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The War in Palestine is an Unjust Colonial War

When the Prime Minister can declare that there are no two sides to the conflict in Palestine, and his predecessor declared herself to be a huge Zionist, we can be sure that truth and justice are not in their vocabulary.

The Palestinians have been subject to a brutal apartheid regime that murders, tortures, abducts, expels and oppresses them continuously since the inception of this regime.

The Zionist military occupation of Palestine was created by terrorists and has terrorised the Palestinian people for 75 years. Together with the British Mandate, Palestine has been occupied for longer than it was during the crusades a millennium ago.

The British government militarily occupied Palestine, then handed it over to the Zionists to solve the “Jewish problem” as they described it. Zionism in Palestine was both an atonement for the West’s monstrous treatment of their Jewish citizens and a colonialist base for Western imperialism in the heart of the Middle East.

Muslims do not view the world as having a Jewish problem, and have not ethnically cleansed or systematically oppressed their Jewish citizens. All non-Muslim citizens are afforded their rights and justice under Islamic Shariah rule.

Yet the British government wants to portray the events in Palestine this week as antisemitism and terrorism against a legitimate peaceful state. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the Zionist occupation is illegal in origin and brutal in nature. Nothing exposes their hypocrisy more, and their blind support for Ukraine only further exposes this lie.

Muslims in Britain must not be intimidated into silence about the victims of the brutal Zionist occupation. Those who stand up to resist the occupiers and their continued settler colonialism should not be dehumanised as mere terrorists. We must all reject such attempts to police our thoughts and prevent legitimate opposition to the Western elite’s nefarious foreign policies.

They are the ones who exposed the fragility and arrogance of the Zionist’s security apparatus. Just like the Afghans who resisted Western occupation exposed the weakness of the Western military machine. The lonely mujahideen who resisted the occupiers, despite apparently overwhelming odds, have further exposed the futility of the Muslim regimes and their enormous military might.

The rulers in Muslim lands who hold back their armed forces from defending the Palestinian people against such indiscriminate Zionist aggression are true criminals. Just the movement of the Turkish, Jordanian or Egyptian army towards the border would send a wave of fear among the occupiers, such that they would not dare to fire another missile onto the innocent heads of the Muslims in Gaza. So, what are they waiting for?

Muslims in Britain need to stand on the side of truth and justice. Do not allow another lie about the brutal Zionist occupation of Palestine be told. Speak out against the continuing occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Speak up for the innocent Palestinians whose only crime was being Palestinian.

Yahya Nisbet
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Britain

Press Release
29 Rabi’ I 1445 – Saturday 14th October 2023
No: AH / 01 1445