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The South Agreement is per American Instructions; There is No Goodness in it for the People of Sudan!

On Sunday, August 5, 2018, the opposing factions in the South of Sudan signed an agreement for dividing the power and the levels of ruling. This agreement was signed by the government of the South of Sudan represented by the party of Salva Kiir Mayardit and the People’s Opposition Movement of Riek Machar. In addition, […]

Mau Forest Crisis: Poor Management of Natural Resources by Capitalist- Secular Governments

The Government has launched an operation to evict over 40,000 people from Mau Forest the largest drainage basin in Kenya with an area of 273,300 hectares (675,000 acres). The Forest is the prime source of numerous rivers which feed Lake Victoria the source of the Nile river, Africa’s longest river. In what is becoming a […]

The Government Continues its Policy of Drowning the Country into Debt

On Saturday, 28/07/2018, a loan agreement between the Tunisian State and the World Bank to finance the budget support program, which will allow the government to obtain 1.280 billion dinars with a RIBA-based interest rate of 0.7% was approved by the Chamber of Deputies. Ziyad al-Athari, Minister of Development and Investment, claimed that Tunisia had […]

The Regime Failed to Cover its Scandals …So, Terrorism Returned with Live Ammunition

What happened on 08/07/2018 of the shedding of the innocent blood of the security forces in the state of Jendouba is a crime that is committed only by a coward mercenary betrayer, and is a resumption of terrible crimes, in which the blood of our noble sons are shed, to create compelling political positions that […]

Secularism is not a Practical Concept

Tanzania media outlets reported the President John Magufuli advises clerics to shun mixing politics and religion, insisting that by so doing they were likely to make the nation lose its direction. The President said it was high time for religious leaders to avoid using spokespersons who were purely not clerics, to avoid confusing their followers.

After the Tragic Sinking of Dozens of Migrants on the Coasts of Kerkennah When will the Failing Rulers Leave?!

Once again, people were heartbroken by the drowning of dozens of young men who had fled from poverty, marginalization, lack of opportunities and humiliation and oppression by the government; which are the usual life aspects of Tunisia that the rulers insist on denying their existence and question their reality. These realities are directly linked to […]

The War on Corruption Can Only Be Won by Replacing the Invalid Secular Capitalist Ideology

Kenya is currently reeling from mindboggling mega financial scandals involving billions of cash alleged to be looted from public coffers. Such scandals are a repetition of what transpired in the Uhuru’s administration in his first term of leadership. What is so painful is that they are happening at a time when the citizens are languishing […]

Our Problem Does Not Lie in Jum’ah, Al-Sayed or Chahed, The Problem Lies in Lack of Leadership

After the nationwide boycott of the municipal elections, and after most parties and trade unions signed the Carthage Document agreeing on a broad change of the government, including its president, it was announced on Monday 28/5/2018 the suspension of negotiations on that document and keeping Youssef Chahed as prime minister for the forthcoming period.

The Government’s Reshuffle of Ministers and Governors is to Distract People’s Attention from the Origin and the Truth of the Problem!

On Monday 14/5/2018, President Omar al-Bashir issued decrees instituting limited amendments to the ministerial portfolios, including the appointment of seven federal ministers, five ministers of state and eight state governors, followed by another presidential decree on Tuesday 15/05/2018 appointing a minister and two governors.

Warning from the People of Tunisia: We Want Real Statesmen, Not the Corrupt, Opportunists or Agents

The people of Tunisia, including the security forces, succeeded in marking an important position through their great lack of participation in the municipal elections, which was confirmed by a low turnout rate of 15% (if we counted the number of eligible voters). This sends a clear message to the rulers, parties, and the world’s public […]

Aggravation of the Fuel Crisis – A Crime Added to the Series of Crimes by the Increasing Regime

The fuel crises in Sudan has prospered since last week which has impacted the public transport and personal cars in the capital and other cities. Hundreds of cars queued outside the fuel stations which led to the obstruction of traffic, thereby, increasing the misery and suffering of people. People are carried from one misery to […]

