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The Whole of Palestine is Islamic land

there is No Difference Between the Lands Occupied in ‘48 and those Occupied in ‘67, Except in the Minds of the Palestinian Authority and those who Forsake it! It is misleading to view the issue of annexation as the only conspiracy against the question of Palestine, but rather it should be viewed as an extension […]

What is the Similarity between the Houthis and Al-Saud?!

From time to time, the Houthis displays titles of their speeches, on the pages of their newspapers, and on the screens of their satellite stations, the most recent of which was published on the pages of Al-Thawra Newspaper on Thursday 25/06/2020 about the rulers of the Al Saud preventing Muslims from visiting the Grand Mosque, […]

Syria’s Hunger Crisis

Caused by Coronavirus and War Affects Women and Children According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the war in Syria has killed more than half a million people, and has displaced and deported more than half of the country’s population internally and outside the country. Infrastructure has also been destroyed, the economy has […]

The Debates over Reopening the Hagia Sofia to Worship

The 567th anniversary ceremonies of the Conquest of Istanbul were made with excitement under the shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic. Surah Al-Fath was recited in the Conquest Feast held in the Hagia Sophia. After the Quran recital, President Erdoğan addressed the nation in a speech via video-conference. Starting his speech with the meaning of Surah […]

Lebanese Parties and the Ignition of Sectarian Strife Serve the Survival of the Political Class!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم The streets in Lebanon have erupted at the call of a group of Lebanese parties and political parties – in riding the wave of the demonstrations and directing it to other than its aims of livelihood demands – to disarm the Party of Iran in Lebanon, turning the street into a […]

How Long will the People in Yemen be Deprived of a Decent Living?!

Clashes raged again in the governorates of Abyan and Shabwa in southern Yemen on Friday 06/06/2020 between the Abdrabbuh’s legitimacy forces and the Transitional Council, which was renewed two months ago, after its first outbreaks in the beginning of August 2019, as if the war that that was ignited with the entry of the Houthis […]

The Iraq-US Dialogue is Like the Speech of a Master to his Slave, and the Owner to his Servant

The politicized media seeks to surround the first rounds of the alleged dialogue with an aura of glorification, and to invent victories and spoils that are not real. This is because what is happening is nothing more than orders dictated by a victorious party over another defeated which has no power but to submit … […]

Why are Mosques Excluded at a Time when Life is Gradually Returning to Normal?

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic that immerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan on 12/12/2019, has spread to the world, especially Europe and America. The discovery of the first case in Turkey was announced on 11/3/2020. When there was an increase in the rates of infections and deaths, some preventive measures were taken. And there was […]

The Supreme Court’s Decision Came After Years of Defending the Waqf Land

And Because of the Steadfastness of the People of the Blessed Land and the Tamim family In a filmed session, the Supreme Court of Justice decided today, Monday, 8/6/2020, to cancel the decision of the President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Mahmoud Abbas, of the possession of and granting the plot of land belonging to […]

The Annexation of the West Bank and the Valleys does not Change the Reality of Palestine and the Solution is only Urging Armies to Liberate Them

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs, Ayman Al-Safadi, affirmed that he is counting on the international community to prevent the implementation of any “Israeli” decision to annex occupied Palestinian lands to protect peace and protect international law. And he warned against the dire consequences of the annexation decision if it was implemented in […]

Q&A: The Political Developments in Iraq and Al-Kadhimi’s Role in Serving America

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Question: As is well known, Al-Kadhimi won the confidence of the pro-Iranian Parliament majority, even though he is accused by parties loyal to Iran and its men in Iraq of colluding with America in the Soleimani assassination, and some Iranian men describe him as America’s man. So does this mean that […]

Not Feeling Welcome

Bahcesehir University’s Center of Migration and Urban Studies in Istanbul released a report highlighting the longstanding socio-economic challenges Syrian refugees face in Turkey. As in many countries with large refugee populations, there has been ongoing tension between residents and immigrants for years, and life is increasingly difficult for the refugees. In Hatay, which hosts around […]

