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Islamism Remains First-Order Security Threat to West

Sudden US ouster from Afghanistan creates havoc in western world and they are stunned with current development in Afghanistan in August. As the statement of Tony Blair clarify’s how West is looking towards this development, he said “the pressure of short-term political imperatives is giving both allies and opponents of liberal open societies the belief that ‘our time is over’”. He further added He said he found it deeply depressing to hear western opinion claim “that we are foolish in believing that western notions of liberal democracy and freedom are exportable”. The Economist stated “America‘s War in Afghanistan is ending in crushing defeat”. (Source: The Guardian)

America has been fighting in Afghanistan for 20 years. It has spent more than $2trn on the war. It has lost thousands of its own troops and seen the death of tens of thousands of Afghans—soldiers and civilians alike. Now America is calling an end to the whole sorry adventure, with almost nothing to show for it. The humiliating defeat at the hand of a few thousand Afghans equipped with scarce arms when compared to superior US military hardware made devastating impact to the lone superpower even worse than what Soviets took during Cold War. One can see that this blow has shaken the thrown of the once hyper power. Now the long term US allies especially West is at the point where they don’t know where they are standing, and on the other hand Russia and China might be eager to cash on US failures.

With such crushing defeat at the hands of ill equipped and ill trained ones now the West is seriously questioning the US security umbrella, and now Western countries are now openly talking about their own rapid action force. After Afghanistan, Europe wonders if France was right about America. Macron augured the US could not be relied upon.

On the other side of the map the neighboring belt to China are now thinking the same as the European thinking, that US pulverized while foots on the ground did not remain a worthy choice to defend them against ever increasing Chinese might.

After US mortification defeat, no one including Europe and other regional power like Russia and China not willing to take on Afghan development. West still believe Islamism remains first-order security threat to the West and radicals can make out of this situation. And rightly so! But not without the state that carries Islam the way our predecessor’s did in our long a glorified history of Khilafah (Caliphate).

If the Muslims of Pakistan and Central Asian lands break the shackles of West and its agents’ rulers, merge themselves with Afghanistan can become a beginning of new Islamic raise under the shades of Khilafah. Just need to think if the West under NATO were not able to withstand the Afghan Jihad and now no one including Russia and China are daring to provoke them how can the non-Muslim world can come in our way with all the combine military, economic and strategic superiority of a state whose sole objective is to please ALLAH (swt) by implementing His (swt) Deen from East to West.

Mohammad Adel