Africa’s Renaissance is Dependent on its Embracement of the Khilafah Project as a Substitute to the Western Colonialism that is the Root Cause of its Miseries

“The agreement establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) was signed by 44 countries,” said Moussa Faki Mahamat, chairperson of the African Union commission (AU). The creation of a free trade area billed as the world’s largest comes after two years of negotiations, and is one of the AU’s flagship projects for greater African […]

Selling the Country is the only Policy of the Tunisian Government

Day after day, it becomes clear to every observer of the public affairs that the only policy the state intends to embark on to address the economic and financial crisis is to sell the country’s property to the colonial companies under the false name of “reforming public institutions”. Their pretext in doing that is that […]

Former US State Secretary Tillerson’s Visit to Africa was only Focused on Spilling More Muslim Blood in the Name of Counter-Terrorism Initiatives

The visit was publicized by a senior State Department official as a follow-up to Secretary Tillerson’s hastily-arranged and poorly-attended meeting with African foreign ministers in Washington in November 2017. Although the ministerial meeting covered trade, development and security issues. Tillerson’s last trip was heavily focused on security cooperation and America’s support to its key African […]

TILLERSON: You Have Nothing to Resolve, Your Evil Capitalist Ideology is Destroying your Nation and the World in General

The US State Secretary Rex Tillerson is in a visit to five African nations that commenced in Ethiopia on Wednesday 7 March 2018. Today he is in Kenya and expected to visit Chad Nigeria and Djibouti. This visit is to highlight the strategies to counter terrorism and improve security, bilateral trade and investments.

Nigeria Faces an unstable Future

Since becoming independent in 1960, Nigeria’s political history has been marred by several intricacies – tribal clashes, religious wars, oil wars, military coups etc. About 75% of post-independent years were spent under military rule and dictatorship. However, Nigeria’s violence has never reached the level of its African counterparts like Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo […]

Municipal Elections: An Artificial Ritual of Colonial Quotas

At a time when the countries of the world are keen to prevent any external interference in their internal affairs, and while the investigations are being held to account any politician receiving financial or media support from foreign countries, the government of Tunisia wants to make the British Embassy take over supervising the rehabilitation of […]

Higher Tax Collection in Tanzania

Tanzania and international media outlets reported on Tanzania Revenues Authority (TRA) collections of up to 8.45% of revenue for the past few months. Speaking at a news conference in Dar es Salaam recently, TRA’S Director for Taxpayer Services and Education, Mr Richard Kayombo praised taxpayers for enabling TRA to raise such amount and the authority […]

The Arab Spring Lives On

On the anniversary of the Arab Spring in Tunisia on 13th Jan 2018, demonstrators were back on the streets not celebrating the anniversary but protesting once again at the state of the country. Tunisians are in a renewed state of anger. During the past few days, protesters took to the streets across the country, with […]

O People of Sudan: Establish the Rule of Allah to Cut Off the Hand of America, which Seeks to Change the Provisions of your Deen!

America has placed Sudan on the list of countries of “particular concern” regarding religious freedoms. In an official statement, published by the Sudan Tribune website, Sunday 7/1/2018, Gharib Allah Khidir, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry in Khartoum, said: “This announcement is inconsistent with the praise received by Sudan from many symbols and leaders of […]

Sudan’s General Budget: More Poverty, Hardship and Miserable Living Conditions

At a time when the people of Sudan live a harsh economic situation, suffer from high prices, and hardship of living, under high poverty rates of more than 46%, inflation up to 35%, and unemployment that has made people’s lives hell. Under this suffering, the so-called Government of National Agreement has come up with the […]

After the Increase in Price: The Regime, the Ruling Parties and the Union Dupe the People!

After the Finance Act came into force, prices unprecedentedly increased in Tunisia, and some honest experts estimated that these increases could affect a fifth of people’s income. The government, which did not only abandon its responsibility to the hard workers, leaving them vulnerable to the exploitation of the monopoly of vegetables and foodstuffs “barons”, and […]