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America Uses Muslim Persecution for its Own Goals

On June 12, Radio Liberty news agency announced: “The US Department of State has published an annual report on the state of religious freedom in the world. Analyzing the situation in Kazakhstan, the authors of the report note that the country continues to restrict the rights of religious groups classified by the authorities as “non-traditional”.

Rahmon calls again to Postpone Ramadan

The president of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, once again proposed to postpone fasting for a number of professions, as well as farmers and agrarians, while appealing to fictional fatwas. The corresponding appeal was published on his official website before the start of Ramadan. “Many Islamic scholars argue that for farmers, livestock breeders and hard workers starving […]

What will be the Consequences in Central Asian Countries of the Economic Crisis following the pandemic?

“Money transfer systems note a decrease in cross-border transfers in March against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, RBK was informed by Unistream and Golden Crown money transfer systems. Mostly migrants use such a money transfers. At the Unistream payment system the volume of transfers from Russia decreased to 35% compared to the same period […]

Pompeo meets the Foreign Ministers of Central Asian Countries

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a meeting in Tashkent on 3/2/2020 with the foreign ministers of Central Asian countries. Prior to the official meeting of the P5 + 1, he met the President of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and urged them to prevent China from expanding into East Turkestan and the countries […]

Kyrgyz President Calls for Dialogue of Religions!

On November 21, the website of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic “” published a speech by President Sooronbai Zheenbekov at the international conference, which was held in Bishkek, “Orthodox Christianity and Islam – the religions of the peace”. In particular, the President said: “… we all observe the mass involvement of youth in religion […]

Back to the Future: Mirziyoyev Returns Uzbekistan to the Days of Karimov

In the mosques of the city of Namangan, this week they stopped calling for prayer from the speakers, Namangan activist Abbas Asad reports. A representative of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Uzbekistan, on condition of anonymity, told reporters that the DUMU recommended that mosques not use loudspeakers. Also, an anonymous source of Ozodlik in […]

Mirziyaev’s Daughters Followed in the Footsteps of Karimov’s Daughter

On the 1st of October 2019 a concert of Russian singer Polina Gagarina took place in the Humo Ice Palace in Tashkent. Uzbek people were outraged not only by the concert itself, but also by the drunken feast arranged after the concert with the participation of President Mirziyayevs’ daughters and sons-in-laws who occupy high positions […]

Rise in Electricity Prices in Tajikistan

Since 1 September 2019, in Tajikistan new electricity tariffs, which were adopted by the government in June 22, 2019 entered into force. From now on, residents of the country have to pay 17% more for electricity, 22.66 Dirams instead of 19.37 Dirams per 1 kilowatt. For industrial and non-industrial consumers, the new tariff is 55.14 […]

Intensification of repressions by tyrants of Central Asia exposes their lies about victory in war against Islam

On August 13th 2019 in the airport of Odessa city (Ukraine), Mahmud AbdulMomin (Mahmud Khaldarov) was detained by Interpol’s request from Kyrgyzstan. On August 19th the Ukrainian court judged to apply restraint in the form of temporary arrest for 40 days. (Source: ) Comment: Mahmud AbdulMomin (Mahmud Khaldarov) is a famous Islamic dawah carrier […]

The Borders based on Nationalism Bring Only Disaster to Muslims!

On July 23, news agency “Radio Liberty” reported: “The Tajik Ministry of Internal Affairs officially confirmed that on July 22, a Tajik police officer was injured during the conflict on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border. The head of the information center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sogdu, police lieutenant colonel Abdurasul Shomirsaidzoda was wounded by […]

Mirziyaev does not want to be the “second Karimov”

On 02.08.2019, the president of Uzbekistan Mirziyayev signed an order to liquidate the notorious colony “Zhaslyk”, which is located in Karakalpakstan. “This truly historic decision was made with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the correction of prisoners, respecting individuals and society, as well as promoting a positive image of the country in the […]

Modern Russia will Share Fate of Tzars and Communists

In annexed Crimea, Russia will build detention facility for 1500 people. Overcrowding of detention facilities increased after Russia seized Crimea and turned it not only to military base but also to prison. (Source: Comment: After entering Crimea, Russia started to practice its old methods over the Muslims of Crimea Muslims, and the Crimean Tatars […]

The Border Incident: 2 Meters … Good for who and Harmful for who!?

Conflicts in the border area between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are always repeated. On 22 July, there was a sad incident in which five people from Kyrgyzstan and seven people from Tajikistan were injured, and one man died. The incident was reported in the official media as follows: Tajikistan’s President Imam Ali Rahman was expected to […]