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The Turkish Government Betrays Allah

On the 17th of February 2014, the Guardian Newspaper commented on the brutal murder of twenty-year-old Turkish student Ozgecan Aslan whilst she was traveling home on a bus. “Reports said Aslan pepper-sprayed the man before he stabbed her and beat her to death with an iron bar. He then enlisted the help of his father and a friend to dispose of her body in a river in Tarsus, where it was found on Friday showing evidence of burns as well as the fatal injuries.” The murder has initiated one of the largest twitter campaigns to date. As of Monday, more than 440,000 tweets had been shared under the hashtag #sendeanlat (tell your story). Women have told of their experiences of violence, intimidation and harassment, and it was the third highest trending topic worldwide on Sunday 15th of February 2014. Another hashtag, #ozceganaslan, was even more popular, trending with more than 2.5m tweets.

Egypt and the International Coalition against “Terrorism”

بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Media Office of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Egypt


16 February 2015

PR 05/15

Just a few hours after the speech of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Sunday evening, 15/02/2015, vowing to retaliate against the Islamic State Organization (ISIS) for the execution of 21 Coptic Egyptians; the Egyptian warplanes struck sites and targets belonging to ISIS in Libya, on the dawn of Monday16/02/2015. A statement by the Egyptian army indicated that the air strike came in implementation of the resolutions of the “National Defense Council in the framework of responding to criminal acts of terrorist organizations inside and outside Egypt”. The raids came hours after the confirmation of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar, through contact with one of the Egyptian private channels, that he does not object to the Egyptian army to respond and direct retaliatory strikes aimed at what he called the terrorists in the Libyan cities.

Secularists in Lebanon Declare War on the Banner of the Messenger of Allah (saw)

Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah Extracted from Ibn Abbas that he said:

«كَانَتْ رَايَةُ رَسُولِ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم سَوْدَاءَ، وَلِوَاؤُهُ أَبْيَضَ»

“The banner (Rayah) of the Messenger of Allah (saw) was black and His (saw) flag (liwaa’) was white”

And the Minister says, “This flag is a symbol of a Takfiri group…there is no compromise on the issue of removing the black banner (rayah)!”

Dialogue between the Future Movement and Hezbollah with American, Saudi, and Iranian sponsorship by still produce its bitter fruits, which only befalls upon the Muslims in Lebanon, from the decision to lynch Islamist prisoners in Roumieh Prison, to the continued series of mass arrests and detentions; and the so-called removal of religious and sectarian symbols in the Lebanese regions, and this is not the end… no one knows of what it promises, or what warning it brings through the next security plan in the Bekaa!!!

“President Assad is part of the solution”


America’s mouthpiece, the UN special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura stated on Friday 12th February in Vienna that; “President Assad is part of the solution” and “…only the Islamic State extremist group benefits from the Syrian war.”


This statement paves the way for Assad to remain despite 250,000+ martyred by the murderous Baathist regime. And in using the heinous crimes of the criminal gang Daesh headed by Baghdadi the attempt by De Mistura is now to bring Assad in from the cold and again make him a player on the chess board controlled by America.

It seems the special envoy is deaf, dumb and blind to the cries and rivers of blood that flowed in Douma City in the last 10 days caused by Assad’s barrel bombs.

Q&A: The Postponement of Elections in Nigeria


On 8/2/2015 CE, the Nigerian Electoral Commission announced the postponement of the presidential and legislative elections which were scheduled to take place on 14th February 2015; they have been postponed to 28th March 2015 under the pretext of internal security concerns… Is this the case? Or is this delay is for international reasons? And if so, which countries are influencing this delay? And what is expected for this election?

I have noticed that the Hizb publications are almost devoid of talk about Nigeria’s issues although it is the largest Muslim country in terms of population in Africa, and overlooks the ocean, and an oil producing country, so why is there no attention paid to it? And excuse me if my right is to ask a question and not to comment… Jazak Allah Khair.

