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Sex Education Presented at an Educational Conference in Sudan

Presenting Sex Education at an Educational Conference Comes in the Political Context of a Government that has Declared War on the Remaining Rulings of Islam and the Establishment of the Values of the Western Civilization

At the Education Curricula Conference for intermediate and secondary school stages, which began its work on 05/01/2021, under the title: “For a curriculum that upholds human values, celebrates diversity and peace and catches up with science and modernity”, Mohamed Al-Amin Al-Tom, Minister of Education, explained that he refers to what is kept silent about in discussions, and the tendency of many not to delve into sexual health issues, and to be ashamed to discuss them, and he said we are not reconciled with our bodies, especially women who always resort to the direction to cover their bodies. He also referred to the questions and inquiries emanating from the children regarding this matter, indicating that it is natural for them to know the body’s functions, because in the future they will move to the role of the father or the mother. and stressed the need to reconcile with the body, and to overlook the view of it being created for pleasure and reproduction only, especially in the Muslim world. Al-Tom called for dealing with this issue, within the framework of the school, in a scientific manner. (SUNA)

The presentation of sex education in an educational conference comes in the political context of a government that has declared its war on the remaining provisions of Islam and the upbringing of children on the values of Western civilization. The issue is not a conciliatory issue, it is an educational issue based on ideas and concepts. So, it was necessary to hold the Minister of Education accountable for these dirty ideas, and it was necessary to demand the truth of the content, not the form, and the statement of what are the values ​​on which this sex education depends.

It is not surprising that the Minister of Education in the government of the agents of the colonialist spoke, considering that woman’s covering her body is a failure to reconcile with herself, and that the treatment of sexual health is carried out within the framework of the school for children. Because believing in international and regional agreements, and striving to make them the basis of legislation and laws, is intended to detach the people of Sudan from the Islamic identity and integrate them into the Western intellectual system. After signing the African Charter on the Rights of the Child, which is based on Western civilization, here we come to what is called sex education, and the rest, Allah forbid, will be uglier.

He defined the concept of sex education as “providing youth and adolescents with scientifically correct sexual information, to form positive values ​​and acquire the skill to make informed and responsible knowledge-based decisions, in order not to leave the opportunity to exploit adolescents.” Here we wonder what are the positive values, what are the acquired skills, and what is the need for Muslim children to be dragged into this information? Has the Islamic legislation fell short of the information in childhood and youth regarding sexual issues, so that it is sought in the civilization of the Kuffar?!

The so-called human values ​​mean the values ​​of Western civilization. In other words, the civilization of the colonial Kuffar who, out of envy from themselves, want to drag the Muslim woman, family, and child into the swamp of their stale civilization.

They are the dictates of the Western countries that burden Sudan under its huge debts, and without shame the transitional government responds, working to pass their impure projects, to distort our society, and strike our Islamic values. Such as the inclusion of sex education in our educational curricula, which is a link in a series of Western laws that have been imposed on the states of Muslim countries; such as legalizing homosexuality, equality in inheritance, and others, and for this reason the talk is not related to the concept of education, talk is not about the concept of education, it is not about the reality of sexual behaviour and how it is organized from the Islamic point of view, nor does it relate to the role of Islam through its rulings and system in guiding children towards the correct behaviour. Islam has its way of raising children, educating young people, and envisioning youth, and the rulings of Islam are consistent with each other and are implemented by the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) state on the method of the Prophethood.


Official Spokeswoman of the Women’s Section in Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Sudan

Thursday, 23rd Jumada I 1442 AH

07/01/2021 CE

No: 1442 / 08