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America is About to Fall, and the Establishment of the Khilafah has Become an Expected Reality in the West

The story of the West’s colonization of this Ummah extends over a century ago, and although it was able to occupy it, it could not consolidate its occupation of it, as it remains imposed and rejected. And as a result of this imposition and rejection, the Islamic Ummah has survived those tragic situations that we see, and it wants to get out of it but cannot. It knows that the path of salvation is through its Deen, but it does not know how to reach it, and it searches for the one who carries the antidote to it and the healing balm from its Messenger’s ﷺ method, and he (one with solution) is among it.

The West realizes this fact that frightens it so much, and works to prevent it with all deception, force and criminality, and uses all brutal methods of colonialism to prevent it. Yet it was not able to resolve the conflict in its favour throughout this century; rather, the results were against it, even though it was and still possesses all the tools that enable it to do this (puppet rulers, armies intended to protect rulers from their people, paid scholars, secular parties and subordinate media…) and uses them all to its advantage. However, the Ummah was increasingly insistent on change, and found no escape from it, and all those who were with it had fallen in this conflict. The West realized that, and realized its failure to prevent Muslims from working to separate from it and to be liberated from its imprisonment, and it realized that it is only a matter of time. It admits that it will not be able to delay the time of its expulsion from the region.

However, the West’s recognition of this fact did not make it surrender to it, as it constantly searches for what would prevent that, and we all see how in its war it moves from plan to plan, hoping to find a loophole through which it can emerge from it (the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, the plan to divide the region again on sectarian and ethnic basis, confronting revolutions, provoking sectarian strife, inventing the war on ‘terror’, fighting political Islam (the Islamists), the invention of ISIS, Erdogan’s game, and the options are open to it) and from its dirty and descending methods that we see is that it is using them without feeling the slightest tinge of humanity, a method that expresses its despair at the possibility of success of its dirty endeavors in its war against Islam and preventing the return of the Khilafah (Caliphate). Here is its adoption of the method:

Exhaustion, and slow erosion that depletes all the capabilities of the enemy (Muslim countries), which leads to the gradual ruin of cities and turning people into enemies of each other, and making them displaced and immigrants, and their countries in destruction and destroyed by their hands. This method is far from the military resolution against the enemy; that is, against Muslim countries, or the destruction of military capabilities. Rather, it aims to destabilize and create a failed state in internal sectarian civil wars that they control, and it is carried out in slow steps and by using the citizens of the enemy state, which makes it wake up paralyzed and incapable of the fulfillment of its basic needs, which makes it subject to its will, embraced in its arms and begging for its help. This is not an analysis, but it is from a lecture given by Professor Max Manwaring, an expert in military strategy at the US Army War College – Strategic Studies Institute  which he delivered in ‘Israel’ in the presence of senior NATO officers and ‘Israeli’ officers. This is what we see actually being applied in Muslim countries, from Afghanistan to Iraq to Syria, Libya and Yemen, and more to come.

As we convey this ominous picture of the bloody conflict between Islam and its Western enemies, headed by America and its ally (the Jewish entity), and their constant attempts to prevent it from taking its role in life again; however, it is accompanied by another image completely different from what the West wants, because by its criminality that has reached the extent that we mentioned above, it exposes its civilization and reveals its brutality, inhumanity, corruption and that it has not brought to the world since its inception, nothing but wars, tragedies, destruction, colonialism, sucking the blood of people and plundering its goods. The two World Wars were among the first fruits of its wicked tree; these two wars that affected primarily their people, and this civilization is now in its worst forms of brutality. The time of this civilization is now working to its detriment, indicating that it is heading towards erosion and collapse, and perhaps the ethnic events that followed the killing of American citizen, Floyd, and its extension to Europe, because it shares America’s civilization, show that there are internal bombs planted in the corners of this civilization that reveal how the history of this civilization is based on colonialism, slavery and the extermination of people since its inception, and the best way forward for it is to disappear.

