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Lebanon’s Lenient Military Behavior Emboldened the Jewish Entity to Target the Capital, Beirut!

After the failure of the Jewish entity to eliminate the mujahideen in Gaza, and amidst their search for a presumed victory to boost their shattered morale due to Tufan Al-Aqsa (Aqsa Flood), the Zionist occupation aircraft bombed a building in the southern suburbs of Beirut on Tuesday evening. This resulted in the martyrdom of the […]

The SSG Impatiently Awaits Orders for the Liberation of Palestine!

The officers and soldiers of the Special Services Group (SSG) are amongst the best elite troops in the world. Their reputation is established, both in international competitions, and on battlefields. They instill fear in the hearts of the enemies of Islam. The SSG warriors train hard. They fight to win. They do what it takes. […]

Islamic Oasis Channel: Voices from Al Sham Speak Out – First Qibla Conference

[Islamic Oasis Channel] “Voices from Al Sham Speak Out – First Qibla Conference” Online conference hosted by the Islamic Oasis channel discussing the WOMEN’S GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION FOR PALESTINE on 26th November and other issues related to the Genocide in Gaza.

On the Ground News: Women’s Call for Muslim Armies to Save Gaza!

[On the Ground News] “Women’s Call for Muslim Armies to Save Gaza!” Brother Bilal Abdul Kareem from On the Ground News interviews Dr. Nazreen Nawaz, Director of the Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir, regarding the aims and messages of the WOMEN’S GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION FOR PALESTINE – held […]

Women’s Section of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir: Talks from Britain Seminar on Women’s Global Day of Action for Palestine!

The Women’s Global Day of Action for Palestine was organised by the Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in coordination with the women of Hizb ut Tahrir globally to demand that the armies of the Muslim lands move urgently to save the women and children of Gaza and liberate the […]

O Rulers in the Muslim Lands… Listen and Take Heed…

There is a brutal war taking place against Gaza and the nonexistence of intervention by the Muslims armies, particularly those surrounding Palestine, despite all the massacres committed by the Jewish entity, day and night. This brutal war has now become accompanied by successive statements from the kafir (disbelieving) colonialists, especially America and Britain, regarding the […]

Allahu Akbar… Allahu Akbar… Allahu Akbar

Allah is greater than the Jews and their corruption and aggression… Allah is greater than America and its arrogance… Allah is greater than the agent Muslim rulers and their abandonment and betrayal. Allahu Akbar… In the blessed days, our blood is shed and our homes are destroyed, and the rulers of disgrace issue statements of […]

Another Brutal Aggression by the Jewish Entity against Jenin And Jordan’s Foreign Minister is a Prisoner of the Vocabulary of Political Acquiescence!

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ayman Safadi warned, on Monday, of the catastrophic consequences of the Jewish aggression against Jenin, and stressed the need for the international community to act immediately and effectively to stop the aggression and provide protection for the Palestinian people. Al-Safadi stressed that the Jews’ repeated attacks on […]