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What Does the French Abayah Ban Say About Secularism?

The French government has introduced a ban on the wearing of the Abayah in French schools, which came into force this September. It stated that that the religious dress undermined the principles of secularism which form the basis of its state, and the neutrality of religion within schools. The Abayah is also known as the Jilbab, and is a loose and long garment that is worn over the home clothes when a Muslim woman enters public life. The decision comes after months of debates over the matter and calls from the extreme right to issue a ban.

So why exactly has the French government introduced this ban at this time? What is behind the French obsession with the Islamic dress? And what does such a ban say about the secular ideology and system which the French state and many other states across the world are based upon?

This discussion hopes to address these and other questions related to this subject.

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Saturday, 01 Rabi-ul Awwal 1445 AH – 16 September 2023 CE