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Shame on the Muslim leaders who are blind to the suffering of Syria’s dying babies!

On the 12th of February, Scottish MP Ian Blackford held the UK Prime Minister to account over the thousands of Syrian women and children currently displaced around the world. In a televised Prime Ministers Question Time, Mr Blackford said that the UK was “washing its hands of the Syrian people” and was content to leave […]

The War of Words between the Turkish Regime and the Criminal Russian Regime is Falsified by Facts on the Ground

There have been many recent Turkish and Russian statements about the fate of the Syrian north, specifically Idlib province. These statements are accompanied by the entry of large Turkish military convoys, in a way that suggests to the follower that there is a difference of views between the Turkish regime and the Russian criminal regime, […]

Rejection of the Deal of the Century is Done by Mobilising the Armies and Rejecting the International Reference

The Tunisian presidency issued on Monday evening, 10 February 2020, a clarification statement regarding the dismissal of its ambassador in the United Nations, Al-Munsif Al-Ba’ati, against the backdrop of a draft resolution that was scheduled to be presented to the Security Council meeting on Tuesday, 11 February, regarding the “Trump deal”, affirming that “Tunisia did […]

Haifa – Irbid Regional Railway Project with the Jewish Entity

Exposes the Regime’s lamentation lies over Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the Rejection of the Trump Deal The series of conspiracies against the Ummah, Jordan and Palestine continue, through the media’s discreet and misleading practices of the regime in Jordan, on installing its relations with the Jewish entity to emphasize each time in its pursuit in its […]

Rejecting Trump’s Deal is not by Bowing down, Forsaking, and Begging of the Colonial Powers

On Tuesday 11/2/2020, President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas delivered a speech before the Security Council regarding the Trump deal, we hoped that he remained silent instead of his detestable speech, and what he demonstrated of bowing down, humiliation and begging of colonial powers that founded the Jewish entity and legitimized its occupation of […]

European Leaders Once again Display their Hypocrisy in Holocaust Memorial Event

European leaders gathered in Jerusalem at the end of January to commemorate the Holocaust and battle anti-Semitism, 75 years after the liberation of Auschwitz. Prince Charles, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen were among the leaders who attended the World Holocaust Forum at the city’s Yad Vesham Holocaust […]

Even If You Planned for a Hundred or even a Thousand Years Jerusalem is Ours and will Always Remain Ours!

On Tuesday evening, January 28, 2020, the arrogant US President Trump and Prime Minister of the usurper Jewish entity Netanyahu appeared in front of the screens in the White House and announced the peace plan, which they called “the deal of the century.” They declared with arrogance and recklessness the conspiracy that they have woven […]

Trump’s Deal is the Vicious Harvest of the Oslo Agreement!

There is no Salvation for Palestine Except by Uprooting the Jewish Entity In a panoramic show, with his usual arrogance, US President Donald Trump announced his alleged peace plan yesterday, Tuesday evening, at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and emphasized the solid alliance between America and the Jewish entity, and the […]

Abbas and the Group of Conspirators Confirm from the Podium of the Arab League their Adherence to the Treasonous Solution for the Palestinian Issue!!

A group of traitors of Allah and His Messenger ﷺ met in the Arab League to form a position on the shameful deal, due to their position towards the Trump’s deal which is weak and conspiratorial. The meeting was at the level of foreign ministers and not the presidents, so they delivered their usual haunting […]

O Muslims! Moreover, O Armies of Muslims! We Seek Your Marching Forth.

Your Enemy, Trump, Has Bared His Teeth, So Shatter Them with Your Swords. This night, at a meeting between Trump and Netanyahu in Washington, Trump unleashed all his hostility against Muslims and Palestine’s Quds, to applause from Netanyahu, supporters and followers… Trump announced that he has prepared a deal that treats Jews and Palestinians with […]

The “Covenant” was in Labour so it Gave Birth to Diab’s Government!

