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The Single National Curriculum (SNC) Poisons Our Children with a Western Secular World View

Whilst Giving Us False Reassurance with Some Islamic Content Although Pakistan’s rulers have made great fanfare that a key consideration of its Single National Curriculum (SNC) 2020 is the inclusion of “Teachings of Quran and Sunnah,” in reality this curriculum is a dangerous colonialist project to suppress Islam. The SNC poisons the understanding of Islam […]

UAE-Jewish Entity Deal: A product of the Western system, which hurts our Palestinian brothers and sisters

On 13th August 2020, ‘Israel’ and the UAE agreed to the Abraham Accord. It is expected that the two countries will sign the peace accord in the USA this month. The agreement is being hailed as a success. The USA, unsurprisingly, supports the deal with Trump tweeting that it is a ‘Huge Breakthrough’. And Kelly […]

The Blasphemy Against Islam and the Prophet ﷺ Continues in the Absence of Khilafah

French Paper Charlie Hebdo Reprints Controversial Prophet Muhammad Cartoons. “We will never live down. We will never give up,” Charlie Hebdo director Laurent “Riss” Sourisseau wrote in the latest edition of the magazine. France’s Macron refuses to condemn Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. [The Eurasian Times, SEP 1, 2020]

The Khilafah Alone Will Rescue Karachi from Crushing Neglect under Democracy’s Federal System

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم With devastating losses in property and paralyzing disruption in electricity supply, much of Karachi remained submerged in a waist-deep mixture of rainwater and sewerage, several days after heavy rains during the annual monsoon season. Thus, within days, decades of neglect of Pakistan’s economic hub and largest city, home to over twenty […]

Extrajudicial Killings, Forced Disappearance-Murders, Remand-Torture are Tools of the Secular System to Suppress the People

Only Removing this System of Oppression and Re-establishing the Khilafah System will ensure the Safety and Security of the People The sensational killing of Major Sinha Mohammad Rashed Khan (retd.) by Hasina government’s decorated officer-in-charge and some rogue police members in Cox’s Bazar on July 31 has brought the unproductive discussion on the extrajudicial executions […]

Russian Mufti Congratulated Lukashenko on Winning the Elections

On the 14th of August 2020 on the website of the Russian Muslim Board, there was publishes the “Appeal of Mufti Gainutdin to the people of Belarus”, where mufti stated that «with great respect» relates to Alexander Lukashenko expressed “sincere congratulations” to him on “victory in the elections” and wished Lukashenko “to continue the service […]

Who is there to Defend the Honour of Muhammad ﷺ?

Hateful secularists continue to exploit the vacuum of Islamic political leadership in the world today Every so often the hateful apologists for secularism claim their right to insult Muslims by burning printed Qur’ans and publishing cartoons that mock the Prophet Muhammad (saw). True to form for those who cling onto falsehood, knowing full well that […]

Amendment to the 2020 Budget: Sudan’s Economy Continues to be Destroyed by Compliance to IMF

On Sunday, 09/08/2020 CE, the Interim Legislative Council, the Sovereignty Council and Council of Ministers, passed an amendment to the general budget, which would increase subsidies on hydrocarbons by 75%, electricity by 41%, along with a gradual floatation of the exchange rate; starting with the calculation of foreign grants and loans at a rate of […]

The Transitional Government Involved in the Kaffir Colonialist Agenda Is Seeking to Declare Normalization with the Jewish Entity

In an article on his account on a website, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Haider Badawi Sadiq, called on the Sudanese people to reconcile with “Israel”, indicating that there are secret arrangements between the two leaderships in Khartoum and Tel Aviv. The spokesman called on the head of the Sovereignty Council and the Prime Minister […]

How Turkey can turn Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean to its favour

This week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ratcheted up the pressure on Greece. Referring to efforts undertaken by Greek Cypriots to issue licenses to foreign companies to conduct offshore drilling, Erdogan said, “They will understand that Turkey has the political, economic and military strength to tear up immoral maps and documents.” [Arab News] Ankara is […]

State Mourning and Half-mast Flags in Bangladesh on the Death of Pranab Mukherjee

Former President of India Sheikh Hasina Shamelessly Showed her Unbound Subservience People of Bangladesh are appalled by Hasina government’s repulsive decision to observe a day of ‘state mourning’ in Bangladesh on September 2 over the death of Pranab Mukherjee, former President of India. Expressing her deepest grief, Sheikh Hasina termed him a ‘true friend’ of […]

Tunisian Security Forces in Sfax  Arrest Member of Hizb ut Tahrir: Ustath Saeed Khasharam

This morning, a security group in civilian clothes arrested a member of Hizb ut Tahrir in Sfax, Ustath Saeed Khasharam, from his workplace, saying: “The director wants you regarding a matter.” When the security authorities were contacted they denied that he was in their custody, and went on further and violated his rights and that […]

Who Will Stand Up to the Religious Genocide of Muslims in East Turkestan?

On the 27th August, ‘Buzzfeed News’ published the findings from its investigation based on thousands of satellite images of the region of ‘Xinjiang’ which revealed a “vast and growing infrastructure for long-term detention and incarceration” of Uyghur, Kazakh and other Muslims by the tyrannical Chinese regime. It described how “China has secretly built scores of […]

Mali Coup: Greedy Capitalists Bring More Tragedies to Mali

Tuesday, 18th August 2020, key elements of the Malian Army  began a mutiny by storming the Soundiata military base in the town of  Kati, where gunfire was exchanged before weapons were distributed from the armory and senior officers arrested. The army forces detained several government officials including the President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta (75) who resigned and dissolved the government. The […]

Views on the News – 5 Sep 2020

Headlines: Trump’s Crude Remarks about US Troops Reveal Actual Thinking of the American Elite Clash between America and Europe over the International Criminal Court In contradiction to Public Remarks, Netanyahu Revealed to be fully behind US Agenda UAE-Jewish State Intelligence Base on Yemeni island of Socotra Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan to Find Permanent Solution […]

The Transitional Government and Revolutionary Front Puts the Country in a Shredding Machine for the Second Time!!

On Monday, 31/8/2020, the Transitional Government signed in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, an agreement called a peace agreement with the Sudan Revolutionary Front. The most prominent point of this agreement is to grant self-autonomy the regions of the Blue Nile and South Kordofan, in addition to sharing the power and wealth between them; […]