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India – An Epitome of the Failure of Democracy to Protect Minorities

Muslims in India, the world’s largest democracy, have been facing the heat of existential threat by the policies of current ruling Bharatiya Janata party (BJP). The previous tenure of BJP saw the passing of the Triple Talaq Bill claiming violation of women’s rights which caused an uproar among the Muslim community who considered it as […]

Show a Little Fairness, O President of the Republic “The Matter is Clear for the People”

[وَقُلِ الْحَقُّ مِنْ رَبِّكُمْ] “And say, “The truth is from your Lord” [Al-Kahf: 29] On Saturday 31/08/2019, the President of the Republic falsified history by describing the Ottoman Khilafah (Caliphate) as a terrorist state, and called the era of the French occupation as the French stage of influence, so changed the falsehood – i.e. occupation […]

How the Khilafah Will Prevent Sectarian Division

It is Islam, its culture, history and heritage that are the common uniting factors that bond Muslims across the Muslim world, whether Sunni or Shia, while the Western-imposed secular system has exploited differences for political aims. The Islamic beliefs that unite them are much greater than certain theological differences that exist between the various schools […]

How the Khilafah will Address Citizenship and Non-Muslims

Allah (swt) said: وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ إِلَّا رَحْمَةً لِلْعَالَمِينَ “And we have not sent you but as a mercy to the world.” [21:107] Islam came as an address for all humankind, regardless of religion, school of thought, race or gender. In the Khilafah all citizens will enjoy the benefits of the Islamic system and full protection […]

Explosions hit Coptic churches in Tanta, Alexandria: “Whoever killed a Mu’ahid shall not smell the fragrance of Paradise”

At least 29 people have been killed in a blast inside the Coptic Church of Marjeres in the Egyptian city of Tanta. A second blast later at a church in Alexandria killed 18 more. Islam orders the good treatment of dhimmi (non-Muslim citizens of an Islamic State) and prescribes severe punishment for those who harm them.

Islam in Japan

A powerful earthquake rocked northern Japan early on Tuesday, briefly disrupting cooling functions at a nuclear plant and generating a small tsunami that hit the same Fukushima region devastated by a 2011 quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. The magnitude 7.4 earthquake, which was felt in Tokyo, sent thousands of residents fleeing for higher ground as […]

“And if anyone killed a Westerner it would be as if he killed all mankind”

On Saturday 30 July, a hot air balloon crashed in Texas killing in the process all 16 people on board. According to Google News, over two million news articles covered this event. USA Today published an article headlined “Heartbreak as IDs of Texas balloon victims emerge” It was reported to be the most fatal hot […]

Can an Islamic State established on religion provide assurance to non-Muslims of a peaceful life?

On 15th March 2015, there was a bomb explosion at the gate of a church in the Christian locality of Youhanabad in which at least 15 people were killed and many injured. A group called Al-Ahrar claimed the responsibility. In the aftermath of this attack, a series of violent incidents by Christians occurred in which […]

DHIMMI – Non-Muslims living in the Khilafah

The position of non-Muslims living under Islamic rule (dhimmi) is a widely misunderstood topic. Those wishing to attack Islam and its systems portray Islam’s treatment of the dhimmi as worse than its treatment of animals. Historical incidents where dhimmi suffered persecution at particular times are generalised and quoted out of context in order to back up their claims.

Joseph Farah, founder of the WorldNetDaily news site states:

Under Islamic Shari’ah law, non-believers – Christians and Jews anyway – are permitted to live as long as they support Islam through their Dhimmi taxes and are willing to accept what amounts to a third- or fourth-class servile existence, always subject to pogroms, false accusations and ill treatment. Dhimmis always live in fear.1

Q&A: Judging Between Non-Muslims in the Islamic State

Question: Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakaatuhu, Can you please explain why the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم gave exception to the Arab Polytheists from the Kuffar of Yemen to remain in their religion? Can we consider this exception regarding the Arab Polytheists a restriction to what is general as what is mentioned in the […]

Blast at Lahore Churches: Only Khilafah can Protect Life, Honour and Property of Non-Muslims

On Sunday, 15th March 2015, two churches came under attack in Lahore in which fifteen people were killed. Hizb ut-Tahrir strongly condemns these attacks and share sympathy with the relatives of the deceased.

For the last few years non-Muslims, Christians in particular and their churches, came under attack on several occasions. After every such attack, the government simply issues a condemnation statement and announces some material relief for the relatives of the victims, before carrying on with business as usual. Attack on minorities living in Pakistan is not a unique local phenomenon. It has become a routine matter all over the world including in the world’s “biggest democracy”, India and its leading super power, America. In India attacks on Muslims and Christians and their places of worship have been consistent while in recent time Muslims and their masajid started facing attacks in Europe and America.

