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Islamic Oasis Channel: Voices from Al Sham Speak Out – First Qibla Conference

[Islamic Oasis Channel]

“Voices from Al Sham Speak Out – First Qibla Conference”

Online conference hosted by the Islamic Oasis channel discussing the WOMEN’S GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION FOR PALESTINE on 26th November and other issues related to the Genocide in Gaza.

The Day of Action was organised by the Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in coordination with the women of Hizb ut Tahrir globally to demand that the armies of the Muslim lands move urgently to save the women and children of Gaza and liberate the entire Blessed Land of Palestine from the murderous Zionist occupation. The Day of Action spanned over 5 continents and included protests, seminars and other activities by women in Palestine, Turkey, Indonesia, Tunisia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Kenya, America, Australia, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium and Britain.

Sunday, 12 Jumadel Awwal 1445 AH – 26 November 2023 CE