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Hizb ut Tahrir/ Indonesia: Demonstrations took Place throughout the Country under the Slogan “Liberate Palestine through Jihad and Khilafah”

In the light of the atmosphere in The Blessed Land of Palestine from continuous assaults by the usurping Jewish entity against the blessed Masjid Al Aqsa as well as the continuous siege and bombardment of the Gaza Strip that has been going on for 15 years. Hizb ut Tahrir/ Indonesia organized protests in different cities in defense of the Blessed Land of Palestine during the first three weeks in May 2021 CE. Muslim scholars, leaders, political figures, and activists emphasized the real solution to the issue of Palestine is Jihad and the Khilafah. The main problem of the Blessed Land of Palestine is the occupation of the Jewish entity and this occupation can be uprooted through the mobilization of the Muslim Armies. Muslim Armies can be mobilized through the establishment of the Khilafah Rashidah. Preachers called out to mobilize military forces in the Islamic countries to liberate the Blessed Land of Palestine from the usurping Jewish entity.

Friday, 09 Shawwal 1442 AH – May 21, 2021 CE