Oktoberfest beer festival in Malaysia: Symbol of Disbelief and Product of Democracy


The Oktoberfest beer festival took place from 24 September to 12 October in Kuala Lumpur despite controversy and protests from Muslims in Malaysia. The issue was fueled when the opposition Islamic party (PAS) Shah Alam MP, Khalid Samad said that the Oktoberfest should not be prevented on the grounds that Malaysia is a plural society. The debate heated up further when several non-Muslim top leaders of the DAP and PKR parties attended the festival which originates from Germany. They even uploaded their photos to social networking sites to express their support for the immoral festival. On the contrary, the Secretary of PAS’s Ulema Shura Council, Nik Zawawi Salleh stressed that the country’s multi-racial reasons cannot be applied to justify the Oktoberfest beer festival. He added that although the ban on alcohol only applies to Muslims, non-Muslims must not be allowed to organize an event that openly promotes consumption of alcohol. Commenting on the development, the new Chief Minister of Selangor, Azmin Ali said that Oktoberfest did not get a permit. However, unfortunately, he still allowed the immoral event to take place without any restrictions.

Only the Islamic Ruling System Can Provide Complete Protection to People of All Faiths

Hizb ut-Tahrir strongly condemns the recent violence being perpetrated against the people of the Hindu community. We condemn in even stronger terms the government’s failure to protect their blood and property, and provide them due security. We are also disturbed by reports in the media that the ruling party men are involved and in some cases leading the violence.

Without Khilafah Neither Christians nor Muslims are secure from American terrorists

Raymond Davis Network Strikes Again

On 22 September in Peshawar, a day of worship for the Christians, twin bombings upon the church killed over eighty and injured one hundred forty people. We ask the shameless Kayani-Sharif regime: For how long will you continue to sacrifice Pakistani citizens and soldiers to secure America’s interests in the region by letting rather helping America play its bloody games? Angered at the Pakistani public’s refusal to endorse and support the American occupation of Afghanistan, America punishes them though a brutal campaign of bombings throughout Pakistan which is supervised by its intelligence network with the direct and full support of the Pakistani rulers. With these merciless killings, America hopes that the Ummah will submit before its nefarious plans and support the continuation of the war on terror which aims to secure permanent military bases for America in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Eastern Christians: Between the frightening propaganda and the reassuring Islamic facts

In the name of God, All-Merciful, Most Merciful

It is required by the non-Muslims to be aware of the following Islamic, political, and historical facts:

1- Islam is a call to all the people from the Lord of the people.

2- Converting to Islam is not an evil matter, but goodness, rather all goodness.

3- Islam invites all human beings to accept its call and to convert to it through thought and consideration, and does not force them through compulsion. The Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “And whoever became Muslim, whether Jew or Christian, then he is part of the believers. What is for them is for him, and what is upon them is upon him. And whoever remained Jew or Christian, he is not to be tormented or seduced from it.” (Hadith Munqati)

The Secular Ideology Only Secures Secularism and Not the Rights of Those of Different Faiths

According to reports in French media (Agence France) and other international media on Tuesday, June 18th 2013, a four month pregnant Muslim woman was attacked for wearing a face veil in the Paris suburb of Argenteuil and subsequently suffered a miscarriage. Two men attacked the 21-year-old pregnant Muslim woman pulling off her head scarf, tearing part of her clothing, cutting off some of her hair, shouting anti-Islamic taunts at her and kicking her in the stomach. Only three weeks earlier another veiled Muslim woman was targeted in a similar manner in Argenteuil. Since the introduction of the veil (niqab) ban in France in April 2011, the number of assaults against Muslim women in the country has increased significantly. Similar attacks again Muslim women have occurred in the UK and other Western countries more frequently in recent times like the attack on two Muslim women in Edinburgh by two underaged children, who pulled off their hijabs.

What are the rights and responsibilities of Christians within the Islamic State?

This question was sent from Fredrick Yousef to the Media Office of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Lebanon. The answer is below.

In the name of Allah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem

Mr Fredrick Yousef, we thank you for directing your question towards us.

Here follows the answer to your question:

The Islamic system obligates in terms of the subjects whose affairs are obligatory to be taken care of, that it provides complete caretaking to everyone who permanently resides in Daar ul-Islaam, submits to the systems of the state and holds the citizenship of the state. The caretaking of the affairs is based upon the following fundamental bases:

PART 3: The alternative to the Jizyah

We have taken up this issue for the purpose of presenting the point of view of Ash-Sheikh Muhammad Abi Zahrah (Rahimahullah) in regards to generalising or extending the Fareedah (obligation) of Az-Zakaah upon non-Muslims in the same way that it is obligatory upon Muslims. This is as a substitute for the Jizyah that is obligatory upon them.

PART 2: Which non-Muslims can become dhimmi and what are the conditions of the Jizya?

