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The US-India Joint Alliance Against Pakistan Can Only Be Countered by the Khilafah Rashidah!

[News report regarding joint statement]

The Foreign Ministry has complained, “We consider the Pakistan-specific reference in the ‘Joint Statement from the United States and India’, issued on 22 June 2023, as unwarranted, one-sided, and misleading.” After America’s agents took power in India, Pakistan’s role in relation to America ended, and Pakistan was discarded.

We sold our men to them. We then received the joint declaration as a resultant. Pakistan is now accused of sponsoring terrorism.

We agreed that strict actions are needed to stop cross-border terrorism

We aligned with the US during last 40-45 years. Pakistan was a weapon for a war that was not ours.

Today we have now progressed towards transfer of technology, co-development and co-production

The IMF conditions that we need to meet are beyond imagination. However, we are forced to do it

India and the US prepare reliable, secure and resilient global supply chains, and high value chains, like trusted partners.

We brought terrorism to our door-step, as result of that war

The Americans now demand that Pakistan’s role is to fight Islam and Muslims.

The US on one hand has forced Pakistan to do operations in the tribal areas in Pakistan.

Pakistan Army, in this way, will kill Muslims, with their ammunition and weapons.

The casualties on both sides will be Muslims.

One the other hand, a more important matter, is that this war proved effective, in making public opinion in Pakistan against Islam.

There is no acknowledgement. Instead, I think that the joint declaration, that was published last night, is a cause of great shame.

This is how America treats its agents and this is their fate.

For partnership between India and the US, even sky is not the limit.

The only effective counter to the US-Indian alliance is the unification of the Islamic Ummah under the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethood.


Thursday, 09 Muharram 1445 AH – 27 July 2023 CE