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To the Journalists and Arab Media

Directors of Arab satellite channels operating in the Blessed Land of Palestine

Managers of local channels in the Blessed Land of Palestine

Directors of news sites on the World Wide Web and social media

Editors in chief of the local channels and news websites

Media journalists working in the Blessed Land of Palestine

After Greetings:

We are addressing you with this speech, asking Allah Almighty to open your hearts to the goodness and wisdom that came in it, hoping that you will take sides with your Ummah and its issues, and express its issues in a way that serves its unity and revival and combats its enemies. And the issue of Palestine is the keystone in the Muslims’ issues, and we assume you know that the issue of Palestine has no solution except by liberating it completely. Those who are far and near are fully aware that what prevents its liberation and prevents the Islamic Ummah and its armies from jihad for the sake of Allah to uproot the Jewish entity from its roots who are the rulers and regimes subservient to America and Britain. Likewise, it is no secret from your media follow-up the size of the conspiracy against the issue of Palestine, and those actions intended to separate it from Islam and the Islamic Ummah and make it dependent on international resolutions and regional initiatives that perpetuate the occupation and preserve the Jewish entity.

Dear Honorable Brothers and Sisters:

There is no doubt that the only real and practical solution to the issue of Palestine is the movement of the Ummah and its military forces to liberate Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque and purify them from the filth of the Jews. And that any talk of other solutions is a prolongation of the life of the occupation and a diminution in dwarfing the cause, and promoting disgraceful surrender solutions, and the West and its men and its mouthpieces are making every effort to empower the occupation in this land and bring the people of Palestine to their knees in front of its arrogance. They are working diligently to prevent the arrival of any voice or call that talks about the real solution to the issue of Palestine, and they want the media to become a voice and a platform for every slanderer and agent, who speaks the language of the West and its malicious terminology, and deals with the tools of surrender and neglect such as international intervention, the Security Council and international forces, and promoting it as if it is the healing balm for the people of Palestine, and in return they want the media to block out every sound that disturbs the peace of their projects or spoils their plans.

Dear Honorable Brothers and Sisters:

We notice your fear of covering our actions that we call upon the Islamic Ummah and its armies to liberate Al-Quds, and we notice that you are afraid to talk about the Muslim armies and their responsibility for liberating the Blessed Land, and we do not see you shed light on their responsibility and their ability to liberate. So why don’t you work to highlight its responsibility in the media or make it the subject of dialogue and discussion on your platforms?! Isn’t it your responsibility to spread awareness among people and reveal the truth?! Is there a clearer truth than the keenness of the major powers on the usurping Jewish entity and harnessing it to the regional countries in order to preserve it and tame the peoples to coexist with it as a natural entity?

It pained us greatly that a number of media means did not cover our public events that took place in Ramallah, Al-Khalil (Hebron), and Qalqilya calling on the Ummah’s armies to take urgent action to support Jenin and liberate Palestine. Were its platforms unable to host any voice that directs the compass towards the correct solution leading to liberation and salvation from the occupation and its crimes?!

Dear Journalists:

You are part of the Ummah and you are its sons, and your sole affiliation must be with your Ummah and its issues, and your duty is to convey every whisper or voice that proclaims the truth and places the balm on the wound, and to bury every trumpet or agent who promotes colonial projects and the permanence of the occupation with flowery words and phrases imbued with poison and betrayal.

Know that the future is for the Ummah and Islam, and that colonialism is counting its last days, even if it claims otherwise, and it will leave with it all the mercenaries, agents and followers to “where Umm Qashem threw it” [the hell with them], so see the path of the Ummah’s revival as many saw it, and take sides with your Ummah and those who are sincere in it, for this is the truth, so, after right is only delusion.

We include links for you to those activities that speak of the solution and express the position of the Ummah and the people of Palestine, hoping that you will take sides with your Ummah and do your duty to spread and promote it, and may Allah reward you with the best reward.





Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in the Blessed Land – Palestine

Open Letter
19 Dhu al-Hijah 1444 – Friday, 7th July 2023
No: BN/S 1444 / 18