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The Scourge of Privatization Brought about by Western Capitalism is also Invading Uzbekistan

In accordance with Cabinet Resolution No. 594 of 22/09/2021, the Tashkent City Administration and the Asian Development Bank signed an agreement on the provision of advisory services for the project: Modernization of the Heat Supply System for the City of Tashkent and its submission to the administration under the terms of a public-private partnership. The proposal of Veolia Central & Eastern Europe (French), was considered reasonable by the Tashkent City Administration and the Public-Private Partnership Development Agency on the recommendation of the Asian Development Bank. It is one of three companies that have expressed their interest in the implementation of the project as a result of the announcement. The resolution also stipulates that heating for the city of Tashkent will be provided by a French company for a period of 30 years.

The French company Veolia Central & Eastern Europe is part of the diversified company Veolia Environment. The turnover of this large company is 25 billion euros (2015) and employs 171 thousand people (2019). Thus, another important facility in the country was presented to a foreign company. Previously, a number of large factories in Uzbekistan were offered free of charge to foreign companies. These are very risky and destructive decisions for people; because in the capitalist system the state assigns its responsibilities to the private sector under the pretext of privatization and thus gets rid of its obligations towards the people. Private companies set high prices for their goods and services, which makes it expensive to meet people’s needs, especially in terms of access to energy resources.

Despite the fact that there are deep unresolved problems in the energy sector, the state is aggravating the situation. First, instead of fulfilling its duties, it simply transfers them to a foreign company. Secondly, it opens the way to monopolizing this field. Throwing its people into the clutches of a big capitalist company is like handing over a sheep to a wolf! So, the people of a country rich in energy resources, live in harsh winters and even hot summer days for many years under conditions of shortage of electricity and natural gas. In addition to numerous power outages, it comes at high prices. And now the high energy costs may be even more expensive for the people on very low incomes.

The real solution to the problems of the people of our country is the application of the Islamic system, and the state that implements this system not only that it does not avoid problems and does not leave the fate of its subjects in the hands of greedy capitalists, but rather it takes care of them like parents.

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