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Whilst the Kuffar Weaken Themselves through Mutual Conflict, Establish the Khilafah to Liberate Kashmir and Masjid Al-Aqsa

Late on 16 June 2020, at least twenty Indian troops were killed by the Chinese, during tensions that provide an ideal opportunity to re-establish the Khilafah in Pakistan. Although the Muslims of Pakistan celebrated the losses of the Hindu State, Islam demands greater actions from them of regional and global impact. Allah (swt) said, تَحْسَبُهُمْ […]

Lebanese Parties and the Ignition of Sectarian Strife Serve the Survival of the Political Class!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم The streets in Lebanon have erupted at the call of a group of Lebanese parties and political parties – in riding the wave of the demonstrations and directing it to other than its aims of livelihood demands – to disarm the Party of Iran in Lebanon, turning the street into a […]

How Long will the People in Yemen be Deprived of a Decent Living?!

Clashes raged again in the governorates of Abyan and Shabwa in southern Yemen on Friday 06/06/2020 between the Abdrabbuh’s legitimacy forces and the Transitional Council, which was renewed two months ago, after its first outbreaks in the beginning of August 2019, as if the war that that was ignited with the entry of the Houthis […]

Condolences for the Passing of the Mujahid Pilot & “The Bearer of Two Honors” Saiful Azam

On Sunday, 14/06/2020, the heroic fighter and the bearer of the two honors, Saiful Azam, passed away in Dhaka, Bangladesh. May Allah have mercy on him, and unite him with his brothers who preceded him in fighting for Allah’s sake, such as Khalid Bin al-Waleed, Salahuddin al-Ayoubi, Muhammad Bin al-Qasim, and all the Muslim fighters […]

The Iraq-US Dialogue is Like the Speech of a Master to his Slave, and the Owner to his Servant

The politicized media seeks to surround the first rounds of the alleged dialogue with an aura of glorification, and to invent victories and spoils that are not real. This is because what is happening is nothing more than orders dictated by a victorious party over another defeated which has no power but to submit … […]

China Confronts India in Ladakh while Pakistan still Fails Kashmiris

China says it has reached a “positive consensus” with India over resolving tensions at the border between the two countries, where troops have faced off in recent weeks. A “positive consensus” on resolving the latest border issue was achieved following “effective communication” through diplomatic and military channels, foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters on […]

Why are Mosques Excluded at a Time when Life is Gradually Returning to Normal?

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic that immerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan on 12/12/2019, has spread to the world, especially Europe and America. The discovery of the first case in Turkey was announced on 11/3/2020. When there was an increase in the rates of infections and deaths, some preventive measures were taken. And there was […]

Hasina Regime Imposes one inhuman “Lockdown” after another on the People

Not to Protect the General People but only the Capitalist Elites from COVID-19, is Destroying People’s Lives and Livelihood and the Economy, and is also using the “Lockdown” as a Tool to Quarantine People’s Anger Hasina regime, in the name of controlling COVID-19 infections and deaths, is imposing a new phase of area based strict […]

As the Coronavirus Disease Crisis Intensifies, the Muslims of Pakistan Fend for Themselves

like Orphans without their Faithful Guardian, the Khilafah Pakistan’s number of Covid-19 cases have now surpassed those of China, which was the global center of the outbreak and whose population is almost five times larger. The hospitals have become overwhelmed with cases of Coronavirus disease, with shortages in ventilators for the severely ill and an […]

Racism in the Netherlands Reaches Farther than just a Folk Tradition

The death of African American George Floyd as the result of American police brutality has initiated a worldwide movement against racism. The uprisings were not limited to the United States, protests against racism also occurred in several major cities in the Netherlands. It is without doubt that several politicians, media-outlets, directors and even multinationals sensed […]

Views on the News – 12 June 2020

Headlines: Dow Plunges 1,700 Points as U.S. Coronavirus Cases Rise, amid Fed’s Grim Economic Outlook Can the US Refuse to Pay $1 Trillion Debt to China for Using COVID-19 as a Bio-Weapon? Japan’s Top Billionaire Tadashi Yanai says the Image of America is Breaking Egypt Lashes Out Trumps Arctic Strategy Economic Gloom ahead

Only Khilafah Will Unleash Pakistan’s Armed Forces to End Indian Oppression Forever

Pakistan on Monday strongly condemned the killing of nine Kashmiri fighters by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir, terming them an act of “state terrorism”. The Foreign Office statement came as four Kashmiris were killed by government forces in occupied Kashmir’s southern Shopian area on Monday, just hours after five fighters died in a firefight in the same […]

The Many Faces of Colonialism

On Thursday 4/6/2020, the United Nations Security Council issued a resolution approving the dispatch of an international mission to Sudan, referred to as “UNITAMS”, at the secretive request of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok in January 2020. When he was exposed and he made clear that he wanted to place Sudan under the international trusteeship, so […]

The Supreme Court’s Decision Came After Years of Defending the Waqf Land

And Because of the Steadfastness of the People of the Blessed Land and the Tamim family In a filmed session, the Supreme Court of Justice decided today, Monday, 8/6/2020, to cancel the decision of the President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Mahmoud Abbas, of the possession of and granting the plot of land belonging to […]

The Annexation of the West Bank and the Valleys does not Change the Reality of Palestine and the Solution is only Urging Armies to Liberate Them

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs, Ayman Al-Safadi, affirmed that he is counting on the international community to prevent the implementation of any “Israeli” decision to annex occupied Palestinian lands to protect peace and protect international law. And he warned against the dire consequences of the annexation decision if it was implemented in […]

Q&A: The Political Developments in Iraq and Al-Kadhimi’s Role in Serving America

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Question: As is well known, Al-Kadhimi won the confidence of the pro-Iranian Parliament majority, even though he is accused by parties loyal to Iran and its men in Iraq of colluding with America in the Soleimani assassination, and some Iranian men describe him as America’s man. So does this mean that […]