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Justice and Protection for Muslims will only be Achieved Under the Khilafah

The Wounds of Muslims will only Heal with the Return of the Khilafah

With the destruction of the State of Islam in 1924 and in the absence of a Muslim ruler who defends them and strikes at every hand that extends to a Muslim man or woman in a bad way, the arrows are directed from all sides towards the Ummah of Islam. Her wounds increased, her pain and tragedy multiplied, and her enemies tightened their grip on her lands and wealth, and conspired against her with the rulers who they installed them on her to serve their interests and implement their orders and dictates.

Muslims in most parts of the world suffer from persecution and are labelled with terrorism. Their blood and honors have been violated for flimsy reasons and under false titles, including “fighting terrorism”. This broad label that has given the enemies of Islam a justification to spew their poisons and their hatred and declare their war on all those who support this religion.

The people of falsehood work, day and night, to make their Western capitalist system and civilization always prevail, and to be the supreme leader that guides and leads the world. They plot and conspire so that matters do not slip out of their hands and inflict upon those who represent the civilization of Islam or seek its return. They consider it the real danger that threatens their civilization and will destroy it – if it comes back – to become a mass scattered by the wind. Indeed, the civilization of Islam will destroy their capitalist ideology and their interests, and it will lead life according to a just and divine legislation that will not allow the arrogance of the powerful and the rich, nor the oppression of the weak, and will spread mercy, goodness, security, and tranquility … Therefore, the people of falsehood would not fail to use all their weapons to prevent it from returning to life.

In many parts of the world, Muslims suffer from various kinds of injustice and persecution. There is no answer to the women’s appeals and no one responds to the calls and screams of the children. The world is watching the massacres and crimes silently, and the most that the international organizations that claim to defend human rights do is denounce and provide statistics on the number of casualties and the amount of losses! Reports have proven that they are complicit in the crimes committed against Muslims, and that they are the product of this corrupt international system that does not care about the lives of innocent people and does not care about their suffering or their pain, for all what it is concerned with is ensuring its survival and control over the world.

Under this global capitalist system, Muslims suffer:

In East Turkestan, organs of living Muslim bodies are sold off to Chinese, men are killed, women are raped, forced sterilization is imposed, their hair is shaved and sold for large sums – and the US Customs seized more than 13 tons of wigs coming from China and is suspected of producing it by cutting the hair of Muslim Uighur women in China’s Xinjiang Province (Le Monde, 3/7/2020). Mothers are also forced to give their children to Chinese families to create a generation disconnected from Islam.

And in Central Africa – and for many years – the Anti-Balaka Christian militias have been torturing, killing and abusing Muslims, and these genocides take place under the auspices of the French-imposed government, and a new massacre was committed on 4/7/2020 against the Muslims where most of the victims were women. (Al-Omah Electronic Newspaper).

In Kashmir, Muslims suffer from abuses, arrests, and the use of violence against them, and Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi indicated this, pointing out that New Delhi “treats the Muslims of Kashmir, who are struggling to determine their own destiny, as terrorists…”

Burma also launched a military campaign against the Rohingya Muslims and mass exterminated them, which forced more than 700,000 Rohingya from Myanmar’s Rakhine State to flee to Bangladesh.

Heinous crimes were committed … painful massacres were carried out … thousands of Muslims were killed without the world moving a finger…

As for the smell of death in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it pervaded everywhere for 25 years, and to this day Muslims are still searching for the remains of their families who were killed in the Srebrenica massacre that claimed the lives of more than 8000 Muslims; it is the most horrific massacre and the largest tragedy Europe has ever known after the Second World War. Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina are still reviving this painful memory and trying to find the remains of their children (about 3 thousand victims of this massacre whose remains have not been found to date).

In his speech delivered during his memorial service to the remains of 33 victims of the massacre at the memorial cemetery in Potočari City, Savik Javierovich (member of the Presidential Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina) confirmed that “the victims of the Srebrenica massacre were killed only because they are Muslims and Bosnians” and continued: “Srebrenica will remain a stain of disgrace on the forehead of everyone who was able to prevent that massacre and did nothing”.

On June 28, 2020 Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrated the 510th anniversary of their entry into Islam: a celebration that expresses the feeling of pride and honor in this affiliation and longing for what they were in under the shadow of this religion that the West removed from their lives and from life in general, to impose its malevolent capitalist system on Islam and Muslims who suffer and undergo various types of torment, causing them to long for the state that was protecting them and allowed them to live in security and tranquility, which made their necks stretched out awaiting its return.

Under this prevailing world order: Muslims, in particular and humanity in general, suffer.

The West has installed agents who are dedicated to serving their interests, who rule the Muslims and devote themselves to oppressing them and afflict them with the scourge: poverty, hunger, wars, etc… until they become like orphans on the tables of scoundrels. Their lands were divided, their riches were plundered, and were ruled by puppet regimes that suppressed their movements, sometimes with deterrence and at others with delusion.

The forms of suffering in Muslim countries are diverse, embodied in pharaohs who rule the peoples and subjugate them by force and spread killing, destruction and wars and sow fear and terror in the hearts of their children; Syria: more than 400 thousand people have been killed in Syria since 2011 (Human Rights Watch organization: Al-Jazeera Net, 13/03/2020). This suffering also appears in famines and poverty. Yemen: UNICEF warned on 26 June 2020 that the number of malnourished children in Yemen had risen to 2.4 million by the end of the year due to the severe shortage of humanitarian aid funding. It also shows in the control of the great powers over the fate of peoples and their imposition of projects and laws that undermine and fight the provisions of Sharia and push Muslims to live estranged and detached from their religion and its provisions.

