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The French Government in Crisis as their Blatant Racism is Exposed

Large riots and protests have been continuing in several French cities in wake of the killing of a young Muslim man, NahelMerzouk, who was killed by police as he was pulled over, by a gunshot through his left arm and chest. The police claims of threatening behaviour have been countered by video footage showing no signs of threatening behaviour from the young man. Hundreds of protesters have been arrested and the debate about the French government’s attitudes towards other ethnicities and Muslims in particular are sparked yet again.

Macron went through his election campaign on moderate rhetoric countering the obvious right wing representative in Marine Le Pen. He has shown himself to be leading the French crusade against Muslims in France, claiming that Islam is in crisis and combating so-called Islamist separatism. He proves that the French arrogance and hatred towards Muslims and everything far from French in culture, skin color or background, is not limited to rightwing vulgar people like Marine Le Pen or Eric Zemmour. Rather, this is a systemic attitude and policy of the French government, whichs harbors historic disdain towards the people who they have formerly colonised, whose lands they have plundered and whose blood and riches their society and infrastructure is built upon. In France, they have reduced Arabs, Blacks, Africans and whoever else are not originally French to be second rate citizens, living in unstable and low conditions as the other neighbouring suburbs in France live in wealth and far removed from the social injustice that the French system has created. Now, the killing of the young Nahel is one of many examples of blatant racism from French law enforcement, and will not be the last, as the police force in France is filled with anti-Muslim sentiment according to various reports. As the official policy of France is to combat the so-called Islamist separatism, mosque after mosque is shut down and Muslims are under constant watch, controlling the messages that these mosques put out, and shutting down any organisation that dares to talk about racism and Islamophobia as a real issue in France.

As for the Muslims living in France and the Muslims in the countries of Africa still suffering under the colonial grip of the French colonizer, they can see the lies that they, the French claim of freedom, equality and brotherhood. This liberalist culture, that the French pride themselves with being the originators of, is a lost cause and will never bring about safety, prosperity or justice, neither in Africa, nor the Middle East or even Europe itself. France is declining in its culture, values and the opinion of the French masses, which has been proven by the mass protests against Macrons social policies, and they are looking for an alternative. An alternative, which is only found in Islam, by embracing it as societies, implementing its laws in society and carrying it to the world with mercy and justice, unlike the suffering of Colonialism, of which its repercussions the French are guilty of to this day.

Younes Piskorczyk