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Where is the Root of the Energy Crisis?

As expected, with the onset of the cold weather in our country, the malfunction of the power system reoccurred. But this year’s energy crisis is deeper than ever because there is news that the number of people who died from carbon monoxide increased before the onset of winter. The people’s cup of patience is full and express severe protest against power outages, reducing gas pressure or stopping it completely, cutting off gas and electricity to institutions, and other problems in this field. As if this had never happened before, the government started to take random measures. The Minister of Energy, in an interview with a journalist, when he answered his questions on this subject, expressed incorrect and misleading opinions, acknowledging in part that the government is responsible for the root of the problem. For example, the minister said that the government signs agreements and conducts negotiations according to their economic feasibility. Such a pragmatic approach indicates that the government views the problem of its subjects in terms of economic interest and not as a humanitarian problem at all. This approach is the result of the democratic system applied by the government. The minister also carelessly said that the current crisis only appeared in the cold weather! As if there is no such problem at other times! It is strange that if the energy system in the country is not organized taking into account the coldest weather conditions, then what situation was taken into consideration?! Are the hot summer days taken into account?! What is the point of such an obsolete system that cannot provide people with energy when they need it most?!

In an interview with the BBC, the minister said that Uzbekneftegaz JSC cooperates with a number of international companies from capitalist countries, such as the financial holding company, Rothschild & Co, the American company, Boston Consulting Group, and the international consulting company McKinsey & Company. Only a senseless and treacherous government would cooperate with such murderous, brutal, carrion-loving corporations. The minister explained why the “recommendations” of these companies remain confidential by having such a clause (condition) in the contract. This is even more suspicious.

In addition, in a press conference, the deputy minister did not go beyond the phrase, “this is a state secret” while answering a question from journalists about companies that own gas fields in Uzbekistan! More suspiciously, the minister did not mention that Russia controls Uzbek gas, which is the mainstay of the energy system in Uzbekistan, and that the country’s energy problem is caused by gas shortages. On the contrary, he deliberately misled the people and said that the government concludes contracts in the energy sector on the basis of national interests only and the influence of external factors is totally unacceptable. In fact, the government is defending a contract that LUKOIL will own 90% of Uzbekistan’s gas until 2046. Encouraged by these contracts, other Russian companies are also competing with each other for gas and our other fields.

Control of Uzbek gas allows Russia to influence Uzbekistan’s domestic and foreign policy. Where Russia exploits the need of our people who live in poverty without electricity and gas in the cold winter days to drag Uzbekistan into its political and economic projects. For example, Putin invented another dubious project that includes Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan (a gas union) and wants them to participate in it. And while the time has come to provide an appropriate response to this criminal state that has been plundering the wealth of Central Asia for a century, our rulers have indeed proven that they are only concerned with preserving their wealth and thrones by treating it kindly. Therefore, the ruling political elite is unable to solve the problems of the people.

In conclusion, we emphasize that the Minister of Energy said that stable energy supply in Uzbekistan will only be achieved when modernization of networks and the economy of energy consumers is ensured and when large investments are made in this sector. From this it is clear that no matter how deep the problem is, the government does not have a solution. What solution can there be while the Uzbek government turns its back on Islam and its rulings that were revealed by Allah and handed over the wealth of public property to foreign companies?! The Muslims of Uzbekistan must be aware of this injustice, and they must know their enemies, and they must search for a solution to their problems only from Islam, and they must work with Hizb ut Tahrir to resume the Islamic way of life. Only then will they attain happiness in this world and the Hereafter, Allah willing.

[لِمِثْلِ هَذَا فَلْيَعْمَلِ الْعَامِلُونَ]

“For such ˹honour˺ all should strive.” [TMQ As-Saffat:61]

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