Although the forms of Muslims’ suffering differ, the reason is the same, which is the absence of the system of their religion from their lives and the rule of a corrupt secular system on their necks and throughout the world. A man-made system that spread injustice and darkness, failed to save humanity from successive crises and failed to solve its own troubled problems. A system that emits the stench of death and throws people into the abyss and darkness, and makes the out-stretched neck eagerly awaiting a savior who brings them out from this closed suffocating circle.

The justice and fairness that Muslims witnessed under their state included all those who were under its shadow and its rule, and history testifies to that, contrary to the persecution and murder that was taking place in Europe … Muslims spread the religion of Islam as a mercy to the worlds and rulers applied it for fear of Allah and obedience to Him. Despite the distortion and falsification of facts by the West, history has proven that the Islamic state was a great example in taking care of the affairs of Muslims and non-Muslims who lived under its shadow. Amir Shakib Arslan mentions the characteristics of the Ottoman state in his book, The Modern Islamic World, indicating that “the respect of treaties, and acting according to the given one’s word were among the advantages of the Ottomans, on which all Ottoman history revolves”.

When Muslims had a state, most of their rulers – in their dealings with their subjects – followed their beloved Messenger ﷺ who feared Allah in all His creatures, and he was merciful to Muslims and others; providing them with care and protection, so they lived in safety and contentment…

Ibn Saad mentioned in his “Al-Tabaqat the text of the Prophet’s letter to the Christians of Najran: “the Prophet ﷺ wrote to the Bishop of Bani Harith bin Kaab and the bishops of Najran, their priests, monks and followers that they “keep all that is in their hands whether great or small, including their property, prayers, or monks, and the protection of Allah Almighty and His Prophet. No Bishop will be forced to renounce his bishopric nor any monk will be asked to forsake his monastery nor any diviner abandon his profession. No right of theirs shall be altered, nor their authority or anything of their past customs, so long as people discharge their duties rightly, neither will be wronged, nor will be allowed to do any wrong to others”.

And when Damascus was opened, Khalid bin Al-Walid wrote to its inhabitants: “In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. This is given by Khalid bin Al-Walid to the people of Damascus. When the Muslims enter, they (the people) shall have safety for themselves, their property, their temples and the walls of their city, of which nothing shall be destroyed. They have this guarantee on behalf of Allah, the Messenger of Allah, the Caliph and the Muslims, from whom they shall receive nothing but good so long as they pay the Jizya”.

Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh wrote a decree in which reads: “The Bosnian Franciscans granted with this sultanate ferman (the royal decree) are under my protection. And I command that: No one shall disturb or give harm to these people and their churches! They shall live in peace in my state. These people who have become emigrants, shall have security and liberty.”

The caliphs took care of the people themselves and checked on their conditions for fear that Allah would hold them accountable for their negligence or impose blame upon them for a complaint from one of their subjects. Rather, their care included animals and birds. “If a mule slipped in Iraq, Allah (swt) would hold me accountable for not paving the way for it”. (Umar bin Al-Khattab). “Sprinkle wheat on mountain peaks so that it would not be said that a bird goes hungry in the Muslim lands” (Omar bin Abdul Aziz) … And they set wonderful examples in people’s politics and the care of their affairs.

These are the policies of the Khilafah (Caliphate) state with its Muslim and non-Muslim subjects; defending them, protecting them and granting them a decent and peaceful life, in contrast to this global capitalist system whose laws and legislations emit nothing but the smell of death, poverty and hunger…. So, there is a great difference between a divine, just and merciful legislation that brings good and life to Muslims and all people and guarantees their survival, and human legislation laden with the smell of death… hastening the world to the destruction.

There is a great difference between a state that governs by what Allah has revealed and fills the world with mercy and tranquility, and a man-made system that seeks to achieve the interests of a group of capitalists who spread their poison, hatred and selfishness, so they fill this world with fear, grief, and terror…

There is a great difference between what the Islamic state does with its subjects; Muslim or non-Muslim, and the capitalist system that governs the world today and the scourges it inflicts on Muslims and others…

There is a great difference between a human system that was unable to solve the problems generated by its laws that it had enacted and left mankind floundering in a sea of ​​crises because it failed to put an end to them and resorted to its international organizations and its various means to extend its validity that is about to expire, and between a divine system that dealt with all the problems of life. To Allah belongs the creation and the command, He is the All-Knower, the All-Aware…

The world in general and Muslims in particular are in desperate need today for the system of Islam to bring them out of the darkness and injustice of the capitalist system to the light and justice of Islam. The return of the Khilafah is not only a legitimate fact (a promise from Allah (swt), and a good tiding from His Messenger ﷺ, but rather a realistic necessity imposed by reality. The facts, especially after the Arab Spring revolutions, proved the people’s yearning for a new world order that changes their conditions and their situations, and removes the system of capitalism out of their life after it was proven to them its failure to solve their problems and its corruption…

The Islamic peoples’ anticipation for the system of their religion, which will change their lives, change the face of the world, flip the scales and restore the Islamic Ummah to its natural position (leading the world and running it with the just system of the Creator), this is the natural situation of the Ummah of Islam, and the weakness and it is, is but an exception. Therefore, the knitting and healing of the Ummah’s wounds will only be with the return of the state of Islam, at which point the recessed wound – the absence of the Islamic system from life – will heal – and all other wounds will be cured.


Zeinah As-Samit