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The Only Connection between “Love” and “Jihad” is that Muslims do Jihad for the Love of Allah

Lucknow, India: Days after approaching the Union Law Ministry for the proposed law against ‘love jihad’, the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet, on Tuesday, cleared the ‘Love jihad’ ordinance. The ordinance provides for a jail term of 1-5 years with Rs 15000 penalty for forceful conversion. While passing the ordinance, the UP government said that more than 100 cases […]

America will Capitalize on its Defense Ties with India

Last month, India and America signed the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) on geospatial cooperation. The agreement allows for America to share datasets on topographical, nautical and aeronautical matters considered vital for targeting of missiles and armed drones. Additionally, the agreement enables the US to supply advanced navigational equipment and avionics only to US-supplied […]

Only the Khilafah Project Can Rescue Pakistan from Colonialism

Not the Misguiding Charter of Democracy Since the disastrous rules of the Musharraf-Aziz, Kayan-Zardari and Raheel-Nawaz regimes, the United States was compelled to secure the colonialist system in Pakistan from collapse. As rulers of Muslims stood exposed after the Arab Spring, Washington set a trap under the banner of the hybrid Bajwa-Imran regime, with the […]

The Betrayal of Occupied Kashmir Continues Unabated

The October 2020 interview by Moeed Yusuf to Karan Thapar generated a wave of discussion within Pakistan in successive weeks, setting a narrative from the regime. Expectedly, there was some degree of elation within ruling circles over the manner by which Moeed Yusuf “handled” Karan Thapar. There seemed to be jubilation that Pakistan’s advisor on […]

The Bajwa-Imran Regime Moves towards Making the Line of Control a Permanent Border

Surrendering Occupied Kashmir to the Rule of the Oppressive Hindu State The Bajwa-Imran regime is moving according to the American project of making the Line of Control a permanent border, effectively dividing Kashmir between India and Pakistan, based on the status quo. The regime is carefully preparing public opinion to abandon the Islamic Ummah’s right […]

The First Vice President of Afghanistan Resorted to Fabricated Accusations to Distract Public Opinion and Evade the People’s Queries!

Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president of Afghanistan reported his 26th round of 6:30 meetings on November 14 through social media, declaring that the government has arrested the mastermind of the attack on Kabul University. He stated that: “We had already said that ISIS is a brand – those who have carried out this attack […]

The Hindu State Martyrs our Citizens in Neelum Valley

Yet Pakistan’s Rulers Prevent our Armed Forces from Mobilizing across the Line of Control According to the ISPR, on 13 November 2020, Indian forces targeted the civilian population along the Line of Control, during which five were martyred, including a woman and a soldier. Seventeen people were injured including five soldiers. A child lost his […]

How Can We Earn the Pleasure of Allah and the Intercession of RasulAllah ﷺ, If We Conduct Joint Military Exercises with Russia?

who Mercilessly Bombs the Muslims of Syria, Sells Weapons to India and Supports Armenia against the Muslims of Azerbaijan? On 5 November 2020, Russian Special Forces arrived in Pakistan for two week long joint military exercises, “DRUZHBA 5” to share experience in fighting “terrorism,” a recent practice which first began a year after the Muslims […]

Hasina’s Regime takes the Side of France By Declaring a Position of “Neutrality”

Bangladesh will not take any side in the ongoing unrest surrounding France, Foreign Ministry sources have said. French President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks on religion will not be condemned by the government and the ongoing anti-French rallies will be tolerated. (Bangla Tribune, Wednesday, October 28, 2020). “Security has been beefed up at the French embassy, for […]

The Bajwa-Imran Regime Surrenders Occupied Kashmir to the Hindu State

By Pursuing Provincial Status for Gilgit-Baltistan On 1 November 2020 in Skardu, the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, announced “our decision to give Gilgit Baltistan provincial status. This decision has been taken while keeping in view the UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions.” However, for seventy years, a special status, rather than provincial status, was granted to […]

The Bajwa-Imran Regime is a Loyal Guardian of the Colonialist World Order

 that Ensures Recurrent Blasphemy against RasulAllah ﷺ On the same day as addressing a ceremony remembering RasulAllah ﷺ in which Imran Khan stated that Muslim leadership should “take a position” regarding France’s blasphemy, the Bajwa-Imran regime practically demonstrated its position on the matter by firing tear gas at protestors who attempted to demonstrate outside the […]

The Hindu State Establishes Settler Colonies in Occupied Kashmir

whilst the Bajwa-Imran Regime Supports it By Refusing to Mobilize Pakistan’s Armed Forces in Response Having stabbed the Islamic Ummah in the back by supporting the Hindu State in its annexation of Occupied Kashmir on 5th August 2019, the United States is now twisting the knife, strengthening the Hindu State through a 27 October military […]

Both Democracy and Dictatorship Ensure Supremacy for the Law of Man, not the Law of Allah

On Friday, 16th October 2020, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, demanded “respect for the vote,” whilst addressing a public gathering, under the auspices of an alliance of opposition parties. He accused General Qamar Jawaid Bajwa of toppling his successful government and imposing his choice, an incompetent Imran Khan. He further asserted that […]

