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Joining the Saudi-Led Military Alliance is a Treacherous Crime

The So-Called Coalition’s only Purposes are to fulfil the Geopolitical Goals of Crusading America and annihilate the Revival of Political Islam Month-long military exercises dubbed “Joint Gulf Shield 1” – under the Saudi-led Islamic military alliance of 42 nations has ended on Monday, April 16, 2018 in Saudi Arabia’s eastern city of Jubail in the […]

The Tyrant of Ash-Sham has the Right to Raise his Hat in Tribute and Appreciation to the Leaders of the Factions and the Legislators of their Actions

The vastness of the areas from where the Sham revolution has emerged had left Assad’s criminal regime in a state of bafflement, not knowing how to defend itself or prevent its inevitable downfall. The revolution, which has come out from Mosques in the main cities as well as villages in the countryside, came out demanding […]

Decisions of the February 28 Suit are Evidence for the Protection of the Coupists who Declared War on Islam

Yesterday, 21 people out of 103 accused of the February 28 case were sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor for participating in the campaign to forcibly overthrow the government of the Republic of Turkey. But because of the health and age conditions of the defendants who were convicted of this decision, they were not […]

The Colonialists Openly Declare their Support for the Corrupt Political Power

The Cedar Conference (Paris 4) was held in France, which resulted in the support of the current government politically through promises to grant Lebanon more than $10 billion. This conference was held a month before the parliamentary elections in Lebanon. After the conference, the White House issued a statement explicitly declaring its support for the […]

What a “good” drama – Syria Regime, Russia, U.S and Turkey are acting to win the best World Academy Awards of killing people in Syria

11th April 2018: Russia warns US over Syria response. Russia has urged the US to avoid taking military action in response to an alleged chemical attack in Syria. Russia warned Washington that it will “bear responsibility” for any “illegal military adventure” it carries out. US President Donald Trump has promised a “forceful” response. (Source: BBC)

The Syrian Revolution that has survived Pain, Death and Betrayal for Eight Years will witness Victory, With Allah’s Permission

The Syrian revolution, which began with the slogan “the people want to overthrow the regime” written by the children of Daraa on the walls, is now entering its eighth year. Throughout the seven years, everyone has been subjected to the malice of the oppressors, from which no one has been spared; from the infant to […]

Finally, the Masks Fell off the Faces of the American Agents, Erdogan, Rouhani and Putin

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Finally, the Masks Fell off the Faces of the American Agents, Erdogan, Rouhani and Putin They are preoccupied by proxy to maintain America’s puppet regime in Syria, so that America devotes itself to its Crisis in Korea and China On Wednesday 04/04/2018, the presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey met in […]

The Regime in Jordan is Humiliating the Ummah Further by Agreeing to Appoint a New Ambassador to the Jewish Entity

Jordan’s news agency reported on Wednesday that Jordan agreed to a request by the government of the Jewish entity to nominate Amir Weissbrod as its ambassador to the kingdom, this was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Affairs response to the letter by the government of the Jewish entity.

Only by moving the Armies of the Ummah and Eradicating the Jewish entity from its Roots will the Massacres be dealt with and Liberation and Right of Return be Achieved

A horrific massacre was committed by the Jewish entity that killed dozens and wounded hundreds unarmed civilians; who participated in the return march on Earth Day. Despite the threats of the Jewish entity, thousands participated expressing the sincerity and courage of the people of Palestine and their rejection of the invalid agreements that legitimized the […]

The Children of the Blessed Land of Palestine Continue Paying Dearly for the Regimes’ Treason and Subjugation!

In a report published by Al-Jazeera English Channel, UN officials condemned the continued arbitrary detention of the children of the Holy Land (Palestine) by the Jewish entity, saying that “the deprivation of liberty of these children is institutionalised, systematic, and widespread”. A series of UN reports presented at the so-called Human Rights Council showed how […]

Ghouta’s Children, Rising figures in International Statistics

Since February 18th, the brutal forces of the Syrian regime supported by the Russian air force has continued its fierce attack on eastern Ghouta, after dividing it into three combat zones. As a result, it managed to control more than 80 percent of the area adjacent to the capital, Damascus, which since 2012 has been […]

Iraq, 15 years later…

Fifteen years ago this month, the United States spearheaded an extremely bloody war on Iraq as part of its ongoing effort to ensure its colonial greed. Comment: 15 years have passed since the brutal invasion of Iraq by the America led coalition. Back then the horrific images of innocent men, women and children, being butchered […]

A “Conscience Convoy” for Syria’s Oppressed and Captured Women While Muslim Leaders and Armies Abandon their Consciences to the NGOs

On Tuesday, March 6th, women from across 55 countries set out with the “Conscience Convoy” from Istanbul to Hatay. Their purpose was to raise awareness of the 6,736 women including 417 girls who are languishing in the prisons of the Assad regime, waiting to die under daily torture and rape. The dungeons are full of […]

“GHOUTA: Rising from the Ashes”

A Talk Delivered in London, Britain, on Saturday 10th March 2018 by Dr. Nazreen Nawaz Director of the Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. Alhumdullialah, Alhumdullialahi rabil aalamin. Wasalaatu wassalam, wa alaa Sayidena Muhammad, wa alaaa aalihe, wa sahbehi, ajmain. Rabb ish-rahli sadri wa-yassirlee amri wahlul uqdatum-minlisaanee […]

In the Absence of the Khilafah the Honourable Women of Ash-Sham Even Face Violation by those Who Claim to be their Helpers!!!

A new report by the United Nation’s Population Fund (UNFPA) has stated that women in the refugee camps in Syria have been sexually exploited by men delivering aid on behalf of the UN and international charities. The report, “Voices from Syria 2018”, detailed how Syrian refugee women were being coerced to offer sexual favours in […]

Successive Security Council Resolutions on Yemen are Colonial Resolutions to Punish its People and Prolong the Conflicts and Wars

The Security Council unanimously approved on Monday a draft resolution submitted by Russia on renewing targeted sanctions on Yemen. Russia vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution submitted by Britain expressing concern about Iran’s violation of the arms embargo on Yemen and calling for action against Tehran on arming the Houthis, while Russia submitted a […]

The Children of Eastern Ghouta are Being Annihilated! Who Will Defend their Blood?!!

On 22nd of February, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that over 400 people had been killed, including 150 children in the previous 5 days ferocious bombardment of Eastern Ghouta by the savage Syrian and Russian forces, who are indiscriminately targeting civilians in homes, shops, schools, hospitals and markets, leaving children buried in […]

Abbas’ New Initiative is an Old Initiative …

Surrendering, Submissiveness and Attachment to the Ropes of the United Nations and the Colonial Powers that Created and Propped the Jewish entity Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas presented to the UN Security Council on Tuesday 20/2/2018 an agenda for an international conference aimed at resuming negotiations to revive the two-state solution; a solution that would […]

The Education Policy in Muslim Countries: Destroys Leadership Skills and Creativity and Encourages Imitation!

States pay great attention to their education policy and its styles, and they devise it with full awareness due to the significant impact on the building of individual personalities all the while emphasizing the state’s reputation and displaying its position among other nations. A successful education policy will result in providing knowledge for the student […]