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Treaty of 1463 between the Ottoman Sultan and the Christians of Bosnia

AhdnamaThe Ahdnama is an agreement written by Sultan Muhammed al-Fatih (ra) who is famous for conquering Constantinople and fulfilling the prophecy of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) that Muslims would one day conquer the city.
Sultan Muhammed al-Fatih’s great-great grandfather was Sultan Murad I (ra) who began the conquests to open up the Balkans to Islam. He is famous for defeating the Serbs at Kosovo field in 1389 and establishing the authority of Islam over Kosovo. Allah (swt) blessed Sultan Murad I with martydom (shahadah) in this battle.

Sultan Muhammed’s father Murad II fought the second battle of Kosovo and began the conquests to open Bosnia to Islam. Following in the footsteps of his father and great-great grandfather, Sultan Muhammed completed their good work and opened up the entire region to Islam.