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Democracy Has Won Again!

After the elections of May 14, President Erdogan said in a statement on his Twitter account “The winner of the May 14 elections has been the Turkish democracy and the Turkish Nation with 85 million members.

Turkey, with its maturity it showed yesterday, has manifested that it is one of the countries with the most advanced culture in the world.’’ (15.05.2023)

The common discourse of both the one-party dictatorship, the military junta and the multi-party periods is that democracy has won. This discourse is the only truth that has not changed for a century, even though periods, parties, governments and systems have changed! Based on the promise that there is no mistake in analogy, the scriptwriters of the theater of democracy are infidels, the actors are political parties and leaders, and the audience is unfortunately all segments of society. First, the values and the truths are discredited by diluting them. After that, the ugly regulations that guide every issue of our lives, especially the management systems that have nothing to do with any of our values, are being tried to be adopted by society with different plays that have been staged for decades. While some of the political parties and leaders are faithful volunteers of this theater, some of them are paid employees. Of course, everyone is trying to give the right to their job in exchange for what they get!

So what do you think the scholars tasked with unmasking this ugly theater are doing? Unfortunately, a large part of them are busy misleading the public, turning the facts upside down. Their only concern is to legitimize the existence of the parties and leaders who are the actors of this game. They are trying to issue fatwas by closing their eyes to the obvious facts and following Islam with evidence, procedures, principles far from the basis and mental comparisons. Unfortunately, they associate society with their crimes as they have strayed away.

The rulers who compare themselves to Islam act even more smoothly with the fatwas they receive from them. Just as they do not drop democracy from their mouths day in and out, they consider these electoral actions to be vital for the development of democracy. Fatwas, which should be given in order to eliminate the superstitious democratic system, in which the Islamic law has been eliminated and dictated in its place, serve the continuation of the existence of democracy. Fatwas written with democracy ink pollute both the scriptures and the minds, but who cares!

President Erdogan’s emphasis on ‘democracy has won, advanced democracy’ after every election and all the laws they have enacted for 21 years are also the result of this discourse. Again, opening space for Muslims on a few issues within the scope of freedoms is an attempt to cover up the dirty deeds they do. As a result, managers who play their games flawlessly, the ‘scholars’ who give them legitimacy with their fatwas, the society whose accounting culture is disappearing, are always shown as winners even though they are always the losing side in this world.

The real gain of Muslims can only be achieved by expelling this illegitimate secular democratic order from these lands as soon as possible. It will be with the Muslims showing their desire and determination to want the Caliphate, which they have been practicing for 14 centuries, from the highest level. And supporting Hizb ut Tahrir, which pioneered this work, will also be the first step to change. It is not appropriate for Muslims to prefer one of the two evils. We can reach the consent of the right by putting an end to the theater that has been staged for a century and replacing the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) on the method of the Prophethood, again.

However, only in such an arrangement Allah will be pleased with. Only then the Ummah will win, the planet will prosper and the Kuffar (infidels) will lose. Surely, this fate is near for those who believe and struggle for it.

Ahmet SAPA