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A month ago I could report that a ban on Niqab in Denmark, was as close as ever with 6 out 10 Danes supporting such a ban. Now the Danish liberal government and their social democratic opposition have exclaimed that they are ready, in collaboration with other parties from left to right, to push it […]

US-Russia Relationship: “at an all-time and very dangerous low”?

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that 755 US embassy workers “must stop their activity in the Russian Federation” on September 1st. This escalation in diplomatic tension follows Trump’s signing of a new package of sanctions on Russia, which were passed by Congress with an overwhelming majority from both the Republicans and Democrats, and Trump was […]

Another Attempt to make Muslims Renounce their Islamic identity

On the 25th of April 2017, it was stated in the media that a teacher working at a primary school in Luleå was reported to incite the community in connection with the construction of a mosque, by calling the Prophet Muhammad a pedophile and accusing Islam for being oppressive towards women. The teacher retained his […]

Q&A: Implications of the French-American Rapprochement!

US President Donald Trump is back on Thursday to talk about his recent visit to France. Trump said in an interview with The New York Times ” “He’s a great guy,” Trump said of Macron. “Smart. Strong. Loves holding my hand.”. Adding, “People don’t realize, he loves holding my hand …” ( France Press, 20/7/2017). President […]

Danish Politicians Reveal their Colonialist Mentality toward Muslim Schools

For the past week, the Danish media have once again been focusing on the Muslim schools. This renewed focus comes after Dan Jørgensen, spokesman on matters of integration for the Social Democrats, declared that his party is now aligned with the right-wing Danish People’s Party in the matter of Muslim schools, as both parties want […]

The Muslim was Never Meant to Blend into Falsehood but Rather Stand Distinct with the Deen of Haqq

Recently and for the first time, my daughter’s girl school ran ‘Pride Week’ to celebrate and support the LGBT cause and promote it amongst the students. Each day, they organised various activities from a ‘Cake Bake Sale’ to raise money for charities supporting the cause, to airing a film glamourising the concept, and an assembly […]

Putin is Frightened of Khilafah

On June 12, 2017, the American entertainment channel “Showtime” began to broadcast the four-part documentary “The Putin Interviews”, filmed by Oliver Stone, a well-known American filmmaker in the West. Simultaneously, the film was shown on the Russian state “Channel One”. On June 15, 2017, the Russian media, along with such foreign Kremlin mouthpieces as “Russia […]

Getting Rid of this Defeated Mind-Set

BERLIN — Inside the red-brick building that now houses the German capital’s newest and perhaps most unusual mosque, Seyran Ates is staging a feminist revolution of the Muslim faith. “Allahu akbar,” chanted a female voice, uttering the Arabic expression “God is great,” as a woman with two-toned hair issued the Muslim call to prayer. In […]

Norway’s Proposal to Ban ‘face coverings’ in Learning Institutions Forces Muslim Women to Abandon their Islamic Beliefs

On the 12th of June, the media reported on Norway’s new proposals to reform the laws on face covering in “learning institutions, from kindergarten to universities” which will ban, “all types of clothing that cover the face wholly or in parts”, with exceptions for clothing that is used as protection against cold temperatures. The Acting […]

Western leaders do not want to restrict themselves by the values they preach to Muslims

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May is visiting French President Emmanuel Macron today to discuss ways of tackling ‘online radicalization’ after a series of three bloody terrorist attacks in the UK. Eight people were killed in the London Bridge terror attack on the 3rd of June, and UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, said the following day […]

Q&A: The Political and Economic Crisis between Trump and Europe, Especially Germany

Question: The political and economic crisis between Trump and Europe, especially Germany, has recently escalated. Although Trump’s escalation was expected to be limited to the electoral phase, as is usually the case with the candidates in the West, but he continued to escalate the crisis after he took office. What are the reasons for this? […]

Islam should Shape our Thinking and Behaviour

Three suspects wanted to carry out an attack ‘out of a right-wing extremist conviction’ that would have implicated asylum seekers, prosecutors say. German police have detained a second soldier suspected of involvement in a plan by an army officer and a student to carry out an attack, possibly on politicians who do not oppose immigration, […]