confirmed the continuation of the crusade against Islam and Muslims, Pakistan’s rulers slavishly announced an escalation in their war against Allah سبحانه وتعالى and His Messenger ﷺ. Whilst addressing a ruling party workers’ convention in Sialkot on 28 January 2017, the regime’s Defence Minister, Khawaja Asif, […]

Bangladesh Search Committee for Reconstituting the Election Commission Another Episode of Political Mockery

The President of Bangladesh instituted a six-member search committee for the reconstitution of the election commission as the incumbent one is serving out its tenure on 08 February 2017. Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain of the Appellate Division has been selected as the head of the committee who also headed the previous search committee, which recommended […]

Forcing Nationalism down Muslim throats

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa on Sunday said, “Pakistan belongs to all of us without any religious, provincial, tribal, linguistic, ethnic, sectarian or any other discrimination.” He said this during his visit to Parachinar and Peshawar. The COAS was given a detailed briefing on Saturday’s bombing in Parachinar. He visited […]

Justice System of Pakistan Once Again Shows Why the Khilafah is the Need of the Times

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday found anomalies in the way the sessions courts handled the case of the 10-year-old maid tortured by the family of a serving additional district and sessions judge (ADSJ). Recently not just the incident of the brutal torture unleashed on 10-year-old Tayyaba by the wife of a sitting judge made […]

Awami League government’s hostile takeover of ‘Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited’ and the inevitable failure of the pragmatic politics of ‘gradualism’ (tadarruj)

On January 5, the most profitable private bank in Bangladesh, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL), which has been controlled by the Islamic political party Jamat-e-Islami, has brought major changes in its top brass. Including appointing pro-government secular personalities as its Chairman and Managing Director, changes were also brought about in the board of directors and […]

Forced Disappearance is the Result of Democracy, the Oppressive Rule

On 16th January 2017, the Minister of State for the Interior, Baleeghur Rahman, who had been summoned to brief the Senate on the progress of investigations into the five forced disappearances in Punjab and Islamabad, told parliament that he had no good news to share. The minister said that investigations into the four earlier disappearances, […]

No Snake Pits on Our Soil: End American Raj, Close US Embassy, Consulates and Intelligence Bases

US State Department revelations regarding the US presence in Pakistan demand the closure of the US embassy, consulates and intelligence bases and expulsion of all US diplomatic, intelligence, military and private military staff from our soil. In his “Cabinet Exit Memo” dated 5 January 2017, the outgoing US Secretary of State, John Kerry, revealed the […]

Leading the alliance of Muslim armies to preserve American interests is not an honor but a treachery to the Muslim Ummah

As reported in The News (29-Dec-16), Former Chief of Army Staff, General (retd) Raheel Sharif is expected to be appointed defence advisor of Saudi Arabia-led military alliance of 39 Muslim countries to fight terrorism. Raheel Sharif, who recently retired as Pakistan’s Army Chief, has arrived in Saudi Arabia as a Royal Guest in a special […]

2016 District Council Elections in Bangladesh: Another Step towards Hasina’s All-out Despotism in the Name of Democracy

On 28 December, 2016, district council elections were held in Bangladesh. 61 districts were scheduled to go to polls which were boycotted by major opposition political parties. Candidates were from ruling party Awami League only, even though contestants of 2 districts had been elected unopposed, and another twenty-two Awami League affiliated chairmen candidates have been […]

Democracy is the Prize of the Corrupt and Ensures Protection for the Corrupt

The return of former President and chief of PPP, Asif Ali Zardari, has generated a flurry within the political medium. There is intense debate as to whether or not the PPP will adhere to its truce with the PML-N, which is a consequence of the National Reconciliation Ordinance and Charter of Democracy, and continue the […]