It is worth to mention here that the West, in the midst of its war against Muslims because of their Deen, and its planting of tragedies in their countries, country after country, made Muslims feel that they are one Ummah, their Arabs and non-Arabs, and that their war against their Deen is one war, which made them all united in their outlook, and they look forward to living once again under the Khilafah Rashida (the Rightly Guided Caliphate) state; they remember the justice of the caliphs and the extension of living under it, and the life of obedience to Allah (swt). Their souls yearn to it again and their hearts long to restore its glories, and to live like their ancestors in an atmosphere of Dawah, Jihad and the spread of Islam, and then they read the rulings of Allah (swt) on the obligation of working for the change by the establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate) from the Qur’an and Sunnah and the consensus of the Companions, and the books of fiqh have transmitted the consensus of Muslim scholars on this, so they know that working to establish it is an obligation and not an option. This is what makes Muslims endure all hardship against them and move forward towards establishing it and endure and have patience for its sake. If it weren’t for what the Muslims have which is greater and stronger than injustice, oppression, humiliation and poverty, which is their belief in Allah and working to support Islam, they would have not been able to withstand this in such a legendary form against the plots and coercion of the West.

Now we arrive at a paradoxical equation: Islam is advancing to take its role again on the stage of life, and the West is in decline, is being exposed, is falling, and moving towards withering away, and this is not just our words but the words of many of their thinkers who expect this fate of the capitalist civilization. They hold two opinions according to what we read: a section believes that the Western civilization has failed and the time has come for its departure, but they do not speak of an alternative. And a group that sees it as such and that Islam is the present alternative, and they see that it is just a matter of time, and this is what made us say that. Time is an important factor; it is not in the favour of the defunct capitalist civilization.

The question that arises here is: Is the process of the global change that the world awaits today a measured process with known steps, and known timing, or is it something else? Does the process of global change that the world is talking about require the establishment of an Islamic state first, and this state is the one that eliminates and brings down the countries of the capitalist West, or is it something else?

The answer to the first question is that we, as Muslims, must work for change as a Shariah obligation from Allah (swt) to establish the ruling on what Allah has revealed by establishing the Khilafah (Caliphate) that will establish the Deen and all that it requires of preserving, implementing and spreading it. That we work diligently, steadfast and patiently, seeking the reward and victory from Allah (swt) alone to raise the word of Allah high, to work committed to this path in the method of the Messenger ﷺ until we achieve this. This is just as America and the West do in a purely materialistic and insistent manner to control the world. So we do not say that this Deen is the truth and we sit waiting for Allah to change our conditions, and we pray for that in every prayer. Rather, it is Allah (swt) who ordered us to work to establish an Islamic state exactly as the Messenger ﷺ established it in Medina. Belief in Allah (swt) requires that He Alone is singled out with obedience, meaning in ruling, and to believe that Allah (swt) Alone is the guide, helper, and supporter, and we make this belief the basis of the process of change. And together with this work, we pray to Allah (swt), sincere in the Deen, asking for the victory, and have certainty that Allah will answer us. So change is a step that is calculated, with known actions.

As for its time, it is in Allah’s hand alone, and only He (swt) knows it, and the Muslim cannot have a say on it except by way of approximation, and this is what we see today. We realize that the Ummah in which the call of its Lord to establish an Islamic state reached far, and that it has become close to victory and dominance. This is what the West feels and is working hard to exclude as we mentioned in this article, and the lack of knowledge of this by Muslims was faced by the the Messenger ﷺ before the establishment of his ﷺ state: when it will be, and where it will be? Even in the West itself, which monitors the process of change in the Ummah and works to pursue it from country to country, some of its officials stated that whenever they strike the awakening in one country and thought that they had finished it, they get surprised by it in another country and in another format. So, Muslims today are on a date with the Khilafah (Caliphate); they say when is it, say it, hopefully it will be soon.

