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US Once Again “Threw a Bone” to Turkey!

The Turkish-US High-Level Working Group on Syria met for the third time in Ankara. The group which included senior officials of Turkish Ministries of Foreign Affairs and National Defence and the US Departments of State and Defence came together regarding to continue the negotiations about strengthening the stability and the security of Syria. The statements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the meeting were that both parties confirmed their loyalty to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syria and it was underscored that it would be sustained with an irreversible progress since there is a political solution with the Resolution Number 2254 of the UN Security Council for the Syrian conflict.


The meaning of the idiom “throwing a bone” is “stalling someone for a while with sweet words” to achieve your goal, “to get your job done” by deceiving and giving some hope.

America is “throwing a bone” to the government of Ankara and the media of the government is misleading the society as if the American profits are presented as our own profits. However, considering the content of the meeting and the agreements that are compromised, it will be easily seen that they are just one-sided benefits and eventually that there is “thrown a bone” in front of Turkey.

Examining the statements of meeting:

– There has been put emphasize on the UN Security Council’s 2254 numbered resolution number (UNSCR). So, what does it mean? Political transition process must be under the leadership of Syria which means that the manslayer regime is going to continue managing.

– The terms are made that there is going to be a struggle against any type or outbreak of terrorism. What does this mean? Everyone or everything that stands against the American project in Syria is all terrorists. In other words, the thing that Assad said at the very beginning of the Syrian revolution: “I am fighting against terrorism.” Where we stand now is that everything that stands against America’s project or regime is considered as terrorist and America with Turkey has agreed to fight together with these oppositions.

– An accelerated and concrete improvement has been provided about the topic of Manbij Roadmap by the end of the year. Well, what does this mean? This is “the bone that is thrown” in front of AK Party as mentioned in the title. Manbij is on the agenda of Turkey for a long time. Previously, because “amnesty”, ”paid military service” and “the air operation towards Qandil” didn’t effect before the Presidential election, Turkey and America reported that they were going to patrol together in Manbij. This situation had been exaggerated to make a profit for the elections. In fact, America is patrolling with PYD on one side of Euphrates, on the other side with Turkey. It appears that before the local elections, Manbij is again going to be used as a tool. Whether America uses PYD or Turkey in Syria, doesn’t matter, all the taxes will be America’s anyway or anyhow. By “throwing a bone”, America easily convinces AK Party, holds it nearby and makes it do whatever it wants. Meanwhile, America does neither abandon PYD nor Turkey, it just exploits them both for its own sweet will.

– Turkey and US come to terms to share the undertaken security concerning of both countries’ compulsion as an ally. Yet, it seems that America’s arms and all kinds of logistic aims to PYD don’t make a security threat for Turkey. Because the name of PYD isn’t mentioned in the statement at all. In this case, to help PYD with arms aids just fit the norms of being an “Ally”…

– It is agreed that there will be more frequent Working Group Meetings on Syria. The topic about gathering more frequently actually makes relevance with the statement uttered by United States’ Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey which is about unplugging Astana negotiations. This makes a resemblance with what CHP party’s leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu did with Muharrem İnce when he announced him as candidate for presidential elections by saying; “Come Muharrem Come” and with America saying to AK party “come here” by pointing Geneva.

As a result, to make a deal with America for Turkey or the Turkish people or the Syrian people is not for their profit. Today, under the name of “counter terrorism” thousands of Muslims have been killed. Who made a profit out of it? Who benefitted from the corresponding work of Turkey between Russia and Iran? Who made a profit when Turkey supported the Coalition established by America? Who benefitted from the Incirlik Base by bringing it into service? Who has capitalised from the Fırat and Zeytin Dalı Military operations? And again, who made profit out of Astana and Geneva conferences?

If the policies you implement are matching up with the profits of America, it means that you don’t have any policies at all. The benefits of America and Muslims can never match up. The so-called “Common benefits” are nothing but a lie. America is a colonialist state, the enemy of Islam and the Muslims and does only care about its own interests, period.


Osman EbuErva