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Philosophy of Revival within the West

In the pursuit of finding the potential equation for revival, Western thinkers and philosophers attributed the reason for the advance of Western countries as freedom in a comprehensive and universal sense. It is surmised that freedom unlocks the secrets of individual creativity, leading to progression and revival. Freedom’s advocates consider slavery, dictatorship and restrictions of […]

Instead of Merely Releasing Dossiers on Indian Terrorism, Mobilize our Armed Forces for the Liberation of Kashmir

In an interview with Global Village Space published on 3 December 2020, the armed forces’ spokesman, DG-ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar, declared that Pakistan has exposed Indian state sponsorship of terrorism in a new dossier, circulated to the “international community.” He further added that if India targets the CPEC, Pakistan will repel every attack, declaring, […]

Female Workers in Southeast Asia Oil Palm Fields Continue to be Victims of Abuse Driven by Capitalism

The Associated Press (AP) reported on 19th November about the abuse and exploitation of women in the production of palm oil in Indonesia and Malaysia, such as receiving low wages, lack of health protection, and being subjected to inhuman workload and sexual abuse, including threats of rape. AP interviewed more than three dozen women and […]

The Attacks on Islam in France are a Sign of Populism and a Deep Ideological Crisis in Europe

The French Senate called on the country’s government to recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Bruno Retayo, the chairman of the Republicans’ parliamentary faction, said: “This is not a local conflict at all, primarily because of Turkey’s involvement in it, led by Mr. Erdogan, the decisive role it (Turkey) played. And all in the name of neo-Ottomanism, […]

Revival and Cultural Renewal

Revival is the generation of an intellectual basis (قاعدة فكرية) for man, focusing him upon judging thoughts and inclinations and defining for him a distinct lifestyle in accordance with the basis. Determining whether a man is revived or declined is based on his behavior, inevitably arising from the interaction of his concepts and inclinations whenever […]

It is Obligatory upon Muslim Armies to Liberate All of Palestine

Recognition of the Jewish Occupation over Any Inch of the Blessed Land of Palestine is a Grave Sin Through its mouthpieces in the media, the Bajwa-Imran regime is generating debate over that which is not for compromise, the inviolable sanctity of the Blessed Land upon which stands al-Masjid al-Aqsa, the First Qiblah, destination of the […]

America will Capitalize on its Defense Ties with India

Last month, India and America signed the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) on geospatial cooperation. The agreement allows for America to share datasets on topographical, nautical and aeronautical matters considered vital for targeting of missiles and armed drones. Additionally, the agreement enables the US to supply advanced navigational equipment and avionics only to US-supplied […]

A New Stain on the Forehead of the Saudi Rulers

Torture and Sexual Abuse of Female Detainees in Their Prisons The British Daily Mail newspaper published on 17/11/2020 a report issued by the British lawyer Baroness Helena Kennedy entitled: “A Stain on World Leaders and the G20 Summit in Saudi Arabia: The shameful detention and torture of Saudi women,” in which she wrote about the […]

Only the Khilafah Project Can Rescue Pakistan from Colonialism

Not the Misguiding Charter of Democracy Since the disastrous rules of the Musharraf-Aziz, Kayan-Zardari and Raheel-Nawaz regimes, the United States was compelled to secure the colonialist system in Pakistan from collapse. As rulers of Muslims stood exposed after the Arab Spring, Washington set a trap under the banner of the hybrid Bajwa-Imran regime, with the […]

America’s Priorities

The US Presidential election put on display the deep divisions in the US and something US president Donald Trump for long played upon. The new US president now faces significant challenges in navigating the US through numerous strategic challenges. The electoral victory of the Democrats in many ways doesn’t change the fact that the US […]

French Government Resorts to Terrorizing Muslim Children in its Desperate Attempt to ‘De-Islamicize’ its Muslim Population

On the 7th November, the media reported that police in the city of Albertville in France raided the homes of four 10-year-old Muslim children because during a counselling session in their school, they stated that although they condemned the killing of the French teacher Samuel Paty, they did not approve of derogatory caricatures of Prophet […]

Trump Was A Dishonest Face for The Equally Dishonest Democratic System

The presidents before Trump were complicit in manufacturing wars to further American colonial adventurism, just as Trump has continued to assert American control overseas. As the presidents change, very little else does. Joe Biden taking the reins of power will offer more of the same. Rather than looking at the short-term temporary gains in backing one horse […]

The Return of the Islamic World Order Conference Concludes with a Message of Hope for The Oppressed and a Call to Work Earnestly for the Khilafah

Alhamdulillah and with the blessing of Allah (swt), Hizb ut Tahrir / Britain held an international online conference on The Return of the Islamic World Order. The event on Saturday, 31st October 2020, attracted more than 2000 attendees, who heard from a range of speakers talking on the current multitude of problems in the world […]

Hizb ut Tahrir Organizes a Rally in Beirut In Support for Islam and its Messenger ﷺ

Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayat of Lebanon organized a rally and a picket in Beirut after Friday prayers on 13 Rabii’ Al-Awwal 1442 AH, corresponding to 30/10/2020 CE. The rally began in front of the Abdel Nasser Mosque in Al Mazraa Corniche, reaching the headquarters of the former French colonial commissioner and the current headquarters of […]

The Authority in Tunisia prevents Hizb ut Tahrir’s Protest to Defend the Messenger of Allah ﷺ

as a Service to the Enemies of Islam Since the dawn of Thursday, October 29, 2020, the security services have set up barriers at the entrances to Al-Thawra Street in the capital, and have turned the amphitheater of the municipal theater in which the protest is to be carried out into a semi-military barracks, and […]