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Has the Sudan Government Repented from Fighting Against Allah by Devouring the Forbidden Riba?

Sudan and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development signed a loan agreement worth 200 million dollars for the construction of a power station in Al-Baqir area south of Khartoum with a capacity of 350 MW. A statement issued by the Fund revealed that the loan repayment period is 30 years, with a grace […]

Undocumented Children in Hong Kong: Endless Plight for Dehumanized Female Migrant Workers

On 12th April, reported a special story about the ‘heartbreaking’ plight of undocumented children in Hong Kong who live without identity as they were born from foreign migrant workers. Around 340,000 migrant domestic workers from the Philippines and Indonesia came to Hong Kong seeking better economic opportunities. However, Hong Kong government bars them from […]

Solution for Occupied Kashmir is its Liberation through Jihad by Armed Forces, not Plebiscite under the United Nations

On 10th April, 2017, Pakistan’s Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz, condemned the killing of eight Muslims in Occupied Kashmir, who were protesting against the Indian parliament’s lower house’s by-election. And the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan said in a statement, “We call upon the international community […]

O Muslims! Reject and Resist the Implementation of Defence Cooperation Deal with India

It is Decisively Haram, not binding on the Muslims of the Country nor the Officers in the Military… All Relationships with India Must be established Solely upon Islamic Foreign and Defence Policies Traitor Hasina and her regime will not cease in their actions of high treachery against the country and submissiveness towards their masters, America-Britain-India. […]

Panama Case Verdict is Eyewash

Establish Khilafah on the Method of Prophethood to Stop Being Stung by Democracy! Today’s Panama Papers case split decision judicial verdict for establishing a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) over the corruption of the ruling Sharif family is far from a “historical decision.” It clearly shows that any attempt whatsoever to bring change through Democracy is […]

The Constitution Has to be Made according to Revelation

Turkey’s Constitution change referendum ended with a 51.41 “Yes” and 48.59 “No”. The result in 4 of the 7 geographical regions was “Yes” and in 3 regions it was “No”. The biggest rivalry happened, as expected, in the Marmara region. (News) Comment: Turkey’s referendum in which 18 amendments of the constitution was put to vote […]

Shedding of Forbidden Blood Continues in Syria!

Approximately 125 people, mostly from Al-Fawa and Kafriya, including 68 children, were killed in a suicide bombing, on Saturday, targeting 75 buses that were parked in the Al-Rashidin area west of Aleppo. They were driving them away from their towns. According to the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights the number of dead […]

Liberate Kashmir through Jihad by Armed Forces

Why Lose through Negotiations that which would Never be Lost on the Battlefield? The injustice of the Hindu State knows no limits. Within days of hoisting a Kashmiri youth as a “human shield” on an Indian military jeep, there are now videos revealing Kashmiri youth being forced to shout anti-Pakistan slogans and being beaten mercilessly […]

Pakistan’s Rulers Exercise “Restraint” as US Belligerency Escalates from Syria to Afghanistan

Halt the US Rogue State in its Tracks! The new US administration’s policy is clearly based on the strategy of killing Muslims and forcefully suppressing their Islam.  Thus, pursuing the annihilation of Islam and Muslims, the US agent ruler in Syria, Bashar, suffocated to death Muslims using chemical weapons and on 13 April 2017, the […]

Rulers or Puppets Who Accept the Plots of the Enemies?!

The Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour said on Thursday 13/4/2017, “The separation of the South was basically a conspiracy that we accepted, and what is happening now is the result of this conspiracy and they bear its full responsibility.” This was in response to the statement of the Russian Foreign Minister during a press conference […]

America’s MOAB Destroys only ‘Terrorists’ not Civilians! Is that Truly Possible O Ummah of Rasulullah ﷺ?

On Thursday the 13th of April 2017, US forces dropped the largest conventional bomb in its arsenal on an ISIS tunnel complex in Nangarhar province, in eastern Afghanistan. A GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB), nicknamed the “mother of all bombs,” was dropped at 7:32 p.m. local time, according to four US military officials […]

Views on the News – 15 April 2017

Headlines: American Bombing in Afghanistan indicates Hidden Deal with Pakistan to Stop Jihad America Succeeds in Intensifying Tensions over North Korea Russia issues Fake Warning while working hand-in-glove with America in Syria Wolfgang Schäuble to Muslim Migrants: If You Don’t Like Europe, Leave Russian MP Blasts ‘STUPID’ America for Helping ISIS By Bombing Syrian Base […]

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina is enslaving her country to Hindu Indian leadership

After being deferred twice in the past few months, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is in India this week. This visit, Hasina’s first state visit in seven years, has been long in the making and New Delhi is hoping to showcase it as an important part of its neighborhood policy. Breaking protocol, Indian Prime Minister […]

China’s New Anti-Extremism Law is an Extension of its Brutal Campaign to Erase the Islamic Identity of Xinjiang’s Muslim Women and their Children

Blinded through its hate towards Islam, China has extended its brutal war against the Islamic beliefs of the Uighur Muslims of Xinjiang. On April 1, 2017, it enacted the Law on the “Fight Against Extremism” which once again targets the Islamic identity of Muslim women and their children as well as the Uighur Muslims in […]

American-led Terrorism directed towards Russia and Central Asia

The head of the Tajikistan Border Committee, Mir Ali Razeqoof, has said that in late 2016, the military officials of a foreign country have met with Afghan militant groups in seven northern provinces. Razeqoof added: “In November 2016, the military authorities of a foreign country, in an unofficial trip, have visited Badakhshan, Takhar, Kundoz, Balkh, […]

New Somali President Declares his Country a “War Zone”

The newly elected President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullah ‘Farmanjo’ has declared Somalia as a war zone country. The announcement made on Thursday, 5 April 2016, comes amid worsening insecurity as a deadly bombing was recently reported at the Capital Mogadishu where seven lives were lost. Upon his declaration Farmanjo wore a military uniform and offered […]

The UN is concerned about birth rate growth in Tajikistan

Japan’s Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador in the Republic of Tajikistan (RT) Mr. Hajime Kitaoka and UNFPA country director in Tajikistan Ms. Mieko Yabuta signed an agreement on the financial contribution of the Japanese government to UNFPA in the amount of about 1.715 million US dollars to support the project “Strengthening of national family planning services […]

The King’s Meeting with Trump is a Prelude to Recruit the People of Jordan to Serve America’s Interests

In a joint press conference with King Abdullah II, Trump raised several points concerning the relationship of the Jordanian regime with America. Trump said in his speech, “In King Abdullah, America is blessed with a thoughtful and determined partner.  He is a man who has spent years commanding his country’s special forces. He really knows […]

Aung San Suu Kyi Denies the Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar: A Lesson in the Fickle Nature of Democracy’s Moral Compass

In an interview to the BBC on the 6th of April, head of Myanmar’s government, Aung San Suu Kyi, once hailed by western governments as an icon for the fight for democracy and human rights, denied that there was ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims in the country despite widespread evidence to the contrary. She […]

Why is only Islamically motivated gender separation a problem?

On Tuesday 4th of April, the media in general and TV drew attention in its program “Kalla Fakta” that the Al-Azhar School has separate seating places in its school bus for boys and girls, that a cafeteria in Tensta refers men and women to different sitting places and that there are “moral police” roaming in […]