Egypt And The Emperor With No Clothes

News that Egyptian courts have ordered the release of former president Hosni Mubarak demonstrated that the regime has removed its final fig leaf, the emperor revealed with no clothes. All other fig leaves covering the removal of former President Morsi have already been dropped – the unverified 22 million petition signatories, the ludicrous 17-33 million who apparently turned up in Tahrir shown to be a wildly exaggerated figure, the “liberal” Mohammad el-Baradei now holed up in Vienna having fulfilled his role as coup-enabler in front of the West, the fallacy of a neutral technocratic government led by Hazem el-Beblawi (more concerned with fighting “terrorism” than rebuilding the economy) and the idea that Tamarrod was a populist movement (now exposed as Nasserist fascists whose role is to echo and amplify every word of the regime).

Understanding Global Defense

The UK House of Commons Committees on Arms Export Controls – a UK oversight committee confirmed 17 July 2013 that the UK government approved 3,000 export licences for military sales to countries which it believes have questionable records on human rights. These exports to 27 countries exceeded £12 billion.[1] Global arms sales have always been a subject of contention as these weapons systems are fundamentally for war and where they end up can never be regulated. The global arms industry is worth $1.7 trillion, which includes domestic military expenditures and global arms exports.[2] These amounts alone make the global defense industry a lucrative market. There are however four key aspects of this industry that have far reaching implications.

Obama Condemns the Violence in the Land of Egypt

Obama Condemns the Violence in the Land of Egypt While He is the One Fueling it Through Massacres and Bloodshed

America Manipulates Matters in Egypt from an Ousted President, to an Isolated President over to an Emaciated President!

Yesterday 08/15/2013, Obama commented on the bloody massacres that occurred during the dissolving of the two sit-ins Rabea al-Adweya and An-Nahda saying that he strongly condemns these tragic events, and that he denounces violence against civilians … He then added that this position was based on American interest, and that Egypt is “a cornerstone of peace in the Middle East”…

The Believer is not Stung from the Same Hole Twice

Media Office of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Egypt 

Press Release


10 Shawwal 1434


PR No. PR22/13

The Believer is not Stung from the Same Hole Twice

Hizb ut Tahrir is still the forerunner that does not lie to its people, offering sincere advice to the sons of this Ummah and to the Islamic movement, especially to those who still insist on ousting a bunch of rebels led by al-Sisi, who cold-bloodedly drenched his hands in the blood of the sons of the Egyptian people. On Wednesday 08/14/2013, he killed over 600 and wounded over 5000 people, in a criminal act full of malice and hatred, unprecedented except for the criminals of the Jewish entity. So we address anyone who loves Islam and wishes to see it implemented in life, do not be stung from the same hole twice!

Russia’s Anti-Muslim Agenda

A branch of Russia’s Supreme Court rejected an appeal by a group of Muslims from southern Russia’s Stavropol Region for the right of schoolgirls to wear the hijab in classrooms. Russia, like its European neighbours has long resorted to draconian measures against the Muslims in its own country in order to protect secularism. Russia has a long history of animosity with the Ummah which remains deeply entrenched today.

Britain and Spain are Grappling for Leadership in Gibraltar, While Morocco is Fast Asleep!

Press Release

Britain and Spain are Grappling for Leadership in Gibraltar,

While Morocco is Fast Asleep!

On Tuesday 13/8/2013, the British warships began to head to the Mediterranean Sea to conduct naval manoeuvers where the frigate HMS Westminster will set in Jabal Tariq (Gibraltar). It is one of four ships that will participate in the Cougar 13 training in the Mediterranean and the Gulf, which will last for four months. Britain is accustomed to undertaking military manoeuvers in the Gibraltar Strait which always provoked anger and protest from Spain due to Gibraltar’s leadership conflict.

