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If the Khilafah State, the State of Care Existed, It would not have Delayed Evacuating its Citizens from China who were Infected with the Coronavirus

The Transitional Government is delaying the evacuation of its citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan that is infected with the Coronavirus, which forced their families to hold a protest, today, Wednesday, 19/2/2020, in front of the Presidential Palace in the capital, Khartoum. This is the third (protest) of its kind, to demand the evacuation […]

The Transitional Government and its Resistance Committees Avert People from the way of Allah

They Prevent Enjoining Ma’ruf and Forbidding Munkar in the Houses of Allah Under the directives of the Minister of Religious Affairs Nasruddin Mufreh, the Resistance and Services Committees in the Neighborhood (Dim al-Nour Gharb), in Gadaref State, decided to stop political speech in Friday’s sermon. (Al-Jarida Newspaper, Saturday 15/2/2020). These committees said in their speech: […]

Hamdouk Government has not Only Failed, Rather, Requested that Sudan be Placed Under International Guardianship

The transitional government in Sudan requested, through a letter sent by the Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamduk, requesting the Security Council for a mandate to establish a special political delegate, under Chapter VI to support peace. Provided that the mandate of the prospective delegate covers the entire territory of Sudan. According to the request, the […]

Dressed in Disgrace and Shame, by an Order from America, Al-Burhan Seeks to Normalize with the Jewish Entity

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم With direct instructions from the US Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo), in a telephone call on Sunday 02/02/2020, the head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, travelled humiliated, dressed in disgrace, to the Ugandan city of Entebbe, to meet on Monday 03/02/2020, Prime Minister Netanyahu of the […]

Al-Burhan’s Meeting with Netanyahu is a Mark of Disgrace on his Forehead and that of the Transitional Government

News reports emerged about the meeting of Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Chairman of the Sovereign Council of Sudan, in Uganda, with the Prime Minister of the Jewish entity, Netanyahu, despite the media discretion on Al-Burhan’s visit to Uganda on Monday 03/02/2020. The Prime Minister of the Jewish entity revealed in his tweet on Twitter […]

Mr. Speaker of Parliament! Sinan Pasha, Liberator of Tunisia from the Spanish, Represents the Khilafah State

After the hailstorm of questions from some people’s deputies about Rashid Ghannouchi’s visit to Turkey last Saturday, which coincides with the fall of the government of Al-Gamli, designated by Al-Nahda Movement, Mr. Rashid Ghannouchi, Speaker of the Tunisian Parliament and President of the Al-Nahda Movement, defended his visit, recalling Turkey’s favor for Tunisia and its […]

Q&A: Latest Developments in Libya

Question: After the continuing sporadic clashes between Haftar, the agent of America, and the forces affiliated with Al-Sarraj, the agent of Europe, Haftar’s forces have resumed their attack towards the capital, Tripoli. Does Haftar, and behind him America, see that the control of Tripoli is possible now? And what happened for the clashes to break […]

The west and her proxies fuelling conflicts in DRC over its enormous resources

Uganda’s Daily Monitor reported on Tuesday, 24th December 2019, that former Congolese premier Adolphe Muzito called for the government to wage war on neighbouring Rwanda as a way to end militia violence. “We have to wage war on Rwanda to restore peace in our country. Rwanda influences our politics. So does Uganda,” former premier said at […]

The British Ambassador, a Vanguard Colonial Vampire, Roaming the Country, Is Tunisia Devoid of its Men?!!

Britain, the colonial country, sent an “ambassador” to roam all around the country; planning, programming and making policies; she breaks into parliament and meets with its speaker, Rashid Ghannouchi (who spent a long time in London harbouring it), then flies to Kebili in the far south to stay there for two whole days, why? What […]

Tourism Minister Rene Trabelsi is Searching for a Safe Haven for the Usurping Jewish entity

With all impudence and insolence, Tunisian Tourism Minister Rene Trabelsi confirmed to Shams FM Radio on Wednesday 4 December 2019 what he had previously stated to a German news agency, when he requested the Tunisian authorities to grant Tunisian Jews residing in the Jewish entity Tunisian passports to visit El Ghriba Synagogue located on the […]

Crises of Human Beings Will Not Be Resolved through a Guess Work System of Capitalism

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Tuesday 26, November 2019, officially received the Building Bridges Initiative Report from the BBI task force. BBI was gazetted on May 24th, 2018 following the March 8 Unity Pact between President Uhuru and Mr. Odinga after the political fallout during the August 2017 general election. […]

Only Islam, with its Khilafah State, blends People and Eliminates Ethnic, Regional and Tribal Racism

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  On Wednesday, 20/11/2019, the parties to the conflict in Port Sudan, Bani Amir and the Beja, signed an agreement to stop the tribal fighting that broke out last Monday. Six people were killed and dozens injured after renewed tribal clashes in the city erupted, following a public talk by the Revolutionary […]

Nothing Stops the Bleeding of Tribal Fighting Except the Second Khilafah Rashidah on the Method of the Prophethood

The former and subsequent regimes in Sudan used tribes as fuel for their conflicts, rather, appointment for the position of a minister in the government has been for many decades based on tribal and regional basis. No regime, whether military or civilian, has been spared from this, and the only loser in this conflict are […]

Dictations from Global Organizations to Stabilize the Dirty Western Civilization Have Resumed

In an open letter from Amnesty International, it was mentioned: “The new parliament must give priority to human rights”, the organization called on MPs to highlight 10 pressing issues for the council to determine over the next six months, including ensuring social gender equality and decriminalizing homosexuality…

Reject Secularism and Establish the Khilafah that Implements Islam

Similar to what took place in Tunisia and Egypt following the outbreak of spontaneous revolutions that were hijacked by secularists, Sudan now is going through an open secularism that is challenging the Islamic creed, and contradicting the Islamic systems and rules. These secularists move like snakes squirting their fatal venom among the people, disseminating their […]

Regimes that Trade Women in the Capitalist Slave Market

Sudan’s first women’s football league kicked off on Monday with a match between two teams in Khartoum, that was followed by hundreds of fans and diplomats from the stands, according to local and international media. The match was held in the wake of cheers from male and female fans. The launch of this women’s football […]

O Hamdouk! If you are serious, Hizb ut Tahrir has the Detailed Program that will Get the Country out of its Abyss

In his meeting with the Sudanese community in Riyadh, Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk said: “We have spoken with brothers in the Forces of Freedom and Change since we came, and we asked them for their emergency programs for the transitional period, and we have not received any of them to this day, despite our meetings […]

At a time when the People Demand Liberation, the Country’s Rulers Enshrine Colonialism

After the arrogant and humiliating interference of foreign ambassadors in the finest details of political life in Tunisia, here is the interim Tunisian President Mohammed Nasser received on Monday, 1st Safar 1441 AH, corresponding to 30th September 2019 CE at Carthage Palace, a delegation of the US House of Representatives and Senate, headed by the […]