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Danish State Visit to Egypt is a Display of Hypocrisy and Lack of Principles

Denmark’s prime minister arrived on 12/03/23 for a state visit to Egypt to meet with the Egyptian president, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi. The declared focus areas for the visit were “irregular migration”, Russia, and the green transition. The cooperation with the brutal Egyptian despot is part of securing the European borders against refugees after the EU concluded an agreement with Egypt on strengthened border controls on the Mediterranean.

It is not surprising to see the Danish state reaching out to a dictator to prevent refugees from reaching Europe, when in recent years Denmark has continuously shown contempt and cynicism towards refugees, especially from Muslim countries. Barbed wire fences in Eastern Europe, designed to cause maiming, and drowning along the southern coasts are not enough. Neither are the ambitions to deport asylum seekers to dictatorship states in Africa. Now the torturer of Egypt is brought into the field. Al-Sisi, who rules Egypt with the iron fist of the military, spoke eagerly at a press conference 13/03/23 on how much agreement and mutual understanding he and Mette Frederiksen found during their discussions on human rights and migration. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister stood nodding gravely in an absurd display of international-class hypocrisy.

The Egyptian regime under al-Sisi has murdered hundreds of young Egyptians with the sole aim of creating terror in the population and scare people from rising up against the oppression.

With Mette Frederiksen’s visit, he shows himself as a member of “the good club” and sends a clear signal to the population that he is free to continue murdering with the approval of the West.

True to tradition, some of the largest Danish companies follow close on the government’s heels when courting tyrants. They must secure lucrative agreements on “green transition” over the heads of the Egyptian population, who live in crushing poverty under a dictatorship regime.

The Danish government apparently cannot get enough of despots, and has a particular fondness for mass murderers with Muslim victims such as al-Sisi, Modi, the Saudi regime and the Emirates, to whom Denmark has now reopened the export of military equipment, while they bomb and starve Yemen.

These warm relations between the Danish state and the worst torture regimes on the planet clearly reveal that behind its claims of standing guard over “freedom” and “human rights” there is only hypocrisy and political cynicism.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Denmark

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23 Sha’aban 1444 – Wednesday, 15th march 2023
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