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Views on the News – 24 May 2020

Headlines: America Discusses Restarting Nuclear Tests Turkish Forces Establish their Leadership over Western Libya Rulers Forcing Muslims to Pray Eid al-Fitr at Home America: 38.6 Million Filed for Unemployment during the Pandemic—Greater than the Combined Population of 21 States Saudi Arabia Urges People to Offer Eid Prayer at Home Chinese FM Blasts US Warning on […]

The Loss of Islamic Maritime Vision Makes Muslim Countries Only be Spectators of the South China Sea Conflict

In recent months amid the coronavirus outbreak, China’s naval forces are reported to have carried out intense maneuvers in the South China Sea, the scene for several overlapping and disputed territorial claims. The Haiyang Dizhi 8, a Chinese government research ship, conducted a survey near the Malaysia’s Petronas-operated West Capella, creating tension with the Malaysian […]

Aden is Ravaged by Diseases, and Hadi and Zubeidi Throw People to Fight on the Fronts

The emergency committee to confront Coronavirus in Aden announced on Friday, 15/05/2020, 21 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, including three deaths. Thirteen cases were then recorded in Aden and 8 cases in Hadramout, including 3 deaths. This brings the number of reported cases in the country to 108, including 16 deaths. For its part, the Personal […]

In the Absence of the Khilafah, Afghanistan is a Country where Babies are Sentenced to Death Before They Can Start Living!

On Tuesday the 12th May 2020, gunmen stormed a maternity hospital in the western part of the Afghan capital Kabul, beginning an hour-long shoot-out with the police and killing 24 people, including newborn babies, their mothers and an unspecified number of nurses. The attackers had walked straight past a number of other wards, all closer […]

Neither Democracy nor Capitalism Protects our Country and our Creed

Only Islam and its Shariah Rulings do this In a dangerous precedent, the European Union mission in Iraq raised the LGBTQ flag at its headquarters in the capital, Baghdad. It is a heinous measure that should not be overlooked, nor tolerated. This is outrageous behavior, an unjustified brazen action denoting a blatant challenge to the […]

America is Seeking to Impose the Trump Peace Plan Agenda

Despite Misleading and Hollow Warnings by the Subordinate Rulers Since it usurped the blessed land of Palestine, the Jewish entity, before the eyes of Muslim rulers and before the so-called international community, it commits all kinds of crimes against its people from killing, attacks, imprisonment, torture and displacement. In addition to violating the sanctities, foremost […]

The Suffering of Kashmir, Does it not have an End?

Violent clashes took place between hundreds of demonstrators and government forces on 13 May in Indian Occupied Kashmir, after the killing of 25-year-old Mahruddin Bir Shah. He was driving, when Indian paramilitary forces shot him, near a checkpoint on the outskirts of Srinagar, the capital of Occupied Kashmir. Shah was shot, as the police claimed, […]

The Palestinian Authority can Live with the Epidemic and the Occupation

And Confirms its War against Allah by Closing Mosques and Preventing Eid and Friday Prayers! The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Mohammad Shtayyeh, announced during a press conference held yesterday, Saturday evening, the opening of all commercial facilities in all governorates of Palestine until next Friday evening, and that starting from next Friday evening, […]

The UN Security Council Does Not Secure the People!

On Wednesday, 13/5/2020, the United Nations Security Council held an emergency session at the United Nations headquarters in New York regarding the ongoing fighting in Abyan governorate, Yemen, between the government headed by Abed Rabbo Hadi and the Southern Transitional Council headed by Aidross Al-Zubaidi, the former governor of Aden governorate. The fighting started in […]

COVID-19: The Absence of Islamic Vision within the Regimes in the Muslim World

The Western countries are fighting against the Coronavirus pandemic, and the Islamic world regimes are no exception. They are also struggling with the hundreds even thousands of deaths, due to lack of health care facility, poor handling, as well as the half-hearted policy of lockdown and the incompetence to secure the basic needs of their […]

Rahmon calls again to Postpone Ramadan

The president of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, once again proposed to postpone fasting for a number of professions, as well as farmers and agrarians, while appealing to fictional fatwas. The corresponding appeal was published on his official website before the start of Ramadan. “Many Islamic scholars argue that for farmers, livestock breeders and hard workers starving […]

Islam Leads Us to Salvation, While Secularism Only Leads Us to Destruction

Government actions and messages about the coronavirus expose the underlying capitalist driving force which is concerned mostly about the interests of the wealthy elite, not the lives, livelihood or health of the poor and ordinary people of the world. They have gone from deliberate neglect of the National Health Service (NHS) and callous inaction as […]

O our People in Eastern and Western Sudan, Put Down Weapons and Do Not Shed Forbidden Blood

Do Not Open the Gates of Hellfire for Yourselves that were Closed during Ramadan Once again, fighting erupted between Muslims, from Bani Amer and Nuba, in the city of Kassala in eastern Sudan, and according to Sudan Tribune, the victims as a result of the armed conflict between the two parties; were ten deaths and […]

The System in Tunisia Continues in its Error and Promises the Worst

Today, Tunisia lives in a sea of crises. When one is solved, another emerges: hunger, poverty, deprivation, control, corruption, debt, great calamities, and deadly diseases caused by the hideous Capitalism that destroyed the country and eliminated people, and made radical change a popular demand required rationally and textually ‘Shariah’.

Concerning Ehud Barak’s Confession, on the issue of the Displacement of Palestinians from Lebanon

 as one of the goals of the 1982 Operation to Invade Lebanon The head of the Jewish government, and his former army minister, the criminal Ehud Barak has confessed that one of the goals of the 1982 Operation to invade Lebanon and to remain in its south until the year 2000, that is, even after […]

Democracy Reduced the Afghan Leaders and a Number of Former Mujahedeen into Profit-grubbing Political Dealers!

After the US and the European Union exerted their insistent pressures on Afghan rulers aimed at ending the political squabbles and forming an inclusive government, some of the prominent figures of the Stability and Convergence Team, led by Abdullah Abdullah, entered the dialogue phase with their rival team to end the political feud and join […]

The Alternative Capable of Removing Tunisia and Its People Out of the Crisis System

The general public in Tunisia have a conviction that became firmly established, that it is a necessity to work to uproot the corrupt system that led to mortgaging the country with a mountain of external debt and heavy burdens that crippled its ability to revive and have a sound economic development. It is the conviction […]

The Palestinians in Lebanon between Living Pressure and Political Loss!!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم For more than seventy lean years, the Palestinians in Lebanon have been suffering from chains of hardship, and the humiliation in the treatment and dealing with them! And by looking carefully at the problem of the Palestinians in Lebanon, and those who influence their presence and life there, the following are […]

Russian Special Services “Save the Country from Islamic Terrorists”

On the 30th of April in the capital of the Ural Federal District and the Sverdlovsk Region, the city of Yekaterinburg, Russia was carried out the so-called “counter-terrorist operation regime (CTO)” – NAC reports. According to the official version, the decision on the operation was made after receiving operational information. The result of the CTO […]

Views on the News – 9 May 2020

Headlines: 1200 Russian Mercenaries Fighting for Haftar in Libya Kashmiris continue to Protest Killing under Indian Occupation New Report Highlights West’s Environmental Destruction European Slump is Worst Since World War II, Reports show Imran Khan Warns World about India’s False Flag Operation against Pakistan Coronavirus Threatens New ‘Cold War’ between US and China