Ministers from the Political Class were Inserted from Every Door! For almost a hundred days, people are demonstrating in the streets demanding the fall of the corrupt system and the removal of the corrupt political class, using the slogan “All Means All”, a public expression of the rejection of any party representing the corrupt political […]

The Fatwa of the Department of Religious Affairs of Turkey regarding Housing Development Administration

“The High Council of Religious Affairs has evaluated the religious decision (hukum) comprehensively, on the ground of the many questions asserted by our citizens regarding the “Social Council Housing Project” applied by the Housing Development Administration. Our council has strictly indicated, with the argument issued, that interest is definitely haram and it is certainly prohibited […]

Putin the Russian President is an Enemy of Palestine and Muslims, Welcoming him is a Heinous Crime

Tomorrow, Thursday 23/1/2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in the Blessed Land of Palestine, and begins his visit by advocating and supporting the usurping Jewish entity as part of tribute activities by the annual Holocaust forum in occupied Al Quds (Jerusalem). On the sidelines of his visit to Bethlehem, Putin will open Al Najma Street […]

Children Drowning at Sea – Drowned through Nationalist and Capitalist Ideals Pursued by the Politicians!

Eight children were among the 11 migrants who drowned on January 11, 2020 when their boat sank off Turkey’s western coast. Their shoes, clothes and identities were washed ashore. Hours earlier, another migrant boat sank in the Ionian Sea heading from the Greek island of Paxi shortly before arriving in Italy, leaving at least 12 […]

Erdogan and Muhammad Al-Faatih: A Tale of Two Leaders

On Wednesday 8th January, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and Turkey’s leader, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan formally launched a Black Sea pipeline that will funnel Russian natural gas via Turkey to Europe. The two leaders inaugurated the ‘TurkStream’ in Istanbul which will carry natural gas through an undersea pipeline stretching 930km from Anapa on the Russian […]

Salvation of the Nation from its Crises and Preserving its Dignity can only be Achieved by Following the Path of Islam

Three months have passed since the start of the popular movement in Iraq, which has increased in frequency and severity to include large sectors of the people, represented in various specializations in society such as doctors, engineers, university students, legal persons, businessmen, and holders of scientific degrees with the unemployed armies, as well as some […]

IRAN-US: What’s Next?

On 3 January 2020, Iranian commander Qassim Soleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was killed in a US drone strike in Baghdad. The strike came just days after a US embassy attack by Iranian backed militias, during the violent protests. These protests were considered a retaliation to the previous airstrikes, which killed 25 […]

Staying Silent Against the Liberal Reforms is an Invitation to Destruction

The sweeping reforms undertaken by Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) have completely changed the complexion of Saudi society. The country, which has once been a bastion of conservative Wahhabi values, has given way to secular liberal values. The Crown Prince ended segregation of the sexes at restaurants, permitted women to travel without mahram, removed the ban […]

The Ship of Iraq is Led by Quarrelling Captains to the Abyss unless the Loyal Ones Save it!

In light of the escalating momentum of mass popular protests against the ruling clique in Iraq which oppressed the people, and corrupted the country and led it to the brink of an abyss of failure and backwardness and the prevalence of crime and its armed gangs, the resentment of the oppressed people is increasing towards […]

Islamic Brotherhood is Determined by Qur’an and Sunnah, not by the Russian Federation’s Penal Code

On December 20th a mass demonstration was held in the center of Istanbul, during which participants demanded to protect Muslims of Xinjiang. (Source: Comment: In last weeks, a lot of demonstrations were held in support of Muslims in China that are suppressed by the Chinese regime (Uygurs, Kazahs, Uzbeks, Kyrgyzs and other Muslim nations). […]

Sykes-Picot Regimes have no Sovereignty, but they are being Hurled by the Colonial Powers!

The Peoples of the Region will only be Upright by the Khilafah State The territorial national entities are the creation of the colonial Kafir West, which demolished the state of Islam, and thereby removed from these entities their sovereignty. The Jordanian entity is one of these entities that Britain established in a weak functional political […]

With Sectarianism and Procrastination, America and its Men in Lebanon are Manipulating the Movement!

More the 60 days have passed since the movement, for the minds of the political sectarian princes to yield a prime minster assigned from the government circle itself, among the men of the American University, on the eve of the arrival of the US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs David Hill to Lebanon, with […]