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War on Corruption Will Never Be Won Under the Corrupt System

President Uhuru Kenyatta‘s second term in office has been rocked by a series of corruption scandal exposés in various ministries. Already five mega scandals have been unearthed bringing to the fore the extent to which corruption has permeated the highest levels of government. The latest being Oil Spillage scandal in Kenya pipeline company where 11 million of […]

Days after their Oath on the Qur’an Members of the Government Wage War on Islam by Changing the Provisions of Allah!

Despite the overwhelming public rejection to the contents of the report of the Committee of Individual Liberties and Equality, the Ministerial Council approved at the request of Baji Qaid Es-Sibsi on the draft Basic Law on the equality of inheritance between women and men, and all its appendices and annexes which it seeks to pass […]

The Elections Law for the Year 2018 Contradicts Islam and Enshrines Falsehood

Amid cheers, Takbeers and chants (it is for Allah… it is for Allah), the Sudanese parliament passed on Wednesday, 21st November 2018, the Elections Law for the year 2018 with a majority (430) members and the withdrawal of 71 members representing about 34 political parties… This law had been in the corridors of the parliament […]

America is a Colonial and Belligerent State … the One who Covers Himself with it is Bared… An Indisputable Fact

Addressing the celebrations of the 29th anniversary of the Popular Defense Forces (PDF) in the White Nile State on Tuesday 13/11/2018, President al-Bashir said: “Sudan will not pledge its decision to anyone because it believes that livelihoods are in the hands of Allah alone.” Adding, “Let them hold their coffers and warehouses, and we say […]

America Tightening the Noose on Somalia’s Neck via IMF and World Bank

Somalia for almost three decades was not eligible for World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) funds because it owes the bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) over $800m as part of a $5.5bn debt most of it interest and penalties owed to multilateral and bilateral creditors incurred in the 1980s. With America leading the […]

Q&A: The Reconciliation Agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia in Asmara

Question: A reconciliation agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia was signed in Asmara in July 2018. The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Meles, confirmed that the Asmara agreement recently signed with Eritrea was by the will of both countries without mediation from any third party. To what extent is this true? Was it free of international and […]

Macron Congratulates Essebsi for his Involvement in Crusade against Islam

During the Francophonie Summit held in Armenia on Thursday 11th October 2018, French President Macron could not hide his hostility against Islam and the Muslims. In a passionate war speech, Macron praised the president of Tunisia, Essebsi, and blessed his campaign against the rules of the Qur’an and his battle against those whom he called […]

The Spread of the West Nile Fever is another Face of the Politics of Neglect in Tunisia

The level of neglect of the health and environmental situation in Tunisia has reached its lowest, and the spread of various kinds of mosquitoes, insects, and stray dogs has become common in all cities. The country has been threatened with epidemics and contagious illnesses, which are not usually see except in ravaged countries due to […]

America Tightening the Noose on Somalia’s Neck via IMF and World Bank

It is reported that Somalia has fully met all the 27 requirements of global funds of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that was conditioned in order to relieve from its withstanding debt (Radio Dalsan, 22/09/2018). Furthermore, World Bank has approved $80 million in grants to Somalia to fund public finance reforms, marking the first disbursement to the […]

The Chikungunya Viral Infection is Reaping Lives in Kassala amid the Absence of a Caring State

The capital city of Kassala has been hit with a deadly viral infection called Chikungunya or the kankasha illness, as the locals call it. The government, as usual, has remained silent at the beginning of this deadly illness until activists raised awareness about this illness through social media platforms and the media, which forced the […]

The Change of Ministers and Reduction of Ministries is Mere Sedation to the Problems and the Radical Solution is the Righteous Khilafah on the Method of Prophethood

President Bashir announced the dissolution of the national reconciliation government and the institution of the presidency, the appointment of a new prime minister, the reduction of the number of ministries to 21 ministries, after previously being 31 ministries, as well as the reduction of ministers of the state by 50%. Bashir said that the aim […]

Kenyatta -Trump Meeting Will Not Save Kenya since the US Policy is Anchored on Destructive Efforts to Exploit Kenya and Africa at large

On Monday 27 August 2018, President Uhuru Kenyatta will hold talks with his US counterpart Donald Trump in Washington. In a statement released by the US Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, President Trump invited President Kenyatta for a meeting in the White House to discuss growing trade between the two countries and finding a lasting solution […]

The Transportation Crisis Confirms the Ongoing Crises of the Government of Sudan and Exposes its Inability to Take Care of People’s Affairs

In the past few days, the transport crisis in the capital city of Khartoum has worsened, as large stations became empty of public transport, and became overcrowded by people, men, women and children, leaving people between one of two options: either working by feet or holding expensive deals with owners of private vehicles to transport […]

Beji Continues his Approach to Sow Discord and Hostility to the Rulings of Islam

Beji Caid Essebsi, on Monday, 13 August 2018, chose to comply with the decisions of the European Union issued on 14/09/2016, and to seek the imposition of Western laws on the equality of inheritance between men and women, despite the overwhelming popular opposition to these laws in which imams and professors of Al-Zaytuna participated.

People Queuing at Bakeries Confirms the Government’s Inability and Failure to Provide the Basic Elements of Life

On Monday, 13/8/2018, Al-Akhbar Newspaper reported that a man has stabbed three people with a knife causing them serious bodily harm in a row in Omdurman, Salha district. This is because one man jumped the queue to get the bread on the backdrop of the bread crisis. The newspaper reported that a large number of […]

The South Agreement is per American Instructions; There is No Goodness in it for the People of Sudan!

On Sunday, August 5, 2018, the opposing factions in the South of Sudan signed an agreement for dividing the power and the levels of ruling. This agreement was signed by the government of the South of Sudan represented by the party of Salva Kiir Mayardit and the People’s Opposition Movement of Riek Machar. In addition, […]

The Government Continues its Policy of Drowning the Country into Debt

On Saturday, 28/07/2018, a loan agreement between the Tunisian State and the World Bank to finance the budget support program, which will allow the government to obtain 1.280 billion dinars with a RIBA-based interest rate of 0.7% was approved by the Chamber of Deputies. Ziyad al-Athari, Minister of Development and Investment, claimed that Tunisia had […]