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Islam ‘not sustainable’ in its current form and must ‘reshape’ to modern values, says religious ‘expert’

Islam is “not sustainable” in its current form with religious teachings that are “out of touch with the present”, according to a leading Austrian professor. Ednan Aslan, professor of Islamic religious education at the University of Vienna, proposed several changes to a religion he said he wanted to “reshape” with modern values.

Modern Day Slavery

About 45.8 million people around the world are trapped in modern-day slavery, almost a third more than estimated two years ago, a charity said on Tuesday. The Walk Free Foundation’s Global Slavery Index said that India had by far the largest number of modern slaves, 18.35m, followed by China with 3.39m and Pakistan with 2.13m.

The rise in Anorexia and eating disorders cannot be explained by genetics but by social conditioning

14 March 2016, the Telegraph reported that British journalist and television presenter Joan Bakewell had caused a media debate regarding the causes of anorexia and eating disorders. She contradicted popular commentators who have labeled such behaviors as uncontrollable conditions linked to genetics or mental illness. In an interview for the Sunday Times she attributed the […]

Capitalism is for the Rich

On 19th January 2016 Oxfam published a report titled “Wealth: Having it all and wanting more” showing worsening health inequality around the world. It showed that the world’s richest 1% owned 48% of the world’s wealth. They also found that whilst the top 80 billionaires saw an increase of $600 billion in their wealth over […]

Islam Alone Can Solve the Growing Global Crime Problem

Wherever capitalism’s ruling system, Democracy, is implemented, soaring crime rates are evident, and Pakistan is no exception. Ranging from target killings to kidnappings, and rapes to robberies, the media carries shocking news of crimes. What’s worse is that in Pakistan, many criminals continue roaming free due to their influence or status. In fact many times […]

Catastrophes of the Capitalist Ideology

The capitalist ideology emerged in the 18th century as a result of intellectual struggle between the medieval church and philosophers/liberators inside Europe. Since then almost all the European countries and the United States afterwards following upheavals adopted it. Currently the United States is the primary custodian/promoter of this ideology that is being aggressively propagated globally […]

The Freedom Conflict

On Tuesday 19 May 2015, a court in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom ruled against Asher’s Bakery who refused to bake a cake with a pro gay marriage slogan on the basis of discrimination. This took place a week before Ireland went to the polls for a referendum on the legalisation same sex marriages. This has […]

In Capitalism the Crimes of the Banking Elites go Unpunished

“I sincerely believe… that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies”– Thomas Jefferson Western banks have a habit of embroiling themselves in scandals that involve large sums of money. Last week the FBI stated six global banks were involved in criminality “on a massive scale”.  The banks will pay circa $5.6 billion for rigging […]

Freedom of Speech Spearheads the War on Religion

The comment of the present Pope Francis in the aftermath of the attacks on the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo is a reminder of the deep contradiction between religion and freedom of speech. Pope Francis remarked, in simple layman terms, that if someone were to say something offensive about the Pope’s mother then he could expect to receive a punch in the face. Speech, in other words, has serious consequences and cannot be conducted irresponsibly.

Film versus Propaganda: American Sniper and the Repercussion on Muslim Communities

American Sniper is a 2014 high-powered American action and drama film directed by Clint Eastwood. It is based on Chris Kyle’s autobiography “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History”. With 255 kills in Iraq, 160 of which were officially confirmed by the Department of Defense, Kyle is the deadliest marksman in U.S. military history. He earned himself several so-called praised titles such as the “Legend” and Longest recorded sniper kills list. At the same time, a tremendous spike in racist fueled hate crimes and threats against the Muslim Arab communities has been reported in the United States.

Why the ‘Freedom to Offend’ is NOT the Mark of a Civilized Society

As the media cameras began to roll on the Charlie Hebdo attack, Muslims globally held their breath, anticipating yet again another cycle of assault on their Islamic beliefs. They were not wrong. As details of the incident emerged, so did the bombardment of condemnatory and accusatory statements from journalists and politicians alike, that Islam’s strong rejection of any insult against the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم or its sacred tenets was somehow to blame for this act of violence. Muslims were then presented with an ultimatum. They had to make a choice – either they were with the so-called defenders of freedom of speech and accept for their Prophet and beliefs to be insulted OR they were on the side of those who perpetrated this bloodshed. This absurd “them or us” ultimatum was based upon the twisted logic that those who oppose the right to vilify religions are somehow ‘closet sympathisers’ of those who kill journalists and cartoonists. It’s on par with accusing those who disagree with the values of Islam as being ‘closet sympathisers’ of Anders Breivik, the far-right mass-murderer who killed dozens of people in Norway in the name of his anti-Islamic ideology.

The Brutality of Western Civilization and the Tragedy of Those Smitten by It

Recently, America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), officially issued extracts of the report about the CIA conduct towards prisoners in the so-called ‘War on Terror’. The entire report extends to about 6000 pages, though only 400 of its pages were allowed to be published. However, these 400 pages are enough to reveal the inhumane and cruel face of the Western governments. According to the report, the prisoners were deprived of sleep for six continuous days, forced to stand. As a consequence of this psychological torture, prisoners suffered mental illness. Two prisoners had their leg bones broken. One prisoner was threatened that if he denies co-operation, his mother will be subjected to sexual harassment. This “civilized” intelligence agency also tortured people using water boarding which is one of the worst forms of torture in human history. In this technique the face and nose of a person are covered with cloth and then water is poured over him repeatedly such that he feels as if he is drowning. According to the report, Khalid Sheikh Muhammad was tortured in this way 183 times.