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Mirziyaev’s Daughters Followed in the Footsteps of Karimov’s Daughter

On the 1st of October 2019 a concert of Russian singer Polina Gagarina took place in the Humo Ice Palace in Tashkent. Uzbek people were outraged not only by the concert itself, but also by the drunken feast arranged after the concert with the participation of President Mirziyayevs’ daughters and sons-in-laws who occupy high positions […]

Rise in Electricity Prices in Tajikistan

Since 1 September 2019, in Tajikistan new electricity tariffs, which were adopted by the government in June 22, 2019 entered into force. From now on, residents of the country have to pay 17% more for electricity, 22.66 Dirams instead of 19.37 Dirams per 1 kilowatt. For industrial and non-industrial consumers, the new tariff is 55.14 […]

Intensification of repressions by tyrants of Central Asia exposes their lies about victory in war against Islam

On August 13th 2019 in the airport of Odessa city (Ukraine), Mahmud AbdulMomin (Mahmud Khaldarov) was detained by Interpol’s request from Kyrgyzstan. On August 19th the Ukrainian court judged to apply restraint in the form of temporary arrest for 40 days. (Source: ) Comment: Mahmud AbdulMomin (Mahmud Khaldarov) is a famous Islamic dawah carrier […]

The Borders based on Nationalism Bring Only Disaster to Muslims!

On July 23, news agency “Radio Liberty” reported: “The Tajik Ministry of Internal Affairs officially confirmed that on July 22, a Tajik police officer was injured during the conflict on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border. The head of the information center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sogdu, police lieutenant colonel Abdurasul Shomirsaidzoda was wounded by […]

Mirziyaev does not want to be the “second Karimov”

On 02.08.2019, the president of Uzbekistan Mirziyayev signed an order to liquidate the notorious colony “Zhaslyk”, which is located in Karakalpakstan. “This truly historic decision was made with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the correction of prisoners, respecting individuals and society, as well as promoting a positive image of the country in the […]

Modern Russia will Share Fate of Tzars and Communists

In annexed Crimea, Russia will build detention facility for 1500 people. Overcrowding of detention facilities increased after Russia seized Crimea and turned it not only to military base but also to prison. (Source: Comment: After entering Crimea, Russia started to practice its old methods over the Muslims of Crimea Muslims, and the Crimean Tatars […]

The Border Incident: 2 Meters … Good for who and Harmful for who!?

Conflicts in the border area between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are always repeated. On 22 July, there was a sad incident in which five people from Kyrgyzstan and seven people from Tajikistan were injured, and one man died. The incident was reported in the official media as follows: Tajikistan’s President Imam Ali Rahman was expected to […]

Tajikistan: 10th Anniversary of Law about Religion

On the 2nd of July, 2019 there was held in Dushanbe a conference dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the adoption of the law “About freedom of religion and religious associations,” Radio Ozodi reports. On this conference officials praised the law, emphasizing its effectiveness and necessity. Human rights activists traditionally criticize the law as an […]

Meetings to Explain the Damage of “Religious Extremism” Begin in Kyrgyzstan

Experts and practitioners in the Jalalabad region of Kyrgyzstan have jointly conducted training activities for the local population to prevent “extremism and terrorism”. The spokesman for the regional police said that these activities continue to warn of the danger of Hizb ut Tahrir, al-Akrami and the Inkariyoon Group (who have separated from the Tabligh group) […]

The SCO Uses Slogans of Terrorism and Extremism in the War against Islam and Muslims

On 16 May, the Kyrgyz service of Radio Liberty reported: “A meeting of the secretaries of the security councils of the SCO member states was held in Bishkek. The press was not allowed to meet. After the meeting, General Secretary of SCO Vladimir Norov and Secretary of the Security Council of Kyrgyzstan Damir Sagynbayev briefed […]

The Prosecutor’s Office in Penza demanded 20 schools prohibit female students from wearing hijab

On the first day of Ramadan, 06.05.2019, the prosecutor’s office of the Oktyabrsky district of Penza reported that twenty schools in Penza established in their school uniform a direct ban for students wearing hijabs. The district prosecutor’s office found before, that rules on school uniforms in 20 schools did not prohibit students from wearing religious […]

Why has Rahmon canceled the Internet Price Rise?

The new head of the Antimonopoly Service of Tajikistan, Ikromiddin Valizoda, on 24 April, repealed Order No. 31 – a message addressed to mobile operators states: “The Order of the Antimonopoly Service dated March 4, 2019, No. 31 “On Electricity Tariffs” should be considered invalid.” This happened after the press service of Rakhmon issued a […]

The Former President Calls for Dialogue with the Current President

On 22/2/2019, the Social Democratic Party led by former President Atambayev held a press conference. What emerged during the meeting, and the main point put forward was a call for a compromise on power with the current president. Arina Karamushka, a member of the Social Democratic Party said in the conference that the former president […]

100 years since the Paris Peace Conference: History is not Studied for Knowledge but to Take Lessons From

Exactly 100 years ago, on 18 January 1919, a conference was held in France for the victorious forces of the First World War to govern the defeated countries. As is well known, the great powers of the world are trying to change the reality of war according to their own interests. This year’s anniversary was […]

The US has replaced anger with mercy concerning the dictatorship of Taghut in Uzbekistan

On December 12, the IA reported: “The United States excluded Uzbekistan from the list of violators of religious freedoms. Now Uzbekistan is on the special watch list for governments that are participating or tolerantly refer to “serious violations of religious freedom”. In previous years, Uzbekistan was in the list of countries participating in “systematic, […]