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How is Islam being fought in Denmark?

Today, 19 years after 11/09/2001, it is openly declared by the political elite in Europe that the dignified integration of Muslims in Western societies has failed. Political leaders regard Islam as a cultural threat that must be combated by all means. Therefore, the political struggle against Islam has intensified sharply over the last two decades.

Occupied Kashmir Awaits a Khaleefah Rashid who Will Respond to its Children’s Cries, with Military Troops Marching for its Liberation!

Without check, Modi, the Raja Dahir of our era, would continue with impunity to shed like rivers the sacred blood of our mothers, sisters, brothers and children. Since 5th August 2019, the mushrikeen of the Hindu State have waged war upon our Muslim brothers and sisters in Occupied Kashmir, forcefully annexing it, blinding with pellets, […]

The Suffering of the Ummah in 2019-2020

2019-2020 marked another year of suffering for the Muslim Ummah. Be it the now longstanding oppression in Syria or newer concerns, such as in India, there is no shortage of accounts detailing the harm the regimes and colonial powers are inflicting on our brothers and sisters. Here are a few of those accounts. Ramadhan al-Mubarak […]

Strategic Estimate 2020

Download Strategic Estimate 2020 Strategic Estimate is’s annual assess­ment of the global balance of power. In our assess­ment of 2018, we concluded the US remained the world superpower and remained deeply involved in global issues despite rhetoric from the president and others to disengage from global issues. With US presidential elections due on 3rd […]