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The Pandora Papers Reveal the True Faces of Democratic Rulers!

The discovery of the Panama Papers shocked the world about five years ago. Today, the world is again shaken by the Pandora Papers investigation which involved 600 journalists from 150 media organizations in 117 countries. The investigation was based on 11.9 million leaked confidential documents involving 2.9 terabytes of data, from 14 financial services companies […]

The Prime Minister Relinquished his Position. Will there be change?

In the past month, the 8th Prime Minister (PM) of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin faced increasing pressure to step down after politicians from the United Malays National Organisation or UMNO β€” the largest party in the ruling coalition (Pakatan Nasional) β€” withdrew their support. The PM later acknowledged that he did not have a […]