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To Our People in Sudan and Algeria! Declare: It is for Allah, it is for Allah, not East nor West, but the Khilafah State

There is no difference in the scene of the conflict in Sudan and that in Algeria. In both cases, the scene is similar to what happened in Egypt in terms of the keenness of a handful of military officers to install the pillars of the regime that enabled them to control the necks of the […]

O Revolutionary Women, Let your Revolution be a Conscious Revolution that does not Accept an Alternative to Islam

The injustice imposed on society was not to exclude women, rather, they suffer the injustice and oppression, as do men, in addition women were subjected to endure the responsibility of going out all day to work as a result of deteriorated living conditions, and then return to assume the responsibility of the house as well. […]

One Law for the US and Its Allies, but Another for Sudan and the Rest of the World at the International Criminal Court

Within hours of the ousting of Sudan’s former president in a military coup, Reuters reported, on the 12th April, that “The United Nations human rights office called on Sudan on Friday to cooperate with the International Criminal Court (ICC), which issued an arrest warrant for deposed President Omar al-Bashir for alleged war crimes nearly 15 […]

Arab Spring 2.0?

North Africa is in the midst of its Arab Spring as weeks of protests have seen the overthrow of long-term dictators. Many were disheartened at the outcome of the original Arab Spring that began back in 2011.Tunisia saw a full transition away from the former regime, only for An-Nahda to turn their back on Islamic […]

Uprooting the Regime can only be done by Eradicating it from its Roots, with its Constitution, Laws, Institutions and Symbols

In a poorly produced and directed sitcom, the first Vice-President of the Republic, the Minister of Defense, General Awad bin Auf, announced that he had uprooted the regime and reserved al-Bashir after his arrest in a safe place. And appointing himself as the head of a military council whose members were not disclosed to date, […]

O Revolutionaries Standing Before the General Command of the Armed Forces! Beware of the Triangle of Aborting the Revolutions

In a scene that expresses the vitality of this Ummah; the best nation that has been brought out to mankind, the crowds of youth that are revolting against oppression, who broke the barrier of fear from the human devils, the rulers, were able to penetrate all the defenses and security barriers and reached the gates […]

The Use of Live Bullets to Remove the Peaceful Protesters is a Crime that Allah Ta’ala Hates!

The security forces used live ammunition to disperse thousands of protesters in the vicinity of the Army Command Headquarters, resulting in the deaths and injuries among the demonstrators and the army. According to (Sudan Tribune, this morning, 9/4/2019), forces likely linked to security forces, on board about 14 pickup trucks, returned at 10 am, in […]

Africa is Suffering from Western Colonialism and Needs the Khilafah for Liberation

Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy and most populous nation has overtaken India and currently is having the highest level of extreme poverty globally! Kenya, East and Central Africa’s largest economy and trading hub has an estimated 17.6 million people in extreme poverty and currently an estimated 1.2 million Kenyans are at risk of death from famine. […]

O Parliament of Sudan … Conceding One Rule of Islam is a Great Strife and a Disgrace in this World and the Hereafter

The head of the African file in the Office of Religious Freedom at the US State Department held discussions in Khartoum on the situation of religious freedom in this country. On Thursday, Sarah Krish held a meeting at the Committee on Legislation, Justice and Human Rights in the Sudanese Parliament. According to a press release […]

The Arab Summit is the Official Representative of the Colonial System. This is the Time to Stop the Farce

The 30th ordinary Arab Summit will be held in Tunisia on Sunday, 31 March 2019. The agenda will include the Palestinian issue and its financial crisis, the Syrian crisis, the situation in Libya and Yemen, and the Iranian interference in the affairs of Arab countries. The Arab league spokesperson said that the summit in Tunis […]

The Infants’ Disaster Unmasks the Tragic Situation of Health Care in Tunisia and Reveals the Regime’s Failure in the Care and Protection of its People!

A painful tragedy shook the public opinion in Tunisia last week! Fifteen infants died at Wassila Bourguiba Hospital according to official statistics and numbers are increasing. On Friday, March 15th, a spokesperson for the Tunisian Public Prosecutor’s Office said “the number of infants who died at Wassila Bourguiba Hospital was 15.”  A disaster followed by […]

Loyalty to the West Adds More Misery to Kenya

France’s President Emmanuel Macron has concluded his African visit in Kenya on 14 March 2019 after visiting Ethiopia and Djibouti as part of his latest charm to Africa. Mr. Macron pledged greater partnerships with Kenya’s administration in economic development efforts to improve the environment and to battle regional extremist violence.

Q&A: The Reality of the Protests in Sudan

Question: The protests that erupted for more than two months are still continuing to this day. Are they spontaneous due to the deteriorating economic conditions? Or is the reason for the demonstrations in Sudan the tension in relations between Khartoum and Washington after the visit of US Deputy Secretary of State, John Sullivan, to Khartoum […]

This is a Killer Regime… It must be Removed

On 9/3/2019, the Ministry of Health announced the deaths of 11 newborn children at the Maternity and Neonatal Center in Rabita. The Prime Minister authorized an investigation, the Health Minister resigned and Qaid Esebsi called the National Security Council for a meeting. The statements and explanations came from the political center and the officials showed […]

Healthcare Woes under Capitalism

Tunisia’s health minister has resigned following the death of 11 babies at a maternity hospital in two days. Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said that he accepted the resignation of Abdul Raouf Cherif who was given the health portfolio late last year in a cabinet reshuffle.

The Case of the Quran School in Ar-Rukab: A New and a Special Type of State Terrorism

Our country is currently living the incidence of the issue of the Quranic school in the city of Ar-Rukab and the arrest of 42 of its students and subjecting them to investigation, whose preliminary results brought forth titles of moral and other crimes related to terrorism and money laundering, which the judiciary has not yet […]

Back to the Start…The Privatization of the Southern Port of Port Sudan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Betraying the Security of the Country, Squandering its Resources and Displacing the People On 27/12/2019, the Government signed a concession contract with a Philippine company for the operation of the southern port of Port Sudan, for a period of 20 years, for 530 million euros. The company pays in advance an […]

He who Keeps Bowing will End Up Prostrating

The Sudan Website reported today, 31 January 2019, that the Chairman of the Committee on Religious Freedoms, Ambassador Omar Al-Siddiq, during his address to the opening session of the Workshop on Religious Freedoms held in Sudan emphasized the interest of the competent authorities in the recommendations of the workshop. He said that the article on […]

Tanzania’s Cag-Speaker Tiff: The Myth of Democracy

Media outlets reported on National Assembly Speaker Mr Job Ndugai ordering the Controller and Auditor General (CAG), Prof Mussa Assad to appear before the Parliamentary Privileges, Ethics and Powers Committee on January 21 to respond to allegations that he showed disrespect for the national legislative body following his recent remark that Parliament was weak in […]