1. Who are the Ahl-ul-Harb (people of war) from whom the giving of the Jizyah is accepted with the meaning of convening the ‘Aqd of Dhimmah with them and the cessation of the state of war with them following on from that?

There are a number of points of view amongst the Fuqahaa in regards to whom from the disbelievers it is permitted to contract the ‘Aqd of Dhimmah with and we will summarise the most significant of these views as follows:

PART 1: What is Jizyah?

The payment of the Jizyah and the acceptance of the non-Muslims from the people of war to submit to the rulings of Islaam


What concerns us in this section is whether the payment of the Jizyah from the people at war and their commitment to submitting to the rulings of Islaam, is considered a cause from amongst the causes for the cessation of fighting according to Islaam. As such the issues that are dealt with in this section are only studied from this angle i.e. the angle of the cessation of the Qitaal if the contract of Dhimmah with the people of war is completed, a matter that dictates their payment of the Jizyah and their submission to the rule of Islaam, meaning their entry into being Islamic subjects and henceforth carrying the citizenship of the Islamic State.

PART 4: Can the Ahlu-dh-Dhimmah join the Islamic State’s army and can prisoners of war become Dhimmi?

Is the door open for non-Muslim subjects of the Islamic State (dhimmi) to join the regular army or is their place within the reserve army when the its needed? What is their role in the army?

I say: Built upon what has preceded in regards to outweighing the permissibility to seek assistance from non-Muslims in Al-Qitaal, then it is permitted to utilise them within the Islamic army. However which army – the regular army or the reserve army?

PART 3: What is the ruling of the Ahlu-dh-Dhimmah in our present time?

Two further points remain in this issue which are related to the situation of the Ahlu-dh-Dhimmah in our current time i.e. the time since the absence of the Islamic State.

These points are:

1) What is the Hukm of the Ahlu-dh-Dhimmah in our current time?

2) What is the Hukm in regards to the Ahlu-dh-Dhimmah going outside of the conditions of the ‘Ahd of the Ahlu-dh-Dhimmah that was agreed upon by their predecessors? Is their ‘Ahd breached and invalidated by this or not?

PART 2: What are the violations that make the Ahlu-dh-Dhimmah invalidate the ‘Ahd (covenant) in a collective manner, and what are the repercussions of this?

The study of this issue entails dealing with the following points:

1) The opinions found within Islamic Fiqh about the matters that invalidate the ‘Ahd.

2) What are the consequences of the invalidation of the ‘Ahd?

3) Is the invalidation of the ‘Ahd specific to those involved or does its ruling spread beyond them?

PART 1: Who are the Ahlu-dh-Dhimmah, what are their obligations and what are their rights?


My intention in this introduction is to discuss the subject of citizens from amongst the Ahlu-dh-Dhimmah resorting to carrying arms against the Muslims for one reason or another, followed by the breaking out of fighting between the two sides. Is this fighting from the perspective of the Muslims considered to be from Al-Jihaad in the way of Allah or not?

Christians of Homs under Khilafah: ‘Your rule and justice are dearer to us than the oppression that we used to suffer.’

Last month the Muslims of Homs in Syria held a rally calling for a return of the Khilafah to replace the tyranny and oppression of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. This is not the first time Syria (ash-Sham) has been ruled by a tyrannical ruler. When Homs was first opened to Islam during the time of Khaleefah Umar bin al-Khattab, ash-Sham was part of the Byzantine Empire under the leadership of Emperor Heraclius. A few years after Homs was conquered and opened to Islam the Muslims were forced in to a temporary retreat back to Damascus. Faced with being ruled again by the Byzantines a similar call for the Khilafah was heard in Homs but this time from the Christian dhimmi. Although these Christians had only lived under the Khilafah for a short period of time, compared to years living under the oppressive Byzantine Empire, they preferred the Islamic rule.

Treatment of Jews in the 19th Century Ottoman Khilafah

A team was dispatched from the US State Department in 1877 to assess the treatment of Jews in the Ottoman Khilafah. Their findings that Jews were very well treated and not persecuted are described in the news article below published on Wednesday 23rd August 1877 by the New York Times.

“The United States Minister says that justice to the Turk compels him to admit that the Israelites have been better treated by the Ottomans than by many of the Western powers and that the impression prevails that they are better treated in the Empire than the Christians.”

How the Khilafah aided the Irish during the famine of 1845

 In 1845, the onset of the Great Irish Famine resulted in over a million deaths. Ottoman Sultan Khaleefah Abdul-Majid I declared his intention to send 10,000 sterling to Irish farmers but Queen Victoria requested that the Sultan send only 1,000 sterling, because she had sent only 2,000 sterling herself. The Sultan sent the 1,000 sterling but also secretly sent 3 ships full of food. The English courts tried to block the ships, but the food arrived in Drogheda harbor and was left there by Ottoman Sailors. Due to this the Irish people, especially those in Drogheda, are friendly to the Turks.