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Reject the UN!

Occupied Kashmir Demands Liberation by Our Armed Forces, not Appeals to the Colonialist Tool, the UN, that has Always Ensured Our Oppression After the Muslims of Occupied Kashmir suffered torturing of their men and dishonoring of their women for a full fifty-five days, whilst patiently demanding rescue by Pakistan’s capable and willing armed forces, Pakistan’s […]

Khilafah Liberates Kashmir!

Take the Fight to Modi in Occupied Kashmir, Liberating it, Rather than Waiting for Expansion of his Mischief. Indeed, defense and restraint before an aggressor only encourages more aggression. At a time when Modi is actively consolidating his hegemony in Occupied Kashmir by spilling blood and violating sanctities, Imran Khan’s defensive posture is simply buying […]

Pakistan’s Rulers Abandon Occupied Kashmir!

The Bajwa-Imran Regime Celebrates 14th August Independence Day in “Solidarity” with the Noble Muslims of Occupied Kashmir, Even though their Brave Character is Poles Apart from that of the Cowardly Regime Today, Hindus are oppressing Muslims in Kashmir and other Indian areas, using live ammunition to crush the legitimate struggle of Muslims in Kashmir, changing […]

Wilayah Pakistan: Reject American Raj!

The Bajwa-Imran Regime Bolsters Trump’s Re-Election Campaign by Begging for His Help in Mediation with India and Stabilizing Afghanistan for His Exhausted Troops The Bajwa-Imran regime met with US President Trump to confirm its alliance with America, the foremost enemy of Islam and Muslims. Imran Khan reposed his full trust in Trump to normalize relations […]

Free Naveed Butt!

Bajwa-Imran Regime Fails to Comply to the Production Order in the Missing Persons Case of Naveed Butt, but Springs to Action at Every Demand of its Colonialist Masters The Official Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in the Wilayah of Pakistan, Naveed Butt, remains in abduction since 11th May 2012. For six years, the Missing Persons Commission […]

Reject Devaluation!

On IMF instructions, the PTI Government Causes Inflation through Rupee Devaluation, then Chokes our Economy to Combat it, Drowning us in Flood of Economic Misery Inflation breaks our backs because the government weakens the rupee to fulfill the IMF colonialist condition for “competitive exchange rates.”

Islamic Revenues!

Islamic Revenues after Abolishing Oppressive Capitalist Taxation Budget FBR tax target for 2019-2020: Rs. 5,550 billion Sales Tax: Rs 2108 billion Income Tax: Rs 2073 billion Customs Duties: Rs. 1,000 billion IMF insists on increases in oppressive man-made taxation upon whom not even Zakah is due and are instead deserving of it. They seize from […]

Ramadhan Unity!

Unity is an obligation from Allah (swt) and Division is a Grave Sin Alhamdulillah this Ummah possesses the strongest basis for unity in the world, the Deen of Haqq, Islam. Thus, all over the world, its east and west, its north and south, we fasted Ramadhan, in response to the order of Allah (swt) يأَيُّهَا […]