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What Binds the People of Egypt and Sudan is Greater than the Nile River; It is Islam, the True Lifeblood

On the backdrop of the mounting insults and wrangling between some sons of Sudan and Egypt, in the media here and there, a joint statement was issued by the Foreign Minister of Egypt (Sameh Shukri) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan Ibrahim Ghandour, confirming their total rejection of the unacceptable transgressions, or the […]

Capitalism Conceals its Intellectual Defeat behind Torture

Tanzania media outlets again reported on ongoing torturing of Muslims detainees suspected of terrorism. The opposition MP for Arusha Urban (Chadema) Mr Godbless Lema who was detained in Kisongo remand at Arusha City, northern of Tanzania revealed that 65 Muslims youth from local area have been held in custody for four years as terrorist suspects […]

Mr Ambassador Stop Lecturing on Peaceful Elections as your Administration is an Enemy of Peace

US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec has said the US administration has no preferred candidate in the August polls. He urged the political parties to promote their policies peacefully. Speaking in Gasi Kwale County Mr Godec said the US would like to see a peaceful election and democratic outcome. He said those who were unsatisfied […]

Isolation of Imams from Friday Sermons is a War on Allah’s Deen in order to Please America!

The newspapers reported on Sunday and Monday, 26-27 of February 2017 the news of the decision to stop the two Imams (from delivering sermons) of the Grand Masjid in central Khartoum by the Supreme Council for Dawah in the Wilayah of Khartoum.  The two honourable sheikhs are Kamal Rizq, and Ismail Al-Hakim;  the decision was […]

The Abolition of Guardianship in Marriage is a Change in the Laws of Allah and the Destruction of Family Cohesion

The proposed constitutional amendments project in Parliament, have permitted the marriage between a male and a female through direct consensus and contract or through delegation (Wikala) after reaching the legal age of maturity. The head of the Emergency Committee for Reviewing the Constitutional Amendments, Badriya Sulaiman, has announced the invitation to the Body of Sudanese […]

Cosmetic Drug War to Further Diversion

Tanzanian and international media outlets reported on the ongoing drug war in Tanzania, whereby Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda named some prominent businessmen, church leaders, politicians, various celebrities and police officers among suspects linked to this illicit trade. City Regional Commissioner instructed all suspects to report to the police station for interrogation and […]

Solving the problems of Somalia will not be under meager governments

A Somali presidential poll was held on 8 February 2017 in an airport hangar at Aden Adde International Airport, Mogadishu. The Parliamentarians elected former Mohamed Abdullah ‘Farmanjo’ Mohamed (former Prime Minister of Somalia in 2011 to 2015 and founder of the Tayo Political wing/party). Mohamed won the election with 184 votes out of a total […]

The Battle for Libya Continues

Leaders of Libya’s rival factions met on Tuesday 14 February in Cairo for joint talks on a political settlement in the country. The Egypt-brokered talks were led by head of UN-brokered Government of National Accord, Fayez Al-Serraj and Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. The talks were initially planned for Monday but were postponed due to disagreements on […]

Drugs in Tanzania and its stake in capitalistic gains

War against drugs seemed to gain momentum in Tanzania after Dar es Salaam’s Regional Commissioner to order a spate of arrest of high profile and prominent individuals. The battle was further invigorated by President’s statement that the battle is a widespread agenda that should include all institutions and his appointment of Commissioner General of Anti–Narcotics […]

Agreement between the Majority and the Opposition to Resolve the Political Crisis in DRC Congo

On 17 January 2015, Congo’s parliament passed an electoral law requiring a census before the next elections. (Elections had been planned for 2016). On 19 January, protests led by students at the University of Kinshasa broke out. The protest began following the announcement of a proposed law that would allow Kabila to remain in power until a national […]

Darfur Children, When the Wolf is the Shepherd of the Sheep!

The Prosecutor of the crimes in Darfur, Al Fatih Tayfur, announced sentencing to death by hanging for two army officers for committing rape crimes against children in Darfur. He revealed the documentation of a hundred reports of rape cases in the region, of which 11 crimes were resolved. Tayfur said at a press conference in […]

Permanent Under-Secretary of the British Foreign Ministry’s Visit to Sudan Exposes the Alleged Claims of Independence!

On Monday, 9/1/2017, the Permanent Secretary of the British Foreign Office Simon McDonald, arrived in Khartoum accompanied by a high-level official delegation. The British Secretary described his visit to Sudan as fruitful, and revealed in a press statement in Khartoum on Tuesday: “That they held talks in Darfur”, he said: “We have seen that the […]

The Miss Globe Pageant is Commerce at the expense of the Honour of Muslim Women

Following the organizing of the Miss Globe Pageant this year in Tunisia and setting the date of 25/12/2016 to take place in the Qubba Palace in El Menzah and based on the follow-up of the preparations and statements of those overseeing the pageant, we in the Women’s Section of the Media Office of Hizb ut […]

The Assassination of Mohamed Zouari Represents a Bitter Truth and a Lesson for those who reflect

Once again, the intelligence agencies of the Jewish entity have violated the Tunisian land and extended their sinful and treacherous hand to assassinate the aeronautical engineer Mohamed Zouari, one of the leaders of the martyr Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades. The engineer, Mohamed Zouari was a hero from amongst the heroes of the Muslims who participated […]

Rightly Guided Khilafah upon the Methodology of Prophethood Does Not Trade with the Health or Nourishment of its Citizens

The National Medicines and Poisons Board issued a new price for medicine following the freeing of the price of the Dollar from 6.5 to 15.8. This new pricing increased the price of medicine to close to 200% or more and many of the pharmacies in Khartoum announced the closing of their doors in protest to […]

Fuel and Electricity Price Hike in Sudan: A Combination of Insolence and Subordination that Brings Miserable Living

In the framework of the so-called economic reform policy, in anticipation of the budget for the year 2017, the Minister of Finance announced at a news conference late Thursday, 03/11/2016 CE, an increase in the price of electricity for consumers of more than 400 kW. Al-Jareeda Newspaper in its 1924th issue had revealed that this […]

The Government’s Concern for the Livelihood of the People Means Increasing Prices and Creating Poverty in Sudan

The Finance Ministry, after the assent of the ministerial council, under the leadership of the President Omar Bashir and his attendants, on Thursday evening the 3rd of Safar AH, issued a decree to raise fuel prices. The price of a litre of benzene reached 6.17 pounds making a gallon would be 27.5 pounds representing an […]

Tunisia’s Evacuation Day: Between the Deception of the Rulers and the Awakening of the Ummah

The ruling faction in Tunisia is marking the 15th October 2016 as the 53rd anniversary of the evacuation of the last French soldier from Tunisia which occurred on 15th October 1963. They are taking ‘the evacuation’ as evidence for independence and liberation from colonialism and as a major point in respect to the building of […]

After 27 Years of Deception in the Name of Islam The Sudanese Regime Unveils its True Secular Face

Since the June 1989 coup, the ruling regime in Sudan tickled Muslims’ sentiments in this country in the name of Islam, without the application of its rules, but instead it implemented the opposite in politics, governance, economics, and others. It was cheating the people of Sudan with Islamic slogans, they are fooling only themselves, and […]