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The Houthis Call on UAE to Sit with them at the Negotiating Table

The Supreme Political Council, which its leadership is exclusive to the Houthis and is shared with the Conference, has announced on Sunday evening, 21 July 2019, its call on the UAE to sit with them at the negotiating table on the withdrawal of its troops from Yemen. This call for negotiations came under the threat of bombing Emirates ports and airports. The Political Council said in a statement issued by it on the UAE announcement of its withdrawal from Yemen, “Sanaa has not been officially notified and no negotiation took place”; according to Al-Thawra Newspaper, published in Yemen on Tuesday 23/7/2019,whereas the Houthis mentioned the movements of the UAE delegations in Moscow and Tehran to seek their mediation to stop targeting the UAE within the objectives declared by the Houthis in return for the withdrawal of UAE troops from Yemen, accusing the UAE of lying and not withdrawing from Yemen, and that its military movements contradict its statements to the media, and they warned at the same time against any escalation on the border fronts and the eastern coast of the Red Sea, and that they keep the UAE in the firing range.

The Houthis aim to stop UAE from attacking Hodeidah, an outlet that connects them to the outside world, and to push the UAE to withdraw its forces from Yemen so as to break the coalition they are participating in and end the war in Yemen.

The Houthi threat to UAE coincides with US pressure on UAE to withdraw from Yemen by opening its secret prisons files and assassinations of mosque preachers in Aden, besides the tension it manages in the Strait of Hormuz overlooking the UAE.

This is why the Houthis tossed the ball at Emirates ground after announcing in early July 2019 that it would withdraw its forces from Yemen. Will the UAE comply with the withdrawal from Yemen and pave the way for ending the war in Yemen after it had been sent by Britain to expel the Houthis from Aden, remove the Supreme Council activists from the pro-Americanthe followers of Hassan Baum, and make the Transitional Council manufacture and embrace Aidros Zubaidi and provide them with heavy weapons, and it did?

The Houthis are waiting for a victory in Yemen in favor of consolidating America’s feet which they work for, and the removal of Britain’s feet from it. These actions and the harmony with the actions of America exposes this group which claims that it is with the application of the March of the Qur’an, and the coming days will reveal more and more betrayal of this group to Allah, His Messenger and to the believers, and then it will not get away from the punishment, in this world before the Hereafter. So, shouldn’t their achievement of victory be by expelling the influence of the two colonists together and establishing the second Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) state on the method of the Prophethood to rule by Islam?

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