America Approves Bloodshed in Egypt

Barack Obama, president of America had to issue a rebuke to Egypt’s military on Thursday, August 15, after images beamed around the world of the massacre taking place in Cairo, Egypt. In parallel, Obama repeatedly downplayed the killings of hundreds of civilians, insisting “We appreciate the complexity of the situation,” and that Egypt’s democratic transition could take “generations.”[1] Obama even went on to fault ousting President Mohamed Morsi, saying that “many Egyptians” didn’t like Morsi and that his ouster by the military was an “opportunity to pursue a democratic path.”[2] Hundreds were killed by the Egyptian military and security forces as they cleared Muslim Brotherhood (MB) sit-ins – and the casualty figure continues to rise. The instability that continues to rock Egypt is due to one reason, and one reason only – external interference.

America is the Real Loser in Egypt

“As much as official Washington hopes it can muddle through Egypt’s prolonged transition with its interests intact, the American position in Egypt will change and it will wane.” — Steven A. Cook

In the aftermath of Morsi’s ouster, three issues were widely debated namely: the coup instigated by the US and executed by General el-Sisi, failure of political Islam during Morsi’s tenure in office and what it means for the region, and the dismal failure of the Tamarod movement— in particular— and the opposition in general to articulate a thought provoking vision in the post-Morsi era. As for those who subscribe to the notion that remnants of Mubarak’s regime can do better than the Brotherhood or the opposition, they are equally mistaken. There is another topic, however, that has got a brief mention—the waning of American influence in Egypt.

The Khilafah will Secure True Independence for the Muslims of Pakistan

14 August Independence Day Message

 The Khilafah will Secure True Independence for the Muslims of Pakistan

On this day the Muslims remember the enormous sacrifices made for establishing a state in the name of Islam, in the lands of Pakistan, the Pure, the Good. Hizb ut tahrir conveys a solemn reminder of what has passed, what we face today and what lies ahead.

As for what has passed, over which the pen is lifted and the ink has dried, presented to Allah (swt) for His Judgment and Reward.  Having ruled the region for over a thousand years, governing the people by the light of Islam, from the time of the Khilafah Rashida, the Muslims had their authority seized by the occupying forces of the British Raj from 1757 onwards. We were restless as the British, aided by treacherous collaborators from within the leadership of the Muslims and Hindus, abolished our beloved Shariah rules and forcibly established their oppressive capitalism. Thus Muslims and non-Muslims were plunged to drown in poverty under Kufr, ravaged by famine and debt, whereas under Islam the Indian Subcontinent produced 25% of the world’s GDP and was a bread-basket for well beyond its borders.

Syria: The Armaments from the West to strike the Islamist instead of the Reghime

New Mission of the National Coalition: Armaments from the West to Strike the Islamists instead of the Regime, and Sitting at the Table of Dialogue with the Criminal Syrian Regime in Geneva 2 instead of Striking It!

Member of the oppositional Syrian National Coalition, Michel Kilo, on 07/15/2013 revealed the coalition’s desire to create an executive council of ten members in order to reorganize the various oppositional factions in an organized army that enjoys adequate funding and uses appropriate weapons. He also stated his desire to integrate former Syrian army officers into the Syrian army and those who sit unemployed in Jordan and Turkey to be integrated in the new structure decided upon. “It has to be reorganized and restructured under a real lead and with discipline.” On 08/09/2013 the chairman of the Syrian opposition coalition, Ahmed al-Jarba, revealed the formation of a national army that will comprise six-thousand fighters in the first phase. At a gala dinner in the Jordanian capital Amman, he said that the coalition is in the process of working out a strategy with the Presidency of the Staff of the Free Syrian Army to form a national army that will open its doors to volunteers in the south and the north to become a nucleus, and to get rid of the warlords and a lot of problems…

Policy for a Judiciary that Secures Sure and Swift Justice, Without Discrimination

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Policy for a Judiciary that Secures Sure and Swift Justice, Without Discrimination

August 2013 CE – Ramadan 1434 AH

Hizb it tahrir/ Wilayah Pakistan has issued a Publicized Policy Position (PPP) regarding ensuring a judiciary that is free from corruption and discrimination, secures the rights of the people, and is strong to hold the rulers to account.

