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Judicial Police Squad at Manzil Tamim Arrests Hizb ut Tahrir Member for Demanding that the Armies be Mobilized in Support of the People of Gaza!

On Saturday, November 11, 2023, the judicial police squad at Manzil Tamim arrested the Shab, Muhammad Amin Al-Dubaibi, due to the speech he gave on Friday in front of the municipal theater in the capital, in which he addressed a message to the Muslim armies, wondering: “O armies of Muslims, where are you from the […]

While the Jews are Bombarding the Innocent in Gaza Hashem, the Rulers Convene a Peace Conference in Cairo Al-Mu’izz, while the Peoples Rise Up and the Muslim Armies Slumber!

While our people in Gaza are being bombarded, their blood is being shed, and their sanctities violated, and the Islamic and even non-Islamic nations are rising in the capitals of Islamic and global countries in anger over the tragedy of the Blessed Land of Palestine, the Western stooges among our rulers are competing to clean […]

To the Dedicated Soldiers of Al-Kinanah: What shame are you bringing to Egypt and to yourselves by remaining silent of the Jewish atrocities?

Is there not among you a righteous man who will become indignant for the sake of Allah and His sanctities and stand up for the oppressed? O People of Kinanah Egypt, O the best army of Allah! After all the crimes committed by the Jews that surpass the transgressions of the Tatars and the Mongols, […]