The Jewish Entity Unites in its Hatred of Muslims to Begin a New Theatre of Conflict

The third consecutive election in a period of 500 days has finally resolved the political deadlock through the alliance forged between Netanyahu’s Likud party and Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party. The previous two elections held on April 2019 and September 2019 failed to form a majority required i.e. 61 seats out of the 120 […]

Aden is Ravaged by Diseases, and Hadi and Zubeidi Throw People to Fight on the Fronts

The emergency committee to confront Coronavirus in Aden announced on Friday, 15/05/2020, 21 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, including three deaths. Thirteen cases were then recorded in Aden and 8 cases in Hadramout, including 3 deaths. This brings the number of reported cases in the country to 108, including 16 deaths. For its part, the Personal […]

Neither Democracy nor Capitalism Protects our Country and our Creed

Only Islam and its Shariah Rulings do this In a dangerous precedent, the European Union mission in Iraq raised the LGBTQ flag at its headquarters in the capital, Baghdad. It is a heinous measure that should not be overlooked, nor tolerated. This is outrageous behavior, an unjustified brazen action denoting a blatant challenge to the […]

America is Seeking to Impose the Trump Peace Plan Agenda

Despite Misleading and Hollow Warnings by the Subordinate Rulers Since it usurped the blessed land of Palestine, the Jewish entity, before the eyes of Muslim rulers and before the so-called international community, it commits all kinds of crimes against its people from killing, attacks, imprisonment, torture and displacement. In addition to violating the sanctities, foremost […]

The Palestinian Authority can Live with the Epidemic and the Occupation

And Confirms its War against Allah by Closing Mosques and Preventing Eid and Friday Prayers! The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Mohammad Shtayyeh, announced during a press conference held yesterday, Saturday evening, the opening of all commercial facilities in all governorates of Palestine until next Friday evening, and that starting from next Friday evening, […]

The UN Security Council Does Not Secure the People!

On Wednesday, 13/5/2020, the United Nations Security Council held an emergency session at the United Nations headquarters in New York regarding the ongoing fighting in Abyan governorate, Yemen, between the government headed by Abed Rabbo Hadi and the Southern Transitional Council headed by Aidross Al-Zubaidi, the former governor of Aden governorate. The fighting started in […]

Concerning Ehud Barak’s Confession, on the issue of the Displacement of Palestinians from Lebanon

 as one of the goals of the 1982 Operation to Invade Lebanon The head of the Jewish government, and his former army minister, the criminal Ehud Barak has confessed that one of the goals of the 1982 Operation to invade Lebanon and to remain in its south until the year 2000, that is, even after […]

The Palestinians in Lebanon between Living Pressure and Political Loss!!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم For more than seventy lean years, the Palestinians in Lebanon have been suffering from chains of hardship, and the humiliation in the treatment and dealing with them! And by looking carefully at the problem of the Palestinians in Lebanon, and those who influence their presence and life there, the following are […]

A Renewed Conflict in Southern Yemen to Take Over and Control it

On Sunday morning, 04/25/2020, a statement issued by the Southern Transitional Council declared a state of emergency in the temporary capital of Aden and all the southern governorates, and a self-administration for southern Yemen. The reactions have been negative since the first day of the announcement of the statement on this measure by the Southern […]

An Authority that Prioritizes Gambling (and its Forms) over Allah’s Worship!!!

The Coronavirus crisis has ravaged the world, stopped its activities and left its politicians in amazement and bewilderment. The economies that were claiming to be the most powerful are reeling, and health systems have been destroyed in countries that call themselves developed. When the Coronavirus entered Lebanon, the negligence was evident from the government, for […]

Under the Pretext of Preserving People’s Lives, the Government Prolongs the Quarantine

Adding Hardships on People with Measures that It Would not Dare to Carry Out Before the Defense Law! The Coronavirus epidemic that spread globally was not the reason for which the defense law was imposed, as much as it was an opportunity that the regime and its government were waiting for to impose measures and […]