As for the answer to the second question, it is that the West and its countries, led by America, may witness crises and circumstances that may lead to chaos and unexpected wars against them. America is fighting wars on all fronts in order to preserve its position. It is fighting its war with Islam and Muslims, and it is afraid of competition from China, which makes relations between them tense. It may enter into a cold war with it, and then it will be escalated to a heated war directly with it or by proxy, and America is working to prevent the European Union from actually uniting, and from the formation of a political, military and economic power between them. America has its financial problems that are not solved by the science and validity of the system, but by thuggery of printing the dollar without accountability, and linking the global economy to the dollar, and then exporting its internal problems from racial discrimination to many states thinking of independence from federalism. The reality in which America lives does not prevent something from happening that makes America face a situation greater than its ability to withstand. Examples of this are many and close, such as the Coronavirus epidemic, whose effects have not ended yet but are increasing, which proved America’s inability to confront it, and threatened its international position in favour of China, and the killing of Floyd revived racism again in the heart of America and Europe, and American citizens of Asian origins in addition to blacks of African Americans are threatened by white racists, and this heralds the worst consequences and dangerous internal division.

From this, it is not excluded that major global events will occur that lead to the disruption of the current international political formations and open the doors to new conflicts that were not taken into consideration, and the one who looks at the reality now does not see this as excluded, and the one who looks at the past sees that he has evidence that Muslims could only explain after a while, such as the Buath war that took place in Madina between Al-Aws and Al-Khazraj that eliminated its old leaders, and the young leaders took over leadership, and this had a positive effect on the establishment of the first state of Islam in it, and likewise the occurrence of the Justinian plague and its extension to the countries of Syria, Palestine, Iraq and Egypt until it wiped out a large proportion of the population in the region in which the Romans and Persians were fighting, and killed a large numbers of their soldiers, and this was thirty years before the birth of the Messenger ﷺ, and it had its effect on the weakness of the two empires, and consequently it had the effect of eliminating their power by the state of Islam after the establishment of his ﷺ state.

What is happening now, none of us can discuss it in depth, but we know that Allah (swt) has decreed it for an objective, and we ask Him (swt), to prepare for us as He has prepared for His Messenger ﷺ, victory, and made introductions for it.

What we know, and the world now knows, is that the West headed by America, is about to fall, and there is a possibility that it will be occupied at the beginning completely from others. Its cold wars may rage until it enters into hot wars that distract it from the Muslims, as happened to America in its war on Islam under the name of the war on ‘terror’. It was distracted from China until China reached a dangerous position in competition with it, and now it wants to open hot files with it that no one knows where it can reach. From here we say that no one can predict how the process of global change that we are talking about will take place, and we hope from Allah (swt) that this century will be the century of the establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate) state, just as the previous century was the century of the demolition of the Khilafah (Caliphate).

In all cases, whether the Islamic state was established in the beginning and confronted the existing states, or if circumstances and situations arise that lead to the fall of current international reality now, the Islamic state will fight fierce wars, whether they are military or intellectual. But it is certain that the Khilafah (Caliphate) will prevail, Allah willing, for the one who establishes it is the one who protects it. The truthful and trustworthy our master Muhammad ﷺ has announced the glad-tidings that the Khilafah Rashida (rightly guided Caliphate) will be established at the end of time by His ﷺ saying: «ثم تكون خلافة على منهاج النبوة» “Then there will be a Khilafah (Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood.”

And that the rule of Islam will spread all over the world, Muslim narrated from Thawbaan, he said: The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:«إِنَّ اللهَ زَوَى لِي الأَرْضَ، فَرَأَيْتُ مَشَارِقَهَا وَمَغَارِبَهَا، وَإِنَّ أُمَّتِي سَيَبْلُغُ مُلْكُهَا مَا زُوِيَ لِي مِنْهَا…» Allah drew the ends of the world near one another for my sake. And I have seen its eastern and western ends. And the dominion of my Ummah would reach those ends which have been drawn near me.”

And Rome will be conquered, and Palestine will be liberated, and there are many Hadiths on that, all of which predict the dominance of the Deen, and tomorrow for its onlookers is near.


Source: Al-Waie Magazine – Issue 407 – Dhul-Hijjah 1441 AH corresponding to August 2020 CE

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