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Who Will Evacuate the Alliance of Colonial Countries from the Red Sea and Muslim Countries?!

On Tuesday, 12/26/2023, Al-Thawra daily newspaper published in Sanaa reported on the news of the collapse of the Operation Guardian of Prosperity coalition, which was called for and led by the United States in the Red Sea, due to the absence of key members from it.

There is no doubt that the countries participating in this alliance are known colonialists, such as America, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. The danger of the presence of ships of these countries in the Red Sea is great, which does not depart from their colonial outlook, and the dispute among them is over who will have control over the Red Sea: For old colonialism and its agents, or for new colonialism and its tails? The European colonial powers felt that America was seeking to prevail over its interests and achieve its plans. By increasing tension in the Red Sea, which directly affects navigation to and from it. The French gCaptain Institute monitored the increase in criticism of the American shipowners from the American leadership for leaving American sailors dangerously exposed within the scope of the Yemeni army forces, without adequate protection.

And because the European allies realize that America is planning something, and that they are merely false witnesses to it, after America praised the Houthis’ actions in the Red Sea in a report issued by the American Quincy Institute, in which it described them as “the masters of asymmetric warfare” and “have largely achieved their objectives: impose costs on Israel and its allies.”“The U.S. and its allies have no good options when it comes to dealing with the Houthis.”  “The militants [Yemenis] so far have the upper hand in a shadow-boxing match with the US.” and “…the Houthis’ attacks on shipping are steadily increasing, the attacks are paying hefty political and even strategic dividends for the Houthis, who appear to be winning on the public relations front both in and outside Yemen.” “To date, the Houthis have only used a fraction of the armed drones and missiles that they currently possess. Nor have the Houthis made use of their more sophisticated longer-range drones and missiles. The Houthis also possess large numbers of naval mines, including hard to detect influence mines.

As for Britain, which is furious with the Houthis and the spearhead of Europe against America, its Defense Minister Grant Shapps said: “We must remain committed to repelling these attacks to protect the free flow of global trade, and we are determined that Britain will remain a major party in repelling attacks that threaten maritime security.”

Is it not time for Muslims to realize the great blessings that Allah has bestowed upon them, including the strategic position controlling international roads?!

Only by exploiting this point can Muslims make the Kaffir (infidel) West come to them in submission, but the true will and honest men are found under an Islamic state and not under these puppet rulers, because the Islamic state has one legal position on the warring Kuffar.

The colonial conflict has returned intensely, but today it takes a different form between the new colonialism; America, and the old colonialism; Europe and its danger today is great for the Islamic countries, which have the playing field, as they need to expel the colonial countries that are actually fighting Islam and all Muslims from Muslim waters, and ensure that they do not navigation there!

Just as the Ottoman Caliphate delayed Portuguese ships from the Arabian Sea and removed Albuquerque, who threatened to dig up the grave of the Prophet (saw) in Medina, nothing will dislodge the colonial ships today from the Red Sea in particular, and from Muslim countries in general, except the Second Khilafah Rashidah (Rightly-Guided Caliphate) State on the Method of the Prophethood, which Hizb ut Tahrir is working for and calling on all Muslims to work for in accordance with the Sharia method.

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