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Democracy is a System of Kufr  

Democracy is a System of Kufr

It is forbidden to adopt, implement or call for it

Abdul Qadeem Zalloom

Third Edition 1445 AH / 2023 CE

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The democracy which the Kaafir West promotes/markets/sells in the Muslim countries is a system of Kufr. It has no close or remote connection to Islam. It completely contradicts the rules of Islam whether in the compressive or partial issues, and in the source from which it came and the basis on which it is established; and in the thoughts and systems it has brought. That is why it is dissuasively forbidden for the Muslims to adopt, apply or call for it. Democracy is a ruling system set down by man in order to be free from the injustice of the rulers and their control/domination of the people in the name of religion. It is a system whose source is man, it has no connection to revelation or religion.

Democracy emanated from the creed of separating religion from life, which is the creed on which the capitalist ideology is established. It is the creed of the vague compromise solution, which was achieved by the struggle between the kings and emperors of Europe and Russia on the one hand, and the philosophers and thinkers on the other. This is because the kings and emperors used religion as a means to exploit the people, oppress them and spill their blood under the claim that they are God’s representatives on earth. They used to use the priests as cover. Consequently, a terrible conflict broke out between them and their peoples. During the struggle the philosophers and thinkers came out. Some of them rejected religion altogether and some of them recognised it, but called for its separation from life and consequently from the state and ruling.

1.  Democracy is the product of the human mind and not from Allah. It does not rely on the divine revelation, nor has it any connection to any religion revealed by Allah to His Messengers.

2.  It emanated from the creed of separating religion from life, and consequently separating religion from the state.

3.  It was established on two ideas:

a) Sovereignty is for the people.
b) The people are the source of authority.

4. Democracy is the rule of the majority, and the selection of rulers and the members of parliament are decided by the majority of voters. All decisions in democracy are taken by the majority vote.

5. Democracy advocates the general freedoms, which are:

a) Freedom of belief;
b) Freedom of opinion;
c) Freedom of ownership, and
d) Personal freedom

One of the severest afflictions brought to humanity is the idea of general freedoms initiated by the democratic system. This idea caused nothing but disaster for humankind and societal decadence in democratic countries to a level lower than that of the animals.

This is because the idea of freedom of ownership, and the fact that benefit is the criterion of actions, has resulted in the mass capitalism, which became in need of raw materials to run their factories and consumer markets to sell their products. All that has pushed these capitalist countries to compete for the colonisation of the developing countries world, seizing their wealth, monopolising their resources and sucking the blood of their peoples in a manner, which completely contradicts all humanitarian, ethical and spiritual values.

Allah (swt) said: ‘Have you (O Muhammad) seen him who has taken as his ilah (god) his own desire (Hawah)? Would you then be a Wakil (disposer of his affairs) over him? Or do you think that most of them hear or understand? They are only like cattle; nay, they are even farther astray from the Path’ [TMQ: Al-Furqan: 43].

And the Messenger of Allah (swt) said, “Whosoever does an action and it is not from our matter/Deen then it is rejected.’

This indicates that the origin is the obligation of following the Shar’a, and restricting the actions and things to it. It is not allowed for the Muslim to undertake anything or leave it except after knowing the rule of Allah regarding it, whether it is obligatory (Waajib) or recommended (Mandoob), and thus he performs it. Or whether it is forbidden (Haraam) or disliked (Makrooh), thus he leaves it. Or whether it is permitted (Mubaah) so he has a choice whether to do it or leave it.

This is why the basis of the actions of man is that they are restricted to thejudgement of Allah. With regard to things connected with the actions of man, the origin is that they are allowed, as long as there is no evidence to prohibit it. This is because the Shari’ah texts have permitted all things and the texts have come as general and they include everything.