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European leaders are fighting to protect their union against US efforts to divide them

Europe had for centuries been the theatre of bloody combat that reached unprecedented levels of destruction during two world wars in the last century. The establishment of the European Union and the single European currency made its 28 member countries economically strong and distanced them from the fear of war amongst themselves, while the US […]

Q&A: Recent Developments in Cyprus

Question: The talks on Cyprus were concluded on Friday, 20/01/2017, after they were resumed on 18/1/2017. These negotiations staggered since the beginning of 2013 and stalled since November 2014, but were re-launched in May 2015 and continued to stop and start until late 2016. Then it was powerfully and strikingly set off on 09/01/2017 in […]

Danish Government’s Main Party Calls for Battle against Hijab

In an opinion piece in Berlingske, 12/01/2017, the ruling Liberal Party’s integration spokesperson, Marcus Knuth, wrote that he can no longer stay silent, seeing that more and more girls from Muslim backgrounds wear a headscarf in Danish schools. He said, “The headscarf represents one of the darkest and most oppressive parts of Islam.”

London passengers flee scene of terror attack that did not happen according to the media and police because a Muslim was the victim not the perpetrator!

British transport police were reportedly called to a London railway “station at 1:18pm” on the 12th of December, 2016, “after receiving reports that a man had been assaulted on a train. The man, who is in his 40s, was taken to hospital with injuries consistent with having been stabbed. He remains in hospital in a […]

Western Politicians Seem Incapable of Winning Elections without Peddling Islamophobia

On Tuesday 6th December, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel publicly endorsed her party’s call for a partial ban on the burqa and niqab in Germany. She told attendees at the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Conference in Essen that, “The face veil was inappropriate and should be banned wherever it is legally possible”, and that, “our law […]

Niqab Ban is an Attack on Islam

It seems that the ban on Niqab (Islamic Face Veil) will take effect in the Netherlands; after repeated attempts, the Parliament overwhelmingly endorsed today the Government’s proposal to impose a penalty for wearing Niqab in some public places, and a fine up to € 405. The proposal bans wearing Niqab is places such as hospitals, […]

To Defend the Right of Muslim Women to wear the “Niqab” is a Duty

The majority of the House of Representatives in the Netherlands approved a law prohibiting the face covering (Veil) in some public places, and to impose a financial penalty on those who do this … Although the law was formulated in general terms, however, it intended without a doubt to ban the “Veil” or “Al-Burqa’” or […]

Biased Trial of Geert Wilders is a Political Issue and it is against the Muslim Community

Today began the criminal offence trial of Geert Wilders, head of the Party of Freedom, due to alleged insults to the Moroccans living in the Netherlands, shouting “fewer Moroccans” in 2014, which has made Wilders’ attorney justify it by saying that the words quoted by Wilders against the Moroccans is but a political act, and […]

Islamic Marriage Is Under Fire Once Again

Jeroen van Vaenkhardn, from the “Party for Freedom” (right-wing party), sorry… from the “People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy”, has declared his desire to punish severely the imams who conduct marriages for Muslims (according to Shariah) before the civil marriage contract is conducted according to Dutch law, by paying a fine of 20,500 Euros, or […]

Terrorism and Migration are the biggest concerns of Europeans

Migration and terrorism have become main problem for Europeans. These two issues took lead over their concerns about the economic situation and unemployment. Eurobarometer held a poll that included 34000 people from 34 European countries. According to this poll, 48% consider migration as one of the two most important issues that challenge the EU. The […]

The Qur’an is Stronger than Wilders and his Party

The Party (for Freedom) PVV led by Geert Wilders has published a document including its election manifesto for the 2017-2021 term. The document announced its intention to prevent the acceptance of refugees from Islamic countries, to ban the Khimar (headscarf) in civil service, ban all Islamic symbols contrary to the public system, have preventative detention […]

Bankrupt Secular Politicians Compete for Re-Election by Igniting Islamophobic Burkini Ban and Identity Politics in France

PARIS — The debate is now so heated in France that one could be forgiven for assuming that the burkini — the full-body bathing suit worn by some Muslim women — had invaded French beaches. Five towns have banned them. Three more are in the process of doing so. Prime Minister Manuel Valls supported the […]

New Security Packages in European States Begins their Transformation into Police States

All of the European states today are talking about security packages and putting in place new plans for combatting what they have called “terrorism”. As such, these states will see new security measures including the imposition of intensified monitoring over a large number of Muslims and institutions, the expansion of the jurisdiction and powers to […]

The Death of a Moroccan Youth is Met with Maliciousness and Cynicism

A 15-year-old youth of Belgium citizenship and of Moroccan origin lost his life in a tragic manner in a bicycle accident in Morocco whilst he was spending his yearly holiday there. The news was spread across social media and the reactions were at the height of depravity and moral decline manifesting the hateful prejudice that […]