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How can the Increase in Taxes and the Rise of Commodities and Services Improve People’s Life?!

The Minister of Finance (Al-Rakaabi) assures the concern of his ministry regarding the increase of revenues for the sake of achieving the general objectives and to better people’s life. Directing the ones that take care of taxes, when he visited them, to broaden the tax canopy with the goal of increasing the linkage. Demanding the […]

Democracy: We Are Fed Up!

It is about two months before we go for the 2017 Kenya’s general elections. This will be the election to the twelfth parliament and as usual tribal coalitions under the umbrella of political parties have been formed where principals of these coalitions disperse money deceiving masses by urging them to participate in the elections. Before […]

Sudan Parliament Defies Allah and His Messenger in the Month of Ramadan Allowing Riba Instead of Repentance and Arbitration of Islam!!

The Parliament of Sudan approved, yesterday, a loan from the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, worth 51 million Kuwaiti Dinars, equivalent to 172 million USD, pretext of establishing Al-Baqir electric station, with a repayment period of 20 years, and an interest (Riba) rate of 2.5%.

Watery Diarrhea and the Fact that the State is Incapable of Caring for People’s Affairs!

The incidence of watery diarrhea in Sudan reached alarming rates in the White Nile State, the infection cases reached 4188, including 75 death cases. In the state of the Nile River, the area of Al-Greif witnessed 157 cases. In Khartoum state, the Ministry of Health revealed in a press briefing yesterday, on Tuesday, that the […]

It’s 54 Years of Neo-Colonialism

The 1st June commonly known as Madaraka Day is the day when Kenya commemorates the attainment of internal self-rule in 1964. The day which is national public holiday is deemed as a time to commemorate Africa’s freedom-fighters, heroes and role-models. The national address by the President normally focuses on developments reached as well as challenges […]

Abolition of Shariah Rules from the Constitution and Laws in Sudan is Tantamount to declaring War on the Rules of the Lord of the Worlds!

The Sudanese Minister of State in the Ministry of Justice, Tahani Tour Al-Daba, briefed the US Foreign Affairs Officer for International Religious Freedom (Ian Turner), on Tuesday of the government’s efforts to amend articles of the Penal Code to comply with the constitution and international conventions, including the article dealing with non-modest dress code, in […]

The Authority in Tunisia Insists on Enabling the Colonial Kaffir to Plunder Our Wealth Even If that Leads to the Killing of Our Youth

The prohibited took place, and this led to the loss of innocent souls, Muhammad Anwar As-Sakrafi’s only crime is that he came out with his family and brothers to restore their country and their wealth that the colonial Kaffir had looted for decades, while poverty and deprivation ravaged them. After Sibsi’s speech on May 10, […]

Tanzania Higher Learning Loans are Oppressive Commercial Packages

Tanzania media has reported on higher education students’ despair and frustrations for not benefited with government’s higher education loans. It has been established that 2 out of 3 students who applied for it in 2016-2017 had missed the opportunity. The Ministry for Education, Science and Technology claimed the current situation is a direct result of […]

High Cost of Living: A Stark Reminder that Capitalist Regimes Don’t Care for the Interests of their Citizens

Yet again the common Kenyans are faced with hard economic times due to high cost of living resulting from the high prices of essential commodities. For nearly five months, basic commodities such as maize flour, milk, cooking fat, paraffin and sugar have tripled in prices. Many households have now adopted new survival tactics of skipping […]

Baji Caid al-Sebsi and his government are pardoning administrators and businessmen who proved their corruption!

At this time of growing popular discontent towards the government’s insistence to pardon the administrators and businessmen whose corruption has been proved and after months of continuous protests in most parts of the country because of poor care, Al Baji Caid al Sebsi, on Wednesday 10/05/2017, addressed the protestors who are demanding their rights to […]

The Shariah Obliges the Establishment of the Khilafah State on the Ruins of the Sykes-Picot Entities

Muslims are One Ummah The authorities of Algeria and Morocco are still tampering with the fate of the refugees of Syria fleeing the hell of the tyrant of Ash-Sham, the American agent Bashar Al-Assad. America, which covered over the crimes of his father before, is supporting him today to pursue the policy of genocide and […]

Under the Khilafah State, there is No Security Apparatus that Terrifies People and Deprives them of their Legitimate Rights

The Sudanese Parliament passed, with applaud and cheer as usual, the constitutional amendments on Tuesday 25/4/2017, according to the Emergency Committee Chairperson and the Vice President of the National Assembly who approved at a press conference, yesterday, to extend the powers of the security and intelligence device by making it a “national systematic force” whose […]

A Disrespectful Government Serving the Enemy has to be Changed to Implement the Islamic Rule

On 02/04/2017, Hizb ut-Tahrir / Wilayah Sudan received a written approval from the specific authorities to hold a mass rally to commemorate the 96th anniversary of the destruction of the Khilafah under the slogan: “One Nation, One Banner … Under the Shade of a Righteous Khilafah”, in the League Square in Shambat – Khartoum North. […]

New Somali President Declares his Country a “War Zone”

The newly elected President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullah ‘Farmanjo’ has declared Somalia as a war zone country. The announcement made on Thursday, 5 April 2016, comes amid worsening insecurity as a deadly bombing was recently reported at the Capital Mogadishu where seven lives were lost. Upon his declaration Farmanjo wore a military uniform and offered […]

America Frees Pentagon’s Hand in Somalia

In Conjunction with a Severe Famine Threatening Thousands of People with Starvation US President Donald Trump has said the US military will have more authority to pursue Al Qaeda-linked militants in Somalia and he will allow more “aggressive” air strikes at the Pentagon’s request. Military Times Newspaper in its report translated by arabi21 (2/4/2017) stated […]

Budgets within Capitalist Governments do not solve the Burden of the High Cost of Living

On Thursday 30, March 2017, Kenya Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich read the budget speech for fiscal year 2017-2018, a departure from the traditional June date when the statement is presented to lawmakers. As the Government opens the coffers for the 2017-18 budgets in three months’ time, the focus of Kenyans will be how Sh2.6 […]

Countering Violent Extremism: A Campaign to Push Muslims to Endorse Secular Liberal Values

The Kenyan Government has launched a task force to counter violent extremism. The team including all Principal Secretaries and the Office of the Inspector General is aimed at using its different mandates and capabilities to prevent and counter violent extremism as part of a cohesive national campaign for the sake of peace, development and national […]

The EU is an Invading Colonizer so Save the Country before it’s Lost by the Puppets and the Weak

At a time when the media is preoccupied with the scandals of the ruling party. At a time when basic services are deteriorating because of the state’s disregard for the true concerns o f the people and from looking after them, we have been following for months the suspicious movements and contacts by the Head […]

Oh Heads of State! You Cannot Solve the Refugee Crisis; Only the Khilafah Will Provide the Long-Term Solution Urgently Needed

Heads of State who are members of Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) convened in Kenya’s’ Capital Nairobi to discuss the plight of refugees. The special summit also attended by international leaders and stakeholders who together endorsed ‘a regional durable solution’ for Somali refugees. The summit comes when already there are over one million Somalis refugees […]