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Quran Burnings and the Hypocritical Political Reactions

The recent burnings of the Quran in Denmark and Sweden, and the subsequent reactions at home and abroad, call for important realizations:

– Freedom of speech is an instrument of political power and a poor cover for the lack of true values.

– It is the continuous anti-Islam policy of successive governments which has fostered hatred of Islam in segments of society and created tension and polarization between population groups.

– Since the politically motivated, hateful drawings in 2005, the Danish state has instigated and facilitated the most vulgar acts of hate directed at Muslims, despite the obviously harmful effects on society.

– The government’s deeply untrustworthy attempt to wash its hands with a “condemnation” by Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, after major global protests, is both hypocritical and easily discernible.

– Empty measures and declarations from the regimes in the Muslim countries are worthless. These regimes are committing crimes against the Quran day and night.

– The appropriate measures against these continuing violations at the state level; diplomatic, economic, and if necessary military, are nowhere to be seen in the absence of a political power in the Muslim world which actually represents the will of the Muslim populations.

Elias Lamrabet
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Denmark

Press Release
7 Muharram 1445 – Tuesday, 25th July 2023
NO: 01 / 1444