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America’s Provision of Modern Weaponry to India to Counter China, is a Direct Threat to Pakistan’s Security.

How Long Will Pakistan’s Political and Military Leadership Continue to Deal with America as an Ally, Whilst it is an Open Enemy of Islam and Muslims?

After the meeting between Joe Biden and Narendra Modi on 22 June 2023, a joint statement was issued by the US and India, that has triggered concern within Pakistan’s strategic community. This declaration reaffirms comprehensive cooperation in US-India relations. It represents a clear and present danger to the security of Pakistan.The 58-point declaration itself acknowledges that, “No corner of human enterprise is untouched by the partnership between our two great countries, which spans the seas to the stars.” In addition to cooperation on industrial supply chains, and naval and security cooperation regarding the Indo-Pacific, Burma, Pakistan, Taliban and the Ukraine, the US will help India to build drones and jet engines, amongst other advanced military technologies.

Although these agreements are meant to increase India’s economic and defense capabilities, so that India can counter China militarily and economically, the increase in India’s capabilities are also a direct threat for Pakistan and the Muslims of the region. India is ruled by a Hindu, anti-Islamic government that is committed to implementing anti-Muslim policies. It is wreaking havoc on the Muslim population within India and Occupied Kashmir.It is because of its deep hostility towards Pakistan, that New Delhi insisted Washington include anti-Pakistan policies in the US-India declaration.

It must be considered here that America can only pit India against China, if India is not challenged by Pakistan. India must be assured that Pakistan is not a threat to Indian security and regional goals. Indeed, New Delhi already has firm assurances from Islamabad that Pakistan Army will not take military action over Kashmir. Pakistan’s current military and political leadership has expressed its desire for normalization with India. It has provided the Indian Army relief through a ceasefire agreement on the Line of Control. It has further adopted a policy of restraint, refusing to take military action over Occupied Kashmir. Thus, it is Pakistan’s leadership that has facilitated America in its attempt to pit India against China.

O Pakistan’s Armed Forces!
Did not our elders establish a country in the Indian Subcontinent, in which the authority rested with the Muslims, to ensure their security? Did they not vow that they would never accept the dominance of the Hindu mushrikeen and their rule of kufr? So how are you ready to accept the Hindu colonialist Raj in the region today? Are you not witnessing, with your own eyes, the malice of the Hindu Raj against Islam? Allah (swt) said,

[قَدْ بَدَتِ الْبَغْضَاء مِنْ أَفْوَاهِهِمْ وَمَا تُخْفِي صُدُورُهُمْ أَكْبَرُ]

“Their hatred is clearly manifest in what they say, and what their breasts conceal is even greater.” [TMQ Surah Aali-Imran 3:118].

If you remain motionless over the actions of your rulers, India will completely usurp Kashmir. These rulers will promote normalization with India, pleading economic compulsions, after the elections in India in 2024. They will place you as guards over the delivery of energy, from Central Asia and Iran, to India. The disgusting Hindu mushrik civilization, culture and customs that our forefathers rebelled against, will be imposed on our young generation, on our soil.

O Pakistan’s Armed Forces!
You have the ability to overturn America’s plans for the region. You must refuse to become a vassal state of India. You must not allow the United States to arm your enemy to the teeth, against you. Confront India, declare a military policy for the liberation of Kashmir and stop the delivery of oil and gas from Muslim Lands to India! You know that a cowardly and pro-American leadership cannot even think of doing that. So, pull the ground from under the feet of these rulers. Grant your Nussrah to Hizb ut Tahrir for the re-establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethood. The Khaleefah (Caliph) of the Muslims will unify the lands of the Muslims, through your military might. The Khilafah will be empowered by the gas of Qatar and Azerbaijan, the oil of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the military power of Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan, and the agricultural wealth of Pakistan and Central Asia. It will immediately eradicate America’s evil presence from the lands of Muslims and remind the Hindu State of its actual worth.

O Pakistan’s Armed Forces! The Muslims are the true inheritors of the Indian Subcontinent! Muslims ruled this region for centuries, despite their small numbers. Your strength is not in abundance of resources. Your strength is in your Iman in Allah (swt) and the spirit of Jihad in His Path. Come forth and overwhelm your enemies by re-establishing the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethood. Allah (swt) said,

[وَلاَ تَهِنُوا وَلاَ تَحْزَنُوا وَأَنتُمُ الأَعْلَوْنَ إِن كُنتُم مُّؤْمِنِينَ]

“Do not, then, either lose heart or grieve: for you shall surely gain the upper hand if you are true men of faith.” [TMQ Surah Aali-Imran 3:139].

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