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Bangladesh: An Address to the Nation & A Special Call to the Sincere Military Officers

For the last one year, leading up the national election set for January 7, 2024, there has been increasing political unrest ending with weeks of intermittent nation-wide strikes and blockades called by the opposition parties demanding conditions for a “free and fair election”. After 15 years of tyranny of the Hasina Government, the people want a change at any cost. Taking advantage of that, envoys of the Western nations, particularly the US, have been frequently visiting and making deals with the government on the nation’s strategic assets and resources, with the silent support of the opposition BNP alliance. Moreover, every time a foreign envoy visited, the opposition leaders were eagerly hoping for them to put pressure on the government for a “free and fair election”. And, now the BNP alliance have seriously disappointed and frustrated the people because of their failed movement and are now boycotting the election, leaving a one-sided election by the government party.

This speech and call will give a clear direction to the people. So join us…

Saturday, 24 Jamadah al Akhar 1445 AH – 06 January 2024 CE

– Time & Place –

Date: 06 January 2024 CE

Time: 16:00 Medina Time

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– Live Broadcast –

2024 01 06 BNG CONF BANNER

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