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The UAE Regime Displays its Hostility to the Islamic Ummah Yet Again

It has become a tradition in the Emirates to perform massive, expensive shows every time the Gregorian New Year is celebrated. In the large cities of the UAE, concerts, parades and shows with drones and fireworks are breaking records in terms of the money spent and the amount of fireworks used. At Burj Khalifa in Dubai alone, 177 tons of fireworks and at least $6 million were spent on the fireworks show.

The week before, on December 23, it was announced that an Emirati astronaut who took a framed picture of the Zionist flag with him on a space travel, had given it as a gift to the Jewish entity. The Emirates have also entered into an agreement with the Jewish entity in October 2021 regarding upcoming space projects, where they plan, among other things, to plant the flags of the two countries next to each other on the Moon’s surface.

The Emirates portray themselves as affluent, luxurious and with developed infrastructure. The illusion of prosperity and development is built on the enormous amounts of resources and oil money available in the country. The Emirates invests in everything from sports clubs to infrastructure and technology in Western countries. Recently, the Emirates have entered into an agreement with the UK in September 2021 to invest $14 billion in the UK over the next 5 years.

The Emirates and the other Gulf States openly fight Islam and promote the Western culture and lifestyle with expensive events, under the guise of “modernization” and “progress”, while corruption is widespread, and Dubai is used as a haven for billions of dollars’ worth of money laundering. Attempts to spread Western culture in the Gulf countries will only lead to the same cultural and social problems that exist in Western societies.

The superficial New Year’s shows are just one example to show how the vast resources are being wasted, while they would be more than sufficient to serve the interests of Muslims and solve poverty, in the right hands.

At the same time, guest workers from Asia and the Far East, who make up much of the population of the Emirates, are victims of discrimination, low wages, and miserable working conditions. These are similar conditions to those seen in Qatar, where over 6,000 workers have died on the construction sites in scorching heat during the construction of stadiums for the World Cup in Qatar.

The regimes in the Gulf States do not represent the Muslims. They do nothing but serve the interests of the Western colonial powers. In addition, their cooperation with the Jewish entity shows their betrayal of the Ummah and the Muslims in Palestine, following the so-called Abraham Agreements from 2020, that were agreed upon normalize relations between the treacherous rulers and the Jewish entity.

The enormous resources in the Muslim countries, especially in the Gulf countries, will only be used appropriately when the Khilafah (Caliphate) is established, and Islam is implemented. It is the only way to ensure that the enormous resources, that rightfully belong to the Muslims will be used to look after the interests of the Muslims, rather than creating materialistic tourist havens, that only serves capitalists and the corrupt royal families.

Younes Piskorczyk