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Scott Morrison Follows Tired ‘War on Terror’ Act to the Tee

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Home Minister Peter Dutton have been busy in the wake of the Bourke St incident milking it for political gain. They have blamed Islam and the Muslim community, flagged new draconian laws, sought to bully Muslim leaders into a phony ‘engagement’ process and generally continued with the now familiar ‘war […]

Turnbull Sees in Trump’s Anti-Islam Policies a Reflection of his own

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and other government ministers yesterday effectively endorsed the blatantly discriminatory, anti-Muslim executive order of US President Donald Trump, which suspends refugee intake and places various restrictions on migrants from Muslim-majority countries. Hizb ut Tahrir Australia condemns such policies of Trump and the Australian Government’s support thereof, emphasising that:

Muslim Youth in Australia – Batted Between Assimilative and Integrative Nationalist Advertising Campaigns

Crowdfunding raises $100,000 for new Australia Day campaign with girls in hijabs An Australia Day billboard featuring two girls in hijabs has been removed from a site in Melbourne after threats were made to the company behind it. The digital sign featured rolling images of people from various cultural backgrounds, and one picture of two […]

Growing anti-Muslim Prejudice is a Result of Secular Liberal Ideology and Politics

An Essential Research poll released yesterday found 49% of Australians support a ban on Muslim immigration primarily due to “fears of terrorism” and the belief that Muslims don’t share “Australian values” or integrate. Whatever the accuracy of this particular poll, there is little doubt that anti-Muslim sentiment is growing throughout the West.

Australian Government’s Decade Long Targeted Campaign Against Muslim Youth

Muslims in Australia are increasingly placed under the spotlight. Mosques, Islamic schools, centres, Muslim businesses and now, with the prayer room audit targeting Muslim students in public schools, every segment of the Muslim community is being scrutinised. However, the main spotlight and target directed towards Muslims in Australia has been upon the Muslim youth and […]

All Hallmarks of Politicised ‘Counter-Terrorism’ Policy in Leaked Security Document

A draft “sensitive” government document intended for the National Security Committee of Cabinet was leaked late last week. The document flags proposals to be forwarded this year by the Minister for Immigration such as greater scrutiny and spying on asylum seekers pre-visa and post-citizenship, an “enforceable integration framework”, and a revamped citizenship test and citizenship […]

The Secular Liberal West, not Islam, is in Need of Change

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott yesterday, 08/12/2015, added his voice to an ever-growing raft of former and current Federal Government ministers calling for Islam to be “reformed”. Speaking to Paul Murray on Sky News and in an opinion piece published in the Daily Telegraph, he called for a “religious revolution inside Islam”, claiming also the […]

Turnbull Security Statement Signals More Same Oppressive, Failed Policy

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull delivered the Australian Government’s latest National Security Statement last week, concurred with entirely by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten in his response. The statement was indistinguishable, as far as substantive content is concerned, from the last National Security Statement delivered by Tony Abbott earlier this year.

NSW Government Makes Schools Political Battlegrounds with Muslim Children the Casualties

On the 28th of July 2015, Premier Mike Baird announced a sweeping review of all prayer groups in NSW schools. This comes as a response to the perceived threat of “extremism” being preached in schools and is being carried out by the NSW Department of Education and NSW Police. Hizb ut Tahrir Australia notes:

Complacency to attacks on Muslim women in Australia is the norm and not the rare celebrated act revealed in viral video

News: A young woman has been hailed as a legend for standing up to defend a Muslim woman who was harassed on a Sydney train, reveals The Sydney Morning Herald (17/4/15). Ms Eden uploaded a personal video to her Facebook page that captured the confronting incident on Wednesday 16/4/15 which subsequently went viral. She said […]