A. Preamble: The current man-made system of judiciary ensures that might is right and justice is delayed

The most profound and detailed jurisprudence in human history is that of Islam. From the time of RasulAllah (saw), Islam is characterized by its swift and fair justice with many examples, such as RasulAllah (saw) personally inspecting the markets and judging upon fraud and cheating. Also Islam not enforcing punishment in the case of doubt, rather only with firm Shariah testimony, for RasulAllah (saw) said, ادْرَءُوا الحُدُودَ عَنِ المُسْلِمِينَ مَا اسْتَطَعْتُمْ، فَإِنْ كَانَ لَهُ مَخْرَجٌ فَخَلُّوا سَبِيلَهُ، فَإِنَّ الإِمَامَ أَنْ يُخْطِئَ فِي العَفْوِ خَيْرٌ مِنْ أَنْ يُخْطِئَ فِي العُقُوبَةِ “Repel the punishment from the Muslims as much as you can, so if there is a way out clear the path for it, for it is better for the Imam to make an excuse in pardon than make a mistake in punishment” [Tirmidhi]. Also, the cutting the hand of the thief not being performed in the Year of Famine, if the stealing was to alleviate the starvation, as Sirkhisi mentioned in “Al-Mabsoot” from Makhool (ra) that RasulAllah (saw) said, «لَا قَطْعَ فِي مَجَاعَةِ مُضْطَرٍّ» “There is not cutting in the compelling famine” and this is what Omar (ra) did during the famine. Also, the example of a Jew winning the case of the shield against the Khaleefah Ali (ra) because the Judge refused the witness of the son of the Khaleefah, and so on are embedded in the hearts and minds of the Muslims. The corner stone of Islam’s judiciary was fair, swift and sure justice. Moreover, Shariah was a standard for world civilization for thirteen centuries, inspiring western nations to revise their legal and ruling frameworks, for example Shariah influenced France’s Napoleonic Code, Britain’s Magna Carta and the US Constitution.

Q&A: Answer to the Question

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


(Translated from Turkish)

Assalamu Alaikum, I have the following question:

Sheikh An-Nabahani (ra) said that the fourth Aayah of Surah Muhammad was revealed before the Battle of Badr. What is the evidence for this? While the majority have said that it was revealed after the Battle of Badr? I would be pleased, if you could explain this.

If the married Jaariyah (the one whose right hand possesses) commits Zina (adultery), then is her Hadd (prescribed punishment) Ar-Rajm (stoning)?

The Answer [from the] Arabic:

Wa Alaikumu Assallam Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu,

Pakistan Requires a Drone Defence Programme to Safeguard its Sovereignty

The arrogant American viceroy to Pakistan, John Kerry visited Islamabad and immediately blamed local militant groups for violating Pakistan’s sovereignty. In an exclusive interview with Geo News, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that terrorist groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Al-Qaeda were violating the sovereignty of Pakistan.

Sino-US Relations: An Abundance of Tensions

Chinese premier Xi Jinping’s visit to the US in early June was his first as the new president of China, gaining much global media coverage, with American news station, CBS, calling it the most important meeting between American and Chinese leaders since Nixon and Mao.[1] The meeting took place in an informal setting, with some calling it the “shirtsleeves summit.” Summits and meetings between the two powers have been a constant feature since China’s “opening and reform era” under Deng Xiaoping. There are a number of fundamental issues between the two countries which will be difficult to resolve as they relate to the international position of both countries as world powers.

Western Governments have Exploited the Malala Story

Western Governments have Exploited the Malala Story and her Struggle for Girls’ Education for Colonial Political Interests

It is the Khilafah that will Return a First Class Education System to Women

The shooting of the fifteen year old Pakistani girl last October, Malala Yusufzai shocked and horrified many across the world – Muslim and non-Muslim. The dominant narrative that has been promoted by the mainstream media, human rights organisations, and Western governments and politicians is that the attempted assassination of this young girl by ‘Islamists’ in Pakistan was due to their opposition of her women’s rights activism and advocacy of education for girls in the country. Following the shooting, many institutions and personalities rallied to her cause, praising her for bringing women’s education to global attention, including former British Prime Minister and UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown, UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On the 12th of July, Malala was invited to address a gathering of youth at the UN headquarters in New York where she advocated the need for free compulsory education for every child.