Pakistan’s Rulers Are Surrendering Occupied Kashmir to the Hindu State

So Where are the Men of Truth Who Will Foil their Treacherous Plan? In his interview with the Indian media channel, “The Wire,” broadcast on 12 October 2020, Dr. Moeed Yusuf effectively conveyed to India the willingness of Pakistan’s rulers to surrender Occupied Kashmir. Declaring economic security and regional connectivity as Pakistan’s top strategic interests, […]

Muslims of Pakistan Reject the Betrayal of the Kashmir Cause by Making Gilgit-Baltistan a Province

Despite facing widespread rejection, Pakistan’s rulers so far remain adamant upon changing the legal status of Gilgit-Baltistan to a province, announcing general elections there on 15 November 2020. The rulers are hiding behind the flimsy claim that declaring Gilgit-Baltistan a province is to further the development agenda. However, why can development not be provided to […]

Gilgit-Baltistan Province is Treachery against Occupied Kashmir

PTI announces candidates for GB elections. (Pakistan Today) The Bajwa-Imran regime is blindly following the US and committing treachery against Occupied Kashmir. They bluntly refused to liberate Occupied Kashmir by freezing rather than mobilizing Pakistan’s armed forces, the neglectful regime has now announced the permanent burial of the issue of Kashmir by ensuring a permanent […]

Bangladesh’s Unscrupulous Regime Takes the Baton from Myanmar in Persecuting the Rohingya Muslims

On the 1st October, Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a statement regarding the abuse suffered by Rohingya refugees being held in Bhashan Char, a remote island off Bangladesh’s southwestern coast. The refugees reported that they were beaten severely by Bangladeshi naval officers after they went on a 4-day hunger strike last month in protest of […]

Expecting Peace and Tranquility from the US is Similar to Expecting Guidance from Satan!

As the Intra-Afghan negotiations kicked off in Doha, the scale of war inside Afghanistan has escalated unprecedentedly – as the recent deadly blasts in the eastern provinces of Nangarhar and Laghman killed at least 23 civilians and wounded more than 90 others, including women and children. In fact, the two sides are waging both war […]

O Muslims of Pakistan! Ignore the Cheap Clash over Civilian and Military Supremacy.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Strive to Establish the Khilafah which Will Secure Supremacy for the Law of Allah Alone It is clear that the “New Pakistan” project has failed, as the noble Muslims of Pakistan are crushed by poverty, hardship and unemployment, whilst being wounded by the prolonged, unmet aggression against Occupied Kashmir by the […]

Afghan Peace Talks, the US Elections and their Strategic Goals!

After a three-week stalemate of Intra-Afghan negotiations in Qatar and the unprecedented increase of violence on the battlefields, Zalmay Khalilzad, the US Special Representative, has been back to Doha, tweeting that he has headed to the region to meet with partners on Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace negotiations and prospects for increased regional connectivity, trade and […]

Bangladesh’s Joint Military Exercises with the Enemy State India

The Spineless and Treacherous Regime of Hasina is Breaking the Morale of Bangladesh’s Military in the name of Joint Exercises with the Enemy State India Bangladesh and India started a three-day naval exercise in the northern Bay of Bengal on Saturday, according to diplomatic and defense sources. Bangladesh defense officials described the engagement as a […]

Unlike the Current Rulers, the Khaleefah Will Eject America from Afghanistan, Rather than Demanding a Delay in its Withdrawal

Pakistan’s Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, warned America against hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan in a Washington Post Op-Ed of 26 September 2020, adding that Pakistan had sacrificed more than eighty thousand lives in the War on Terror.  Whilst laying claim to the Madinah State as a model, the Bajwa-Imran regime’s hypocrisy is evident. When […]

Pakistan’s Rulers Deploy Flawed Narratives to Negate War as an Option to Liberate Kashmir

The first anniversary of the Indian revoking of Article 370 and 35A and the increased oppression of the Muslims of Kashmir passed with the usual symbolic rhetoric of the civil and military leadership. The renaming of the Kashmir Highway as Srinagar Highway and the Youm-e-Istehsal (Siege Day) song are examples of this rhetoric.

India’s Onion Export Ban has unmasked the True Nature of the Secular Rulers of Bangladesh

 who feel no Shame to act like Mouthpieces of the Enemy Mushriks When India has abruptly imposed a ban on its onion exports to Bangladesh, our lackey rulers have come to rescue the image of this mushrik enemy by acting as her mouthpiece. Instead of even pretending to criticize India, the grossly incompetent Foreign Minister […]

Making Gilgit-Baltistan into a Province is Treachery against Occupied Kashmir, Strengthening Modi’s Grip

The Bajwa-Imran regime has exceeded all limits in treachery against Occupied Kashmir. Having refused to liberate Occupied Kashmir by mobilizing Pakistan’s willing and able armed forces, the neglectful regime has now announced the permanent burial of the issue of Kashmir by ensuring a surgical bilateral partition. For this nefarious purpose, General Bajwa held a meeting […]