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The OIC Calls the Afghan Emirate for ‘Moderate Islam’

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) wrote on its X handle (formerly twitter) that: “A delegation of Muslim Ummah scholars and thinkers, arrived in the Afghan capital, Kabul on Thursday morning August, 31, 2023 for meetings with Afghan scholars, along with ministers and officials in the government of the de facto authority in Afghanistan.” The thread also read that these “religious scholars led by the International Islamic Fiqh Academy and other relevant religious institutions in the Muslim world to engage with Afghanistan on issues of utmost importance, such as tolerance and moderation in Islam, girls’ education and women’s work”.

The OIC expresses its concern for Afghanistan while it has not been able to do anything for Masjid-ul-Aqsa and the cause of Palestine – the very main reason for which it was established. Ever since the establishment of OIC in 1969, the heinous Jewish entity has been annexing the lands of Palestine to its occupied territory before the eyes of this futile organization. Besides, the cause of Kashmir went in favor of Hindu state. Afghanistan and Iraq were occupied while tens of thousands of people were killed in Yemen, Syria and Libya. Millions of Uyghurs Muslims are still suffering from detentions at the Chinese concentration camps – they have been forced to drive out of Islam by using different means of torture and violence of any kind. Despite being the second largest organization in the world with some of its members being powerful states [equipped with nuclear weapons and flourishing economies], OIC has not been able to resolve a single cause of the Muslim world to date. It has done nothing other than holding meetings, summits and conferences that lack any real agenda concluding with tiresome speeches and meaningless solutions so far.

In fact, the Member States of OIC are countries that speak of liberation of Muslim lands, but their governments and rulers are official stooges of colonialism and/or occupation. Some of its Arab Member States have normalized ties with the Zionist regime while others are standing in queues to follow their footprints. Türkiye, once the center of the Ottoman Caliphate, in addition to becoming a loyal ally of the West in occupying Muslim lands and suppressing Muslims, has also welcomed the head of the Jewish entity in its soil. Pakistan has made a deal on Kashmir in favor of the government of Modi like how it had made a deal with the US over the Islamic Emirate [in the previous term], and remained cooperative with US and NATO for the consequent 20 years of occupation of Afghanistan.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation plays in line with the policies of the great infidel and colonialist powers; as for the time being, the US aims to signal its [political] message to the leaders of the Islamic Emirate through the members of this organization – preserving its ‘Carrot and Stick’ policy. Also, from an ethical point of view [values], the Member States of OIC aim to see the Afghan Emirate being reduced from its aspiration of establishing a pure Islamic State towards promoting Western secular values. As declared, one of the objectives of this delegation’s trip is to encourage the Emirate to grasp the ‘Moderate Islam’ which is about making Islam compatible with modern secular values to make the Emirate being unable to claim the universal call for Islam, challenge the Western-led global order nor threaten the interests of the current puppet rulers of the Muslim lands. Through their invitation to Moderate Islam, they are indeed trying to lead the Afghan Emirate towards the horrific Gates of the Hell. It was the same so-called scholars of this organization who not only kept zipping their mouths regarding the oppression and corruption of their respective rulers, occupation of Muslim lands, normalization of ties with the cancerous Jewish entity and the occupation of the first Qibla of the Muslims but happened to justify their entire ill-desired measures.

It is crucially vital for Muslim people of Afghanistan and leaders of Afghan Emirate to recognize the true face of this organization as well as realize that such organizations don’t have to do anything with the fundamental issue of the Ummah (Establishment of the Caliphate). They not only act as the courier of the message of ‘division’ but are the biggest obstacle on the way of comprehensive implementation of Islam and the unity of Muslim Ummah. Hence, we must not expect any good from such organizations as their political will is not beyond securing the interests of their masters – let alone solving the issue of Afghanistan. It is our rightful duty to expressly reject such failed programs and their toxic recommendations. Instead, the efforts must be directed at rescuing the Ummah from the captivity of the colonial powers, traitor rulers, national governments and their relevant institutions by implementation of Islam through the establishment of the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly-guided Caliphate) upon the method of the Prophethood.

Saifullah Mustanir
Director of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Afghanistan