The Inadmissibility of Relying upon Astronomical Calculations to Confirm the Start of the Month of Ramadan

As-Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakaatuhu Question: I have read a question and answer about the inadmissibility of relying upon astronomical calculations to confirm the start of the month and Baarakallahu Feekum. However one point remains that I would like to be explained. It is that some have taken the use of astronomical calculations to […]

US-Taliban negotiations

After 11 years of war (more than WW1 & WW2 combined), after the deaths of countless innocents and spending in excess of $640 billion, the worlds most advanced military – the USA, has finally conceded defeat in Afghanistan. The US has accepted it will have to negotiate  directly with the Taliban effectivley an admission it has failed to defeat them. On the day security in a number of towns was handed over to Afghan security forces, President Obama announced direct negotiations, he said: “This is an important first step toward reconciliation, although it is a very early step.” The Taliban in a press conference said: “In order to elucidate this policy the Islamic Emirate has deemed it essential to open the political office in the Islamic country of Qatar.”

Is America’s Iraq Imploding?

In March 2013, America’s invasion of Iraq reached its 10th anniversary. After a decade of nation building, Iraq is falling apart. In April 2013, deadly clashes between government forces and demonstrators in the city of Hawija set off a chain reaction of retaliatory attacks across Iraq. The situation now threatens to plunge the country into the kind of war it experienced in the midst of the insurgency between 2005 and 2007.The month of April was the deadliest since June 2008, with 712 Iraqis killed, according to the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq.[1] In the week ending 21 May 2013 more than 200 people were killed,[2] as Shi’a and Sunni neighborhoods and places of worship were targeted in a cycle of violence reminiscent of the civil war period. America’s actions are central to why Iraq is on the verge of imploding.

The End of Hezbollah in the ‘New’ Middle East

“This is our stance and obligation: we have tried to be people of sincerity and fidelity; we believe in truth and enunciate it. We defend it and sacrifice ourselves for it, even to the extent of martyrdom.” [1]

The Priority of Principle

Any movement or political organization is defined by its principles. It’s very essence and identity is constituted by its distinct platform. Policies, and strategies employed by the movements are based primarily on these principles, and its socio-political outlook and philosophy. However, a movement ceases to exist as a distinct group of people with shared principles and goals when it gives up its principles and becomes pragmatic. Today Hezbollah faces an existential crisis after having subordinated its revolutionary principles for their pragmatic interests as they re insistent on supporting the despotic Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad. Hugo Assman referred to the ideology of the Iranian Revolution (from which Hezbollah emerged) as “the epistemological privilege of the poor” referring here as the Iranian scholar Amr G.E Sabet points out to the mustad’ afin (the oppressed). While revolution in Shi’i Islam has never been “utilitarian nor goal-oriented. It is an intrinsic value in and of itself” (Sabet). He goes on to quote Khomeini, whose advice to the Arab world puts to waste Hezbollah’s pragmatic power-hungry support for the regime “Do not wait until you attain power so that you can speak” but rather “speak and then you will have attained power”. Principles transcend historical realities and their socio-political configurations however temporary pragmatic alliances do not.

Hypocrisy and Betrayal

At the heart of Hezbollah’s manifesto is their claimed dedication to the principle of revolution against tyranny which at the core of Tawhid while citing the massacre of Karbala and Husayn radiyallahu ‘anhu against Yazid. The moral of the iconic event in Karbala being; revolution and the rejection of tyranny are principles which were given priority by Husayn radiyallahu ‘anhu who revolted with several dozen men knowing well what the material outcomes would be, but dismissing them in light of these lofty values. Ali Shariati, being a key ideologue of the Iranian Revolution remarked, in speaking of the passive and complacent Shi’ites of his time “For we all believe that it is not possible for a nation to be Muslim, to believe in Ali and his way, and yet to gain no benefit from such a belief” (Bayat 156)

Hezbollah plunged into the abyss of strategic and ideological blunder earlier this year after having openly admitted to sending its men to defend Assad’s regime against the revolution – a revolution against a secular regime, which by principal is illegitimate according to the political ideology of Hezbollah. And while Hezbollah draws its “identity” from the Husayn radiyallahu ‘anhu revolted as a result of corruption within the framework of an existing Islamic State while Assad’s draconian rule and pan-Arabist Baathist regime is based on the complete rejection of Islam as a mode of governance and is entrenched in exclusionary secular values.

