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Strategic Estimate 2021

Download Strategic Estimate 2021 The year 2020 will forever be known as the year when an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), aka. COVID-19 infected over 100 million people that led to the deaths of over a 2 million worldwide. The impact of the virus and the response to it will […]

Strategic Estimate 2020

Download Strategic Estimate 2020 Strategic Estimate is’s annual assess­ment of the global balance of power. In our assess­ment of 2018, we concluded the US remained the world superpower and remained deeply involved in global issues despite rhetoric from the president and others to disengage from global issues. With US presidential elections due on 3rd […]

Strategic Estimate 2019

Download Strategic Estimate 2019 Strategic Estimate is’s annual assessment of the global balance of power. In our assessment of 2017, we concluded the US remained the world superpower, but it was not the power it used to be. As Donald Trump passed his midpoint as US president, unlike his predecessors he turned the institutions, […]

Strategic Estimate 2018

Download Strategic Estimate 2018 Introduction Strategic Estimate is’s annual assessment of the global balance of power. In our assessment of 2016, we concluded the US remained the world superpower and maintains a balance around the world which protects America’s array of strategic interests.

Making Sense of Coups

Download the book Making Sense of Coups Introduction On the evening of July 15th, 2016, the world watched in astonishment as army personnel from multiple units from across Turkey undertook a coup against the regime of Recep Tayyib Erdogan. The coup attempt beamed around the world as the coup plotters attempted to gain control over […]

The Transition

Download the book The Transition Introductory Remarks In his tract on monetary reform, John Maynard Keynes referred to gold as a barbarous relic, whose rigidity had fettered the world from economic freedom and prosperity. He spoke at a time when the Occident were suffering from macroeconomic anaemia and were yearning for a solution. In sheer […]

Burma’s Rohingya Muslims

Download the report: Burmas_Rohingya_Muslims Introduction The Muslim world is well versed with the suffering of our noble Ummah in Palestine, Syria, Kashmir, Chechnya, etc. I had assumed until recently not many knew about the plight and suffering of our brothers and sisters – the Rohingya Muslims. The Muslim world is now truly waking up to their […]

The Education System in the Khilafah State

FOUNDATIONS OF THE EDUCATION CURRICULUM IN THE KHILAFAH STATE Download The Education System in the Khilafah State. Download the Timetable of School Courses according to Student Ages. INTRODUCTION The culture (thaqafa) of any nation is the backbone of its existence and survival. Based on this culture, the Ummah’s civilisation (hadhara) is founded, and its goals […]

Urdu Translation of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Book “The Funds in Khilafah State” Launched

Hizb ut-Tahrir Wilayah Pakistan has released the Urdu version of the book, “The Funds in Khilafah State” issued by Hizb ut-Tahrir. In this book, “The Funds in the Khilafah State and their rules are described”. We explain their sources and types, from where they are collected, the time of their collection and the way they […]

Strategic Estimate 2016

Strategic Estimate 2016 is’s sixth annual assessment of the global balance of power. We concluded our assessment at the end of 2014 with the US remaining the world superpower and navigating the myriad of challenges it faced across the world with Syria a key foreign policy challenge. Download the book from here.

The Khilafah State and what has been called minorities

Download the book from here Western colonialism incited nationalistic and religious pride within the Islamic world in order to justify its interference within the affairs of the ‘Uthmaani (Ottoman) Khilafah. Its ultimate plan was to bring the downfall and dismembering of the ‘Uthmaani state. To fulfil this objective the West propagated poisonous thoughts falsely claiming […]

Constructing the Khilafah’s Defences

Download the book from here. Introduction The ability of any nation or people to defend its borders from foreign threats has been part of human existence from the very beginning of time. For a nation to be considered independent, protecting its territorial integrity is essential otherwise its very existence comes into question. A nation that […]

BOOK: Strategic Estimate 2015

Strategic Estimate 2015 is’s fifth annual assessment of the global balance of power. We concluded our 2014 assessment with the US remaining the world’s superpower as it began rapprochement with Iran and through ensuring real change did not take place in both Egypt and Syria. In 2014 developments in the Middle East saw US military action in both Iraq and Syria and this has dominated the attention of US policy makers in 2014.

BOOK: An-Nahdah (Revival)

Download the book from here.

An-Nahdah (Revival) – Linguistic and terminological meanings:

The word ‘An-Nahdah’ is an Arabic word derived from the verb Nahada (نَهَضََ ) which means Qaama (to stand) however it has begun to be used with an Istilaahi (terminological definition) meaning which indicates a specific reality. This meaning that has been provided in the modern time was not used by the Arabs previously. This is because its linguistic meaning according to what the Arabs laid down differs from this terminological meaning. Therefore the word should not return to its linguistic meaning without a Qareenah (indication/linkage) as its new terminological meaning has become widespread, dominant and it represents the meaning that comes straight to the mind when it is mentioned or heard by social scientists, the majority of educated people and even the general masses.

REPORT: Q&A on Recent Developments in Syria

Download the report from here.

Many of you have sent questions, queries and requested clarifications to us at, regarding a number of recent developments in Syria. Many questions overlapped with each other. These were categorized into 16 questions and put forward for our political analyst Adnan Khan to answer.

BOOK: Strategic Estimate 2014

Download the book from here. Strategic Estimate 2014 is’s fourth annual assessment of the global balance of power. We concluded our 2013 assessment with the US remaining the world’s superpower, facing a challenge in one region in the world by an assertive and aggressive China. Faced with this reality America’s pivot to the Asia-Pacific […]

REPORT: Afghanistan: America’s Strategic shift from war to peace

Download the report from here.


Sitting in the heart of Asia at the crossroads of strategically important countries Afghanistan plays an important role in both regional and Eurasian politics. The geography and geopolitical significance of Afghanistan means it is open to exploitation by many different powers in order to protect their interests. Afghanistan has always been occupied by powerful nations wishing to secure these interests.

BOOK: Summary of Speeches Delivered at the International Women’s Conference

Download the book from here.


Opening Speech for the Conference

The Khilafah: Protecting Women from Poverty and Enslavement

Capitalism, the True Enemy of the Poorst

21 Century Enslavement of Women by the Free-Market

Empowerment OR Exploitation Through Employment? – Examining the Western Model of the Successful Woman

The Failure of the Moderate Islamic Model to Secure Women’s Economic Rights

Challenging the Western Narrative of the Cause and Solution to the Poverty of Women

The Islamic Perspective on the Primary Role of Women and Female Employment

The Khilafah: The Only System to Protect Women from Poverty and Enslavement

A Warm Call to Action from Hizb ut Tahrir to the Daughters of the Muslim Ummah

BOOK: The Top 100 Questions on Khilafah

Download the book from here.

After the first anniversary of the Arab spring in January 2012 much has changed in the Muslim world and its shocks continue to reverberate across the world. Whilst the uprisings in the Muslim world continue perceptions of the Muslim world both inside and outside the region continue to fluctuate.

The failure of most of the secular parties in the elections that have taken place in the Muslim lands have forced many in the West to revaluate their positions. The initial Islamic statements by the Islamic parties that won have now given way to the reality of ruling and the debate surrounding Islam and secularism continues to get louder as the call from the region for Islam gets louder. Attempts by the West to hijack the uprisings continue and this trend has continues in Syria as the West works to ensure any change remains cosmetic.

BOOK: The Islamic Personality Volume 1

The Islamic Personality: Volume 1 – Intellectual and Islamic Sciences Visit Maktaba Islamia to purchase a printed copy or download a free e-book. The Islamic Personality Vol 1(Ash-Shakhsiyya Al Islamiya) is the first part of the 3 volume masterpiece written by Shaykh Taqī ad-Dīn An-Nabhānī. The first Volume puts down firm foundations for belief and […]