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Innocent until proven Muslim

According to a survey by ‘de Volkskrant’, conducted in 25 municipalities in The Netherlands, at least 160 Muslims are monitored through the so-called person-oriented approach “preventing radicalization and extremism” (PGA). The PGA approach has been used since 2015 by police and intelligence, as well as partners such as municipalities and health organizations, who are monitoring […]

Macron Congratulates Essebsi for his Involvement in Crusade against Islam

During the Francophonie Summit held in Armenia on Thursday 11th October 2018, French President Macron could not hide his hostility against Islam and the Muslims. In a passionate war speech, Macron praised the president of Tunisia, Essebsi, and blessed his campaign against the rules of the Qur’an and his battle against those whom he called […]

The Danish Government is stating the Obvious: Islam is their Problem

With the opening of Parliament, less than a year before the next election, a new political hunting season has begun. The Minister of Integration declared in an op-ed in the paper B.T. on 8 October 2018 that “living according to Islam is the problem”, and that you absolutely must take on a Danish lifestyle, as […]

The Spread of the West Nile Fever is another Face of the Politics of Neglect in Tunisia

The level of neglect of the health and environmental situation in Tunisia has reached its lowest, and the spread of various kinds of mosquitoes, insects, and stray dogs has become common in all cities. The country has been threatened with epidemics and contagious illnesses, which are not usually see except in ravaged countries due to […]

May the Eyes of Cowards Never Sleep

Five three-star generals, including spymaster Lt Gen Naveed Mukhtar, are due to retire on Monday, informed sources told Dawn on 30 September.  Besides Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt Gen Mukhtar, the others retiring on Oct 1 are Peshawar Corps Commander Lt Gen Nazir Ahmad Butt, Commander of Army’s Strategic Forces Command (ASFC) Lt […]

Kashmir was Occupied through Force and it will be Liberated through the Force of Organized Jihad by Pakistan’s Armed Forces

In the last few days, a debate has erupted after an interview on 27th September 2018 to Al Jazeera Television, in which Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said while referring to the Kashmir dispute, “War is no option. There is no military solution. The only solution is a dialogue.” In recent weeks, on America’s […]

America Tightening the Noose on Somalia’s Neck via IMF and World Bank

It is reported that Somalia has fully met all the 27 requirements of global funds of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that was conditioned in order to relieve from its withstanding debt (Radio Dalsan, 22/09/2018). Furthermore, World Bank has approved $80 million in grants to Somalia to fund public finance reforms, marking the first disbursement to the […]

Sheikh Hasina’s Politics of Treachery: Bangladesh’s Energy Security and National Sovereignty is Falling into the Hands of Mushrik India

Ahead of upcoming National polls in Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina government began an all-out effort to satisfy India in a bid to secure her power, all under the guise of bilateral agreement and cooperation. Several anti-state moves have been made within a short period of time by the ruling party for the sake of Bay of […]

Adopting the Khilafah Project and Proclaiming it are the First Steps of Victory

The quest of achieving victory is based on principles which the Sharia have defined and clarified their steps. And for those who seek the path of dignity for the Ummah and pursue its glory, and those who wish to achieve Allah’s victory must follow these steps without diverting from them the length of a fingernail, […]

A Biking Expedition held in Ramallah: Another Pathway for Fujoor in the Blessed Land – Palestine

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: A biking expedition held in Ramallah sponsored by the Danish House in Palestine and pictured on Facebook by the Danish House in Palestine featuring men and women closely mixing with one another, women and men dressed Islamically inappropriately held for the sake of freedom of movement in the occupied lands by the […]

Views on the News – 1 Oct 2018

Headlines: OIC Calls for End to Hate Campaigns against Islam Turkey’s Erdogan Opens Germany’s Largest Mosque Amid Security Lockdown Pakistan Civil Servant Caught on CCTV Stealing Wallet from Visiting Foreign Delegation Russian Foreign Minister Attacks US and the West at UN but then calls for Cooperation China Reaffirms its anti-Muslim Stance over Rohingya Issue Iran […]

The Chikungunya Viral Infection is Reaping Lives in Kassala amid the Absence of a Caring State

The capital city of Kassala has been hit with a deadly viral infection called Chikungunya or the kankasha illness, as the locals call it. The government, as usual, has remained silent at the beginning of this deadly illness until activists raised awareness about this illness through social media platforms and the media, which forced the […]

Afghan Security Forces Serving as Fuel to Fire and Maintain US Dominance in the Region and Eurasia

The deteriorating security situation and the alarming number of the civilian and military casualties in Afghanistan, forced the Afghan ministers of the security sectors to finally appear and respond to the Senate (Mishrano Jarga) hearing. The Afghan Defense Minister clearly confirmed, that more than 500 military personnel were killed and more than 700 were injured […]