Morsi’s Empty Words of Support for Syria


On June 15 2013, Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi declared that he had severed ties with Bashar al Assad’s regime. He said, “We decided today to entirely break off relations with Syria and with the current Syrian regime.” Furthermore, Morsi expressed full support for the Syrian people. He said, “The Egyptian people supports the struggle of the Syrian people, materially and morally, and Egypt, its nation, leadership … and army, will not abandon the Syrian people until it achieves its rights and dignity.” Echoing Western sentiments Morsi also endorsed the implementation of a no fly zone in Syria. The flurry of announcements came at a conference organized by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo.

Earlier, a delegation of clerics headed by Youssef El-Qaradawy; head of the Association of Muslim Scholars met Morsi and issued a call for jihad against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his allies, condemning the conflict as a war on Islam. On the same day at a conference of scholars, Sheikh Mohamed Hassan, reading from a statement said, “Jihad is necessary for the victory of our brothers in Syria – jihad with mind, money, weapons; all forms of jihad…” So how serious is Morsi about supporting the Muslims of Syria and uprooting the evil regime of Assad?

America has Declared War upon the World: Spying on Whoever It Wants!

The revelations last week, by former CIA and NSA Consultant Edward Snowden, exposed that America is running a secret program called PRISM to access emails, photographs, telephone calls and text messages. This violation of people’s privacy has drawn a stiff response from America’s friends and foes alike. The European Union’s Justice Commissioner has written to the US Attorney General demanding that he answer seven questions related to the protection of the rights of EU citizens, while the Chinese have expressed outrage over America’s hypocrisy. An article in The China Daily quoted Li Haidon, at the China Foreign Affairs University, as saying: “For months Washington has been accusing China of cyber-espionage but it turns out that the biggest threat to the pursuit of individual freedom and privacy in the US is the unbridled power of the government.

What will you answer on the Day of Judgment, Oh President

On Tuesday, 05 February 2013, the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Cairo in the first visit by an Iranian president to Egypt in 34 years, and held a session of talks with President Mohammad Mursi on the evening of their participation in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Summit. He also visited the Sheikhs of Al-Azhar and met the President of Al-Azhar, Ahmad Al-Tayeb, where Al-Tayeb’s position was lightly marked with sharpness regarding some Iranian policies in the region.

SPECIAL REPORT: The End game in Syria – Coming Soon


March 2013 marks two years since the uprising in Syria began, in order to topple Basher al-Assad. The world continues to watch in horror as the al-Assad regime slaughters its own people. The west continues to deny the rebel fighters weapons that would end the conflict and continues to push them to negotiate with the murderer’s regime. will be publishing a special report on the second anniversary of the uprising “The end game in Syria.”

The special reports author, Adnan Khan, will be taking questions from readers and providing answers to them in a video interview.

Readers can submit their questions below

Kashmir needs liberation not solidarity

Every year since 1989 Feburary 5th is observed as “Kashmir solidarity day”. On this day there are many rallies throughout Pakistan and Azad Kashmir in order to show solidarity with the people of Occupied Kashmir.

The Kashmir conflict has been ongoing for over 60 years and has been looked at as unfinished business that started at the time of partition of Indian subcontinent. When the British occupied the Indian subcontinent there were some 565 princely states in existence. Upon independence and partition of India in 1947 these princely states had the to accede to either India or the newly created Pakistan. The ruler of Kashmir at the time wanted to remain independent.