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The Council of State has ruled: Assimilation Policy will be Expanded

The Council of State, the advisory organ of the Dutch government, recently ruled that three asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Somalia whose applications have been rejected still have the right to asylum because they have adopted a “western lifestyle”. The Council of State, by their shocking statement, do not only set out new criteria for […]

No Mr Javid, It’s when you support Prevent, that you are siding with real Terrorism!

One British Home Secretary Sajid Javid had the audacity at the weekend to accuse those who oppose his failed Prevent policy, as siding with extremists. He hopes, with such irresponsible remarks, to draw a black and white comparison: either you are secular or an extremist. Prevent is a wholly oppressive policy designed to prevent people […]

Denmark Surpasses Itself in Inhumanity

The Government and the Danish People’s Party have signed an agreement on the law of state finances for 2019 with a number of initiatives related to “immigration policy”. The Ministry of Immigration and Integration proclaimed in a press release on November 30, 2018 that “temporarity must be the key word in Danish immigration policy”, while […]

Warning! What is Happening is the Criminalization of All Islamic Actions!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم The Imam Bill will be Tried for the First Time in a Case Filed following a Sermon on the Issue of Palestine On Tuesday, 27/11/2018, there will be an event that would have a significant impact on the entire Muslim community in Denmark. The law of preachers, known as the Imam […]

This is The “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” World

During an interview with the Union of Newspaper Reporters Former Foreign Minister of Greece Nikos Kotzias revealed on Tuesday that currently 93 cases of Greek diplomats were allegedly involved in issuing illegal visas to unaccompanied children. The former minister said that some of the diplomats are already in jail because of his initiative and he alleged […]

Innocent until proven Muslim

According to a survey by ‘de Volkskrant’, conducted in 25 municipalities in The Netherlands, at least 160 Muslims are monitored through the so-called person-oriented approach “preventing radicalization and extremism” (PGA). The PGA approach has been used since 2015 by police and intelligence, as well as partners such as municipalities and health organizations, who are monitoring […]

The Danish Government is stating the Obvious: Islam is their Problem

With the opening of Parliament, less than a year before the next election, a new political hunting season has begun. The Minister of Integration declared in an op-ed in the paper B.T. on 8 October 2018 that “living according to Islam is the problem”, and that you absolutely must take on a Danish lifestyle, as […]

Freedoms are Sacred for the West

Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, on Tuesday said he has raised the issue of the blasphemous cartoon caricature competition with the Dutch foreign minister and also called upon the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to summon an urgent session for adopting a unanimous position in response to the planned Dutch blasphemous event.

Society Reaps what it Sows

As Muslims living in the West, we are seeing a gradual increase in anti-Muslim sentiment across the different countries. This sentiment is clearly felt in the general atmosphere we are living in and we can’t speak any more of a few right-wing loose cannons. This seems to be stemming from a common policy, that is […]

Expressing the Stance on the Expulsion of Imams and the Closure of Mosques in Austria

On 8/6/2018, Prime Minister, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache announced in a joint government the closure of seven mosques and the expulsion of two Imams. These measures were justified by the “law on Islam” adopted in 2015, which banned foreign funding for imams and forced Muslim associations to take a positive view […]

Germany and France Warn that the Post-World War II Order No Longer Exists and that Trump’s Economic Nationalism could lead to War

US President Trump hit EU steel and aluminum with import tariffs at the start of June, and European Union countries unanimously backed a plan, on the 14th of June, to impose tariffs on $3.3 billion worth of U.S. products. The following day, Trump called French President Emmanuel Macron to push the European Union to negotiate […]

Pegida and Islam in Europe

The anti-Islam movement Pegida The Netherlands which wanted to roast pigmeat just outside the Lalei Mosque in the south of Rotterdam was politely sent away by a huge crowd of counter protesters. That is, the 20 Pegida members themselves chose to flee the scene with their tails between their legs. Many felt this was a […]

Statement about the Home Office Launch of Contest v3 – the UK’s Updated ‘Counter-Terror’ and ‘Counter-Extremism’ Policy

On 4th June 2018, Britain’s Home Secretary Sajid Javid launched the latest version of its ‘counter-terrorism’ and ‘counter-extremism’ policy Contest. It is very clear that despite many voices in the Muslim community complaining about Prevent, calling for it to be scrapped or reviewed, the government has decided not to have any debate or discussion about […]

The War of Attrition

On May 26, 2018 there was the next meeting of the Public Movement “Crimean solidarity”. This was the first meeting that took place without Server Mustafayev, a founder and coordinator of the movement who was arrested on 21st May and charged with the involvement in Hizb ut Tahrir.