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Strategic Estimate 2023

Strategic Estimate is an annual report that looks at the global balance of power

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In Strategic Estimate 2023 we assess the Ukraine war from a European perspective and the EU’s energy strategy to move away from Russian energy. Germany, Europe’s industrial power-house, now finds itself wedged between the US and Russia and faces a major strategic dilemma of having to choose between which power it will stand alongside. The UK exited the EU in January 2021 and since then the country has had three Prime Ministers. The utopia that was promised from leaving the EU has not materialised. In Strategic Estimate 2023 we assess the state of Britain in a post-Brexit world.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent economic response from the West has disrupted globalisation as we know it. Globalisation had already taken a hit prior to this crisis but the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted a number of standards in the global economy. We assess these in Strategic Estimate 2023 and what this now means for the world.

The War in Ukraine has had a knock on effect on the global energy markets as the world’s largest producers and consumers of energy were all impacted. The actions by the West to deprive Russia of its energy wealth via sanctions and reorienting supplies will have major repercussions going forward. The state of global crude oil is the geopolitical subject of study in Strategic Estimate 2023

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