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US Builds India Against Pakistan!

There is a major strategic shift in US policy, that is even more evident after the NSA level meeting between India and the US. Washington wants to make India a global manufacturing powerhouse. If Pakistan doesn’t establish Khilafah and engage India to degrade its capabilities, the US may be able to make India much more difficult to handle for Pakistan. Whilst US builds India, it crushes Pakistan via the IMF. We cannot rely on China or Russia against the US-India nexus.

We must rely on unifying Muslim strength, wealth and military power, under the Khilafah state. The US is building Indian power against China. However, there is no guarantee that India won’t use that power against Pakistan. It is already using its newfound confidence because of US backing, to unleash hostile anti-Muslim policies. Sincere elements in Pakistan’s establishment must establish the Khilafah now, or India will be a much greater threat than it is now. Establish Khilafah before we are forced to submit before the Hindutva agenda, as imposed already on Occupied Kashmir.


Friday, 19 Rajab-ul Muharram 1444 AH